What Others Say About Donna R. Gore

Listen to recommendation by Will Marling of NOVA

Listen to recommendation by Diane Tomassetti

It’s people like Donna R. Gore “Lady Justice” who complete our partnerships in empowering our communities BY spreading awareness and taking the time to show how important we are to her Everytime she promotes us before herself and she does this for so many. WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

Marcus “Strider” Dent, Chapter Commander Baltimore Guardian Angels

“Radio shows like Donna’s are phenomenal in bringing important issues to the forefront.

Kim Anklin, Management Resources LTD of NY

I am so fortunate that you found me. Your questions and observations were on the money. I felt the questions were especially helpful for your audience. Hope your audience recognized your genius.

Shattered Lives Radio guest, Felix Nater of Nater Associates, Workplace Violence Prevention 

Professional Recommendations

I worked with Donna on the annual Board of Education Services for the Blind Awards ceremony at the Sate Capital. Wow! She began preparing a year in advance and kept me updated the entire time. She coordinated with the winners from all over the state, their mentors, colleagues, and friends. She was efficient and a ball of energy the entire time. She made all the award winners feel as if they were the most important people in the state. The ceremony was organized, elegant, timely, and was done with great care and love. if you need someone who puts their heart and soul into projects large and small and is organized and upbeat Donna is your person. It was a marvelous experience working with her.
She is a great advocate for those with disabilities as well as for victims of crimes-she is a truly caring and dedicated soul.

Dr. William A. Petit, JR. (Endocrinologist and Diabetes Expert)

President of the Petit Family Foundation,

Chairman of Haley’s Hope and Michaela’s Miracle Memorial Fund at the Connecticut Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society,

Past Councilor at Connecticut State Medical Society,

Past-President at Hartford County Medical Association Councilor at the Connecticut State Medical Society

LadyJustice (AKA Donna Gore) is a fierce advocate for crime victims. As a survivor herself, she understands, intimately, the struggles often faced by victims and the need for advocacy for this often overlooked population. Donna is a no-nonsense person; she tells it like it is! She shines a light on the the hidden underbelly of the justice with her podcast Shattered Lives. I have had the privilege of working along side of Donna and find her enthusiasm refreshing and her knowledge of the system directly on point!

Michelle S. Cruz

Attorney at Law Offices of Attorney Michelle S. Cruz

Donna has worked with our company on multiple occasions. Her compassionate, caring personality makes her a true Victim’s Advocate professional. Her desire and passion to assist crime victims should be an inspiration to us all.

Robert Rahn

President/Director of Investigations at Management Resources Ltd of NY

Donna has served as an advocate for young people and their families for decades.  While much of her work has assisted crime victims and survivors, and their families, Donna’s extensive experience with young people has spanned residential summer programs, Upward Bound trainings, and decades of professional work in speech pathology.  Her interest, experience, and expertise lie within the field(s) of special needs; she has served as an advocate for multiple special populations, especially for those who are disabled/handicapped, GLBTQ, and those who are affected by other inequities.

Dr. Deborah Cunningham Breede

Associate Professor of Communication

Coastal Carolina University

In my position I have recommended Donna as, not only a presenter, but have assisted her in developing her platform. Donna takes her role very seriously and does anything it takes to positively add value to her presentations.

Donna’s enthusiasm for learning and experiencing new things keeps her up to date on the myriad of topics related to victims of crime. She is always eager to learn, researches impeccably, and applies her knowledge well. Using her radio show platform, she’s had the opportunity to connect with outstanding guests, many who have become valuable connections for her to continue her quest on behalf of victims. Her personal tragedy has turned into an event from which she has drawn strength and first hand knowledge which she positively shares with her national audience.

Delilah Jones, President


To: Brian S. Sigman, Executive Director, Connecticut Services for the Blind

(Donna’s Current Employer)

“I am the new Neuropsychologist at Easter Seals Greater Hartford Rehabilitation Center in Windsor, CT.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Donna Gore on a case involving one of your clients.  I found her to be highly competent, insightful, dedicated and intelligent.  Her commitment to the client was truly remarkable and her willingness to go beyond the call of duty was impressive.  I can honestly say that her contribution to my case allowed me to have increased understanding of some of the more complex nuances, which I might not have fully appreciated without her.  She is certainly an asset to your organization and a positive role model for other workers in the field.  Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to benefit from one of your outstanding employees. I am certainly the better for it!”

Howard M. Goldfischer, Psy.D.

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Licensed Psychologist


“I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you what a FANTASTIC program you put on at the State Capitol last week on behalf of BESB (Board of Education and Services for the Blind).  You (and your organization) deserve a great amount of praise for putting together a program that was informative and emotional.  It was a pleasure to have attended this with Dr. Petit and again, I just wanted to say “great job” and keep up the good work on behalf of all those that you advocate for…”

Ann Baldwin, President, Baldwin Media Marketing

and former NBC Anchor Woman


“In your absence (referring to Attorney, Joseph Clary, Donna’s former Supervisor).  I had the opportunity to observe Donna Gore’s work.  I know you have always spoken highly of Donna’s capabilities but I saw first hand the quality of her efforts.  Her research skills are excellent.  She is a good writer, she is thorough and her follow-through is exceptional.

I’d also like to add that Donna’s disposition on a day-to-day basis is always friendly and cheerful.  To my recollection, I’ve never seen her come into work without a smile on her face and a friendly hello. I am sure that you are aware of all of these things, but I thought it would please you to know that others have observed it as well.”

Susan Lizee

Former Human Resources Director

Connecticut Services for the Blind

“Donna Gore has presented a consistently professional image.  She is reliable, accountable and dependable.  She follows through on commitments and is very detailed in her approach. Connecticut Therapies Inc has experienced the opportunity to work with a professional individual.”

Diane Tomassetti

Former Rehabilitation Director

Connecticut Therapies. Inc.


“Donna is knowledgeable turns out a large volume of work is resourceful and meet and handle situations in an efficient and timely manner and goes out of her way to cooperate.

Donna is very dedicated to the clients to whom she is assigned.  This group is aging and has increased need for services.  She is good at finding resources to meet their needs.  Donna addresses many issues for her clients, not only the ones that pertain to their workshop employment but also issue that effect their quality of life and living situations.”

(Donna’s Immediate Supervisor)

Edward Owens

Business Enterprise Program Supervisor

State of Connecticut Services for the Blind


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