“Nothing You Do For Children Is Ever Wasted.” The Connecticut Connection

Connecticut shooting,Donna R. Gore
(Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home)

What can be said about unspeakable tragedies….in which God’s presence must have been fleeting? For why would he/she allow such things to occur?  Is this still another life lesson? I, for one, have had enough of human carnage and cancer stories to last a lifetime…. Wordsmith’s don’t even have the lexicon to express what we are feeling…

Connecticut is battered and bruised like almost never before… (Exception – the Petit family murders).  We have the collective pulse of the nation currently. It is a heavy burden…    Will we use it wisely to affect real change?  Can we?  Will government, gun control advocates, mass media and other “systems” put aside their profits and “get the story at any cost” mentalities and take stock of the human toll once and for all?  Or…will we be “just a blip on the radar screen”, “flash in the pan” news until the next time?  I’m here to say that all of the victims, their families and this nation deserve far better!

It is so early… Misinformation is rampant.  However, the Connecticut State police… [https://donnagore.com/2012/12/06/the-first-the-proud-and-the-many-the-connecticut-state-police/] and the small town of Newtown/Sandy Hook are the bright stars in the constellation…for they surely are “getting it right” on all counts… I am proud of that aspect of this horrific story…

Duane T. Bowers, skilled trauma therapist, with his unique style, combining compassion, academic education, “in the trenches” experience and humanitarianism was able to clarify important issues at this early stage, despite the barrage of “news junk” to the contrary.

“Ladyjustice” and Delilah spent an hour with Duane, trying to sort out the issues… The result… a very useful and touching radio broadcast.

To Listen to the Podcast: CLICK HERE

  • Introductory remarks by Ladyjustice as a Connecticut resident;
  • Why do we all connect to this tragedy?
  • How can we experience grief and trauma….even if we are not connected to the tragedy?…’So little that could have been controlled…
  • Is the “Why” really that important?
  • “15 minutes of fame” and the requirement to address the perpetrator…. The real facts and the differences…
  • The impact on the first responders…. “The overlooked heroes…”
  • One of the worst jobs imaginable….
  • Coping over the holidays…and a resurgence returning to school –Safety in the aftermath;
  • How do kids process?  The difference versus adults;
  • Safety in the moment and getting them used to the future in intervals;
  • “Christmas in Connecticut” and tainting the good work that came before….
  • The media hype–Duane & Delilah’s take…
  • Beyond mental health and gun control…We need to control the media….Who’s responsible?
  • A matter of resilience and a sense of control- differences in people;
  • What can we do collectively and individually to help the cause, prevention and feeling safe? Find one thing….
  • Post traumatic growth and being part of the solution;
  • We can change mindset and the status quo….
  • Owning firearms and control…
  • “Open the Conversation” versus solving the problems;
  • Everyone –all professionals have handled this situation in a phenomenal manner…. Kudos to Newtown, law enforcement and first responders in Connecticut!
  • Gravitating to a spiritual center….
  • Working with families… “In this moment you are safe”
  • Convincing the parents of safety;
  • Contact information: http://www.duanetbowers.com/






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