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SHATTERED LIVES RADIO is not like other “true crime” shows highlighting the crime or the criminal, but features the aftermath and the care surviving victims require.

Invited guests come from all areas of crime survivor assistance, investigation, judicial and prosecution. Many are surviving families or friends who provide valuable personal information and resources for the audience.

Although essentially crime related, SHATTERED LIVES RADIO oftentimes hosts guests to best round out the appeal to all audiences such as health and wellness, authors and books, good food choices, and additional assorted topics.

SHATTERED LIVES RADIO aims to humanize the victims of tragedy by relating what happens after a heartless event. Often by telling the back story there is a sense of empowerment and hope for crime victims by providing resources and information from individuals and organizations who stand ready to assist.


Donna R. Gore

Donna R. Gore

Donna R. Gore, known across the internet as “LadyJustice,” brings her brand of humanitarian justice to listeners everywhere as host of SHATTERED LIVES RADIO.

Donna’s experience in crime victim advocacy began with the 1981 murder of her father and that personal experience of inching through the judicial system inspires her to reach out to others in similar situations where she continues to transform a negative situation into a positive approach to life.  She specializes in development of unique support resources for all victims of crime.

Her volunteer positions include being appointed the State Outreach Coordinator in Connecticut for CUE Center for Missing Persons. She is also an expert trainer and presenter on topics of crime victims’ rights, victim impact statements, and rights of the disabled.

SHATTERED LIVES RADIO broadcasts live every Saturday  on the Inside Lenz Network, but if you can’t make the live show you can always listen to the archived podcasts at your convenience.

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