Coming Full Circle with a Legacy

Motorcycle Flat Tracks 2017Sometimes a person’s past crosses path with future generations to create something very special. Such was the case during Christmas when I was witness to a rite of passage that dealt with a part of my Dad’s legacy as a former New England Motorcycle Rider and Champion of hundreds of competitive races.

At times, we all re-gift an item when we think that others can utilize or appreciate it more as the recipient. However, this was more than a simple re-gifting.  Before I reveal this 60 year old item which has withstood the test of time, let me acquaint you with the affiliated organizations and some history.

According to one of my Dad’s best friends and fellow rider who now lives in Alabama, my Dad primarily participated and excelled at the following:

Scrambles (Cross country or hare scramble races are off-road competition events. All riders in a single class start on the same row and the event is an all-out race to the finish. They are conducted on several-mile-long marked courses through woods or desert and over rugged natural terrain). Half track and Short track (i.e-quarter mile) competitions as well as Enduro. (Enduro is an endurance test between the rider and the terrain. Enduro racing is physically and mentally demanding as the rider endures low-hanging tree branches, fallen logs, rocky upgrades, splashing through streams and riding up and down hill on gravel, dirt, sand and even mud for long distances). Motorcylcle jumps (See YouTube Video below)

History of the New England Riders Association   

As of this writing, I could find no formal documented history of the New England Riders Association. Today they list 1,172 members. However, I know it has been around for 60+ years for the love of motorcycle riding and the respect for the sport.

New England Riders is a self-organized, inclusive motorcycle group whose members are known for their love of “time in the saddle.”

“Despite having no dues, membership, rules or officers, the NERDs plan regular group rides to some of New England’s finest destinations. The discussions on

New England riders is a non-profit organization  and does accept donations to help fund the events. The New England Riders community welcomes all makes and levels of riders. Due to the mileage we put on our machines in all kinds of weather, the majority of the NER membership favor touring, sport touring, cruising, and ADV motorcycles. Courtesy, respect and safe group riding technique are valued attributes amongst the NER community.”  


Forging Paths Where the Faint of Heart Don’t Go

Among the many events, there was trail riding, hill climbs, paved track racing, many rallies and regular road riding. My Dad rode dirt bikes on trails where there was none.  It took skill, agility, and fearlessness. Races were captured on 16mm film in those days. My brother is the keeper of many glossy black and white  photos, a treasure trove of the era. Here’s a more current YouTube example of what Connecticut dirt bike hillclimb riding requires:

And there were ramp jumps; yes! I remember my Dad up in the air “…flying through the air with the greatest  of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze, his movements were graceful, all people he could please…. “

Watch this- (No doubt, 55 seconds of terror for some!)

More History

In dirt track racing the course is usually an oval, where only left turns are made. The racer uses his left foot as an outrigger to balance the bike as it’s leaned far into the turn, much like a road-racing motorcyclist uses his knee sliders to aid cornering.  The steel shoe, or hot-shoe is an integral part of flat track racing.

Motorcycle Steel Shoe

I recall my Dad’s steel shoe being somewhat rudimentary, although a vital piece of equipment on the flat tracks, compared to the lighter weight, more high tech versions of custom boot wear today. My Dad’s friend related that he was the only racer to use steel shoes on certain tracks as compared to his colleagues. In fact, he constructed his own steel shoes from an old Plymouth car bumper.  Refer to this blog in which a rider turned artisan meets the need-

On the Cover of Motorcycle Magazines  

Unfortunately, I can’t display the actual cover in which my Dad was featured in Cycle Sport and other magazines of the 1950’ and 60’s. However, a couple of vintage editions that are similar mentioned articles about my Dad within the magazines were these available for purchase online by a collector with descriptions. 

1961 October Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: Ohio State Scrambles, photos of Joe Oden, Dick Stouffer, Jim Borer, Warren Longacre; East meets West – Don Gore heads Eastern Scrambles Team to victory; California Highway Patrol motorcycle training – safety first; Speed Week at Bonneville; 1962 Harley-Davidson 8 new Models; Summer of ’61 by Richard Wyler; Theory and tuning of the 2-stroke; Watkins Glen / Carroll Resweber; Honda Rider Doug Woodward in record run.
Contents:Joe Leonard wins Springfield; Pinup: NSU Prima Scooter with lovely miss and postman; Belgian Grand Prix – Jack Brett; Colonial Tour – Williamsburg and Jamestown; 2-Page Harley-Davidson Ad with Joe Leonard, Bud Mayes; Two Yanks visit the Isle of Man; Altoona – Don Gore; Ariel 500cc Red Hunter Road Test;


Television Fame

There are certain achievements recognized worldwide. To name a few; the Pulitzer Prize, appearing on Oprah, lecturing at a TedTalk, etc. But, in my Dad’s era, to truly have  made it to the top with his athleticism was to have raced on the former TV series, “ABC’s  Wide World of Sports”.  He did so, I believe, from Daytona Beach, Florida in the 1960’s. The series ran from April, 1961 to January 1998.  

