God is Good…. Punishment,NOT Death for Prisoners says Antoinette Bosco

Some people may think that Antoinette “Toni” Bosco is a contradiction of her life long experiences… She IS truly a remarkable woman who has overcome innumerable family tragedies.  Her strong Catholic faith has sustained her through it all… and has shown her a path less traveled by survivors of homicide, suicide, mental illness and more…  Toni is a “quick study,” resourceful, was a Pre-Med and Chemistry student in an era when women were supposed to be seen raising children and otherwise not heard. She broke through the barriers… and accomplished much in the realms of religion, criminal justice, journalism and humanitarianism…

To hear the podcast with Antoinette “Toni” Bosco:  CLICK HERE

Walk the path with Ladyjustice and Delilah on “Shattered Lives.” Read and listen to this fine lady with a wonderful outlook…despite the many trials and tribulations…

  •  Background… Being brought up in an Italian family… Dad said, “God made a mistake… I should have been as I should  been a boy”;
  •  An arranged marriage and a staunch religious faith with as baby every two years….
  •  Raising Children… A “ragged kid” at the post office … Adoption;
  •  A husband losing jobs and enrolling Sterling in school and raising his