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Donna R. Gore joins the ranks as a published author with the release of the Grief Diaries anthology, Surviving Loss by Homicide.


“Filled with answers to poignant questions, each writer shares insight into the process of coping with a violent tragedy, and play a vital role in surrounding readers with warmth and comfort as they seek understanding and healing in the aftermath of their own loss.”

Grief Diaries: Victim Impact Statements

“The victim impact statement is an indispensable tool that helps hold the offender accountable for the consequences of a crime. It gives the judge the rest of the story, the part that doesn’t appear in police reports or courtroom evidence, and connects pieces of information to emotions in a way people can relate to.”

Invited to write the foreword for Surviving Loss by Homicide by Grief Diaries creator and author, Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Donna Gore introduces readers to the sorrow experienced when losing a loved one suddenly to violent crime. She explains to readers the reality of being a victim, as well as the importance of care, kindness, compassion, and resiliency.

How to Order Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Homicide and Victim Impact Statements

Currently available for order:

(Surviving Loss by Homicide) From Amazon in paperback or Kindle

(Victim Impact Statements) From Amazon in paperback or Kindle

From Barnes & Noble in paperback or Nook

If not found in your local book store, ask the manager to order copies. (see book details below)

For a signed copy order by email directly: ladyjusticedonna@gmail.com ($15.95 + $5 shipping/handling)

A percentage of each Surviving Loss by Homicide sale is donated to CUE Center for Missing Persons, an organization which searches for missing persons and offers support and advocacy to the families.

Accolades for Grief Diaries

Grief Diaries is the result of heartfelt testimonials from a dedicated and loving group of people. By sharing their stories, the reader will find inspiration and a renewed sense of comfort as they move through their own journey.” -CANDACE LIGHTNER, Founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Grief Diaries treats the reader to a rare combination of candor and fragility through the eyes of the bereaved. Delving into the deepest recesses of the heartbroken, the reader easily identifies with the diverse collection of stories and richly colored threads of profound love that create a stunning read full of comfort and hope.” -DR. GLORIA HORSLEY, President, Open to Hope Foundation

We learn from stories throughout life. In Grief Diaries, the stories are not only moving but often provide a rich background for any mourner to find a gem of insight that can be used in coping with loss. Reread each story with pen in hand and you will find many that are just right for you.” -DR. LOUIS LAGRAND, Author of Healing Grief, Finding Peace

About the Grief Diaries Book Series

Grief Diaries is a groundbreaking book series featuring true stories about real life experiences. When we share stories, our written words become a portable support group for others who share our path and help shed insight into the aftermath of our experiences. To date, more than 400 people spanning the globe are sharing their story in more than 30 subjects.


A percentage of each book sale is donated to CUE Center for Missing Persons, an organization which searches for missing persons and offers support and advocacy to the families. To make a personal donation to CUE Center, please refer to their website: http://ncmissingpersons.org To schedule Donna R. Gore to present at events, seminars or conferences, please contact: ImaginePublicity, Telephone: 843.808.0859 Email: contact@imaginepublicity.com





Author, Donna R. Gore


To schedule Donna R. Gore to present at events, seminars or conferences, or for book signings, please contact: ImaginePublicity,  Telephone: 843.808.0859  Email:  contact@imaginepublicity.com