To be known among the best racers the world, what a milestone! We watched this show every Saturday night. As a family,  we attended many of his races all over New England on Sundays to cheer him onto victory. It was exciting to see all of the racers round the corners at high speeds with steel shoes helping to balance the bikes. His motorcycle, with the big, bold, black #47 emblazoned on the front won nearly all of the races or came in close to #1 with his friend and rival, Charlie Vincent winning many races as well.

The Gift

One of the hallmarks of being a New England rider was to proudly wear their duds; whether it be a classic leather jacket, leather gloves, boots, homemade steel shoes, or a sporty racing jacket. In fact, the coat I will describe looks very similar to classic college varsity jackets.

December 2017- A Legacy Continues

At some point in time after my Dad’s murder, my brother Scott inherited various items.    I did not know that the vintage jacket, characterized by a navy blue color with bright yellow lines at the bottom and length of the sleeves (resembling the yellow lines of the roadways), snap yellow buttons, and the rider’s name embroidered on the left chest was the  signature jacket worn in the 1950’s and 1960’s by these consummate athletes.  

And so, at Christmas 2017, a classy and stylish “millennial niece” was given this vintage jacket as a gift from my brother.  Whether it hung in the closet too long, whether it did not fit him any longer, or whether it was just time to pass it on to another generation, I can’t say.  But, I was impressed. After a little dry cleaning, perhaps the good people of Denver will see this coat proudly worn by the one and only grandchild my Dad never knew. I hope she recognizes the significance. I hope that my Dad’s fans, will smile and look toward heaven! See the photos of Cara, “modeling” his jacket below.  


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Interrogation of Suspects: Why They Lie


On the face of it, we know the answer to this question regarding crime and suspects. Guilty suspects lie for various reasons. Innocent suspects even lie when they are “worn down” by fierce interrogation for hours on end and … they just want it all to end!

The topic of interrogation techniques can be a minefield of controversy – one I do not wish to tackle in depth. However, a primer may be appropriate to illustrate the point further on in this blog.

Valuable time, and resources can truly be wasted, in addition to contributing more torment for victim families!  I was horrified a couple of weeks ago while watching an episode of Dateline about a missing person-homicide case which included two examples of lying that put the case off the track. The reasons they lied… had nothing to do with the case, only their selfish motives!  Such is my motivation for this blog!

“In the United States, scholars estimate that somewhere between 42 percent and 55 percent of suspects confess to a crime during interrogation.” 

Human Nature and a ‘Bare Bones Environment” During Interrogation-

According to several internet sources on interrogation, the keys to gaining useful information depends largely on the skill of the interrogator and the type of interrogation method used.typically only two or three uncomfortable chairs, a table, with no access for temperature control, lighting or bathroom facilities in order to “establish dependence on the interrogators.”

Physical Abuse and Deprivation-

In the case Brown v. Mississippi, the Supreme Court threw out a voluntary confession that was obtained after police officers r\ strung a suspect up in a tree and whipped him repeatedly. The Court’s decision was clear: Confessions obtained by force cannot be used as evidence at trial.

In the 1950s, it was okay to deprive a suspect of food. water, bathroom facilities and physically abuse a suspect for hours.

The benchmark case for protection of suspects during interrogation occurred in 1966 in the case of Miranda vs Arizona in which a  kidnapping and rape suspect, Ernesto Miranda, was not informed his rights of obtaining an attorney when questioned and his right to remain silent prior to providing his confession. Many modern day crime shows, particularly Law and Order, have made this case part and parcel of their stories.  

The moral compass with juries perhaps lying about nonexistent evidence versus lying about the welfare of people, particularly children, may not be palatable as have been demonstrated in documented cases brought to the Supreme Court level.

“Interrogators cannot misrepresent a suspect’s legal rights – Court rulings are clear that because the totality-of-the-circumstances, inquiry is fact specific and determinations of the limits of police deception are case specific” (American Psychological Assn.)

