Marcus "Strider" DentIt’s people like Donna R. Gore “Lady Justice” who complete our partnerships in empowering our communities BY spreading awareness and taking the time to show how important we are to her Everytime she promotes us before herself and she does this for so many. WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! Marcus “Strider” Dent, Chapter Commander Baltimore Guardian Angels

Felix Nater testimonial

I am so fortunate that you found me. Your questions and observations were on the money. I felt the questions were especially helpful for your audience. Hope your audience recognized your genius. Felix Nater of Nater Associates, Workplace Violence Prevention

Bill PetitShe [Donna] is a great advocate for those with disabilities as well as for victims of crimes-she is a truly caring and dedicated soul. Dr. William A. Petit, JR. (Endocrinologist and Diabetes Expert), President of the Petit Family Foundation

Michelle S. Cruz

LadyJustice (AKA Donna Gore) is a fierce advocate for crime victims. As a survivor herself, she understands, intimately, the struggles often faced by victims and the need for advocacy for this often overlooked population.  Michelle S. Cruz, Attorney at Law 

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Shattered LivesAs a murder victims family member I have been so deeply grateful for the way that she unceasingly works in so many people’s lives to help, to inform, to connect people like us to what we need to live our new reality post-trauma. Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

Robert RahnDonna has worked with our company on multiple occasions. Her compassionate, caring personality makes her a true Victim’s Advocate professional. Her desire and passion to assist crime victims should be an inspiration to us all. Robert Rahn, Management Resources of NY, Private Investigators

Diane TomassettiDonna Gore has presented a consistently professional image.  She is reliable, accountable and dependable. She follows through on commitments and is very detailed in her approach. Connecticut Therapies Inc has experienced the opportunity to work with a professional individual. Diane Tomassetti, Former Rehabilitation Director Connecticut Therapies. Inc.

ImaginePublicity logoDonna’s enthusiasm for learning and experiencing new things keeps her up to date on the myriad of topics related to victims of crime. She is always eager to learn, researches impeccably, and applies her knowledge well. Using her podcast as a platform, she has the opportunity to connect with outstanding guests, many who have become valuable connections for her to continue her quest on behalf of victims. Delilah Jones, ImaginePublicity

Duane Bowers, LPCProbably the most important element that makes Donna a person I have continued to want to work with is her ability to use her own experience with trauma and grief to benefit others. She is the perfect example of traumatic growth in action being able to understand victims, survivors and thrivers and to provide information, resources and the support they need. Duane Bowers, LPC

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  1. On behalf of my deceased nephew, his mother who is my sister, myself and our entire family, we Thank God for allowing Donna Gore into our lives at such a time as this in order to help us convey our grief, thoughts and feelings through words allowing us as a family to express our pain that we have endured regarding the tragic loss of our loved one.

    We are filled with gratitude also we are Thankful for Donna’s drive and passion for others such as our grieving family.

    We commend Donna for all of her hard work from state to state helping countless of broken hearted families like ours find the right words to describe the pain that we as a family are left to deal with in the aftermath of the tragic loss of my sister’s son and my nephew at such a young age.

    Thank you Donna for working through your own adversities in order to customize a Victim Impact Statement on behalf of my nephew.

    We have compassion for you, Donna regarding the loss of your father, we know that your father is extremely proud of you and the work that you have done and are continuing to do.

    May God continue to Bless you Donna in every aspect of your life. Thank You and God Bless.

    Prayer Changes Everything

    Robin Johnson

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