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  1. To “Lemon Drop” in the Berkshires: Thank you so much for connecting and sharing a memory about my father and your father! I recall your fathers name, but no details, unfortunately. I forwarded your message to my mother, who would also appreciate your thoughts! I am sorry for your loss as well. As it sounds that you have an interest in crime related issues, I invite you to subscribe to my blogs as well as the 3.5 years of radio shows we have in the archives as well as current weekly shows! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness! Donna “Ladyjustice”

  2. Dear Ms.Curious 57 Thank you for writing. I feel your frustration regarding this unjust situation. However, I don’t know what it is you feel I can do to assist. You did not clarify your request.
    Thank you!
    Ladyjustice .

  3. Ms/ Mr Sutton of SavageWatch: Thank you so much for your communication. I applaud what you are doing! A great service and certainly very time consuming! Your website is somewhat overwhelming in its present format. I would like to know more information regarding what your request for publicity specifically entails. Are all of these cases substantiated and current in their content? What might be the mutual benefit? My plate is very full. However, if there is something I can easily do, I will consider it.

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