The Reid Technique-

A Chicago police officer in the 1940’s developed this technique which relies on observation of  different kinds of eye blinks and  body language, supposedly connoting anxiety which was interpreted as lying. This technique also uses the  control questions while developing a rapport with suspects. However, this technique has been extensively researched for 40 years and debunked. Anxiety does not mean someone is lying. Rather, it is a natural response to a stressful situation.

Good Cop- Bad Cop-

We all know this technique in which one interrogator becomes the aggressor while the other in the team supposedly takes the side of the suspect, becomes his “friend and protector” in order that the suspect will let down their guard during questioning.

The PEACE-  

Steps in the process-1) Preparation and Planning 2)  Engage and Explain, 3) Account, 4) Closure and Evaluate) is a method conceived in the 1990s and used initially in the United Kingdom. It was developed by law enforcement and psychologists, designed to be non-confrontational and to prevent false confessions.  This technique is  considered best practice. As a suspect composes lies, eventually he will be caught in an inconsistency and, voila, the gig is up! ( I dare say, I think DCI, character Jane Tennison- Helen Mirren  (BBC’s Prime Suspect Series) skillfully used this technique!

Dateline- The Halloween Party Episode -1027 October 27, 2017

What happened to Chelsea Bruck, 22 years old, who lived in a farm town located  in Southeastern, Monroe, Michigan? Chelsea was ten years younger than her two best friends and grew up the youngest of five children in the town of Maybee (Kind of like Mayberry), Michigan.

It happened at Big Mike’s Halloween bash on October 25, 2014.  700+ partiers amid several heavy metal rock bands and alcohol under two tents. In the dark with only the light of the moon and a bonfire, all masqueraded guests. What a nightmare for investigators!  

Becky, and friends Penny and Chelsea, were a threesome that night. However, they became separated and Chelsea never made it home. Chelsea did not drive and her homemade poison ivy costume which she labored for months to create, had no pockets for a cell phone.  She tried to call a friend, borrowing a phone for a ride, but it didn’t work out. In the wee hours of the morning, it was learned that there may have been foul play involved. Her friends were remorseful and filled with regrets. One red shoe, and five months later, over 600 tips helped to solve this case.

This was a very engrossing episode, but, when the leads came about, one suspect lied for the attention, and the other lied for revenge in her own sick intimate partner violence scenario.  What? How could anyone do such a thing when a young girl’s life is at stake?

What lessons can we learn from this true account? What lessons are there about the real challenges for investigators and the unconscionable motives of people?  Chelsea’s family and friends were truly inspiring in their long journey for justice. I invite you to watch this documentary: Video-


If you know of a missing person-unsolved homicide that needs assistance, contact the Cue Center for Missing Persons –

miranda vs arizona case;

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Don’t be Afraid of the Radio – Part II


It truly is wonderful to have a communication vehicle at your disposal which  has a national outreach. I have all of the essential ingredients; unique, timely topics, expert, giving guests and a permanent record of out work.  

However, at times, participation can ebb and flow in the guest lineup or audience listenership. Can you help?


  • A podcast is easy to do and can be a lot of fun;
  • The process is just like talking to your buddy on the phone;
  • The podcast as a communication vehicle is very valuable for educating others and has the most longevity and outreach geographically;
  • You derive benefit by the opportunity to easily circulate  the podcast on your social media as well;
  • Every podcast is represented over time as a part of a long-lasting archival feature for repeated listens that will outlive us all!
  • Convenience –  You can do it right from the comfort of your couch, or anywhere! There is no studio to report to!
  • You have an entire hour devoted to your cause without any commercial interruptions! (When was the last time, the Today Show, Good Morning America, or Nancy Grace did that? Never!)   
  • Your contribution can serve as a record of you, other crime victim families and serve as a family treasure!
  • A radio podcasts really is the perfect vehicle to convey information efficiently and easily!

Looking Forward to 2018

The staff at ImaginePublicity does a wonderful job building the show in the network and producing.  However, I am responsible for generating all the ideas, contacting, booking, coordinating guests, scheduling, record keeping, and the interview.

It is often a labor of love, but can also be very time-consuming.  I am very proud that Shattered Lives Radio frequently features cutting edge topics and guests not available elsewhere. It is true that many hands make light work.

