7 Little White Lies for Christmas




Ladyjustice has spent more than her share of Christmases in New England… tolerating and shivering in the white stuff… 

Spending one Christmas in the Phoenix desert… and now a true Carolina Christmas.


Although many geographic locations have their affluence if you look for it, it’s heartwarming to know that less can…and usually is more…  That all we really need when push comes to shove can fit in a Christmas stocking… or maybe an overnight bag.       If we stick to the simple, we have less material and emotional baggage. However, we frequently get caught up in the glitter and mythology of it all.


White Lies…


1)   “If you’ve been good, Santa will bring you whatever you  want.

Reality: Want versus need. ‘Since when is life fair? What we really want is not a material good… and often comes from within with self-reflection and a little help and encouragement from our friends;


2)   Buying the hottest or most expensive gift will cover a multitude of sins or neglect during the previous year;

Reality:  Naught! Don’t even try this one…


3)   You must do what you always do with family for the holidays “because it’s tradition.”

Reality:  Of course not!  Start a new tradition…or do something totally new that makes YOU happy!


4)   If you can’t afford it…charge now, pay later…

Reality: Deferred gratification when you can’t afford it is always better. Don’t be a slave to interest charges…. Plan ahead… Do it differently;


5)   “I can’t afford to give to charities.’

Reality:  Oh…yes you can…Think out of the box… Pick one charity close to your heart and make a homemade gift that would be appreciated, or pass the word about the organization in your community, or on-line, or volunteer… give your time NOT money!


6)   ‘I have no idea what to give him/her.’

Reality: If you’ve known your sister/brother for 30 years…you know what they like…Think about there life needs now and priorities.  What is most important to them? You will come up with something that is cost effective. If you can’t afford the “whole enchilada” buy an accessory to go with the big gift for others to chip in.

However, if you really are Mr./Ms. Tacky and a challenged gift giver, do enlist the help of someone who has better skills.  Barter…”I’ll bake you cookies if you’ll buy for…”


7)   “I promise to do it differently next year” procrastination…

Reality: Do it now… Turn over a new leaf…Take up a cause and do something once a month by paying it forward.


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