Therefore, if you have a special individual message, are a member of a valued organization that captures our mission, have promised to  appear in the past and may not have  made it a priority, or maybe you are contemplating being a guest for the future,  LET’S TAKE TO THE AIRWAVES TOGETHER. Booking now for JANUARY 2018 dates. I welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Utilize the form in the following link to present your ideas for the future! Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of many in 2018!


Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore, M.A.


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  You Can’t Stop Christmas from Coming: What the Grinch Can Teach Us


Fairy Tales and Evil Characters

We are all very familiar with the dark character of the Grinch, a Dr. Seuss classic tale first introduced to the world in 1957. The whole idea of stealing Christmas away from the masses certainly struck fear in my child size heart, much like the Wicked Witch of the West did in the Wizard of Oz.  The witch realizes that Dorothy’s ruby slippers can be removed only if Dorothy dies, so she makes her plan, but, ultimately, it is the witch’s death when water is splashed on her and she melts. Sweet, accidental revenge.

Another greedy, wicked character that frightened me to death was the volatile Cruella de Vil, of 101 Dalmatians. She is a wealthy heiress married to a furrier. She treated all people and  animals abusively and seeks to acquire them for her own malicious pleasure. She  kidnaps nearly all of these rambunctious pets, for she falsely believes she can convert them to valuable coats.

How did baby boomers ever make it to 2017 with such vile models in our childhood experience? I can only believe that there is a back story and multiple messages in every tale from which we can learn. Psychologically, perhaps these meanies are our conscience, designed to warn us that if we act as they do, harm will come to us with negative consequences, and to others as well. 

But wait! These are fairy tales after all, with happy endings. Isn’t it true that Christmas came to Whoville in spite of the Grinch – even with his change of heart? Dorothy can return to Kansas by clicking the heels of her ruby slippers and repeating, “there’s no place like home.”

After wild chase scenes by Cruella and her crooked accomplices, the trio end up crashing their vehicles and land in a deep ravine, utterly defeated with the Dalmatians returning to their loving humans!

A Closer Look at the Grinch

The narcissistic character named Grinch sees what he can’t have in the very modest village of Whoville, (i.e.ultimately a happycommunity that operates with joy without material goods.) He has a wonderful awful idea trying to stop Christmas from coming after 53 years of witnessing joy.  He sets out to impersonate Santa and his reindeer. How gullible we were, along with Cindy- Lou Who, to think that this skinny, ugly, green character and his scrawny dog Max would EVER be the real Santa. But, I guess if you’re half asleep and interrupt a thief in costume, and expecting only one visitor in the middle of the night it must be the real Santa! 

Arriving with empty sacks he begins to rid all households of every sign of Christmas festivity; packages, wrappings, bicycles, trees, lights, and all food in the refrigerator, and even a crumb that was too small for a mouse!

He was so wrong that being stripped of earthly goods would crush their Christmas spirit. He wanted to hear crying, despair and feel like King of the World, but it didn’t happen. Why? Because, Christmas and its spirit, whether you have religious or spiritual leanings, is really internal, in one’s heart and has very little to do with commercialism or material goods!

The Turning Point

He was puzzled…. It came without ribbons! It came without tags!”
“It came without packages, boxes or bags!”
And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.”
“Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
And what happened then? Well…in Whoville they say,
That the Grinch’s small heart Grew three sizes that day!
And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light,
And he brought back the toys! And the food for the feast!

And he, HE HIMSELF! The Grinch carved the roast beast!

Unconditional hope, remorse, joy and the sense of coming together as a family!  The Grinch and his selfish ways were resurrected to be a part of a community that stood tall even when Christmas was stolen!  

For Survivors of Crime During the Holidays

It surely is no fairy tale when you join the ranks of crime victims!

How I wish there was a storybook in which homicide, missing persons, intimate partner-family violence, human trafficking, sexual assault/rape, suicide and other tragedies were told from the perspective of the victim and their family, with barely a mention the perpetrator. The story would relate how despite incredible courage and effort, they persevere without their loved one and personal losses. How they rebuild their lives minute by minute with the support of others who know from personal experience. Should no resolution to their story be in sight, at least, they can begin to re-write the next chapter with the knowledge that they have already travelled the worst path imaginable! They can, with help come to the crossroads and chose the path they will walk in the future!  

Continuing Coping and Fostering Hope-

Homicide prepares you for the best in life, for you’ve already lived through the worst ever!  

Read about  how to cope and chose the path of hope and preparing for victim impact statements with these two books! (Proceeds donated to the Cue Center for Missing Persons)

Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Homicide









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Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore, M.A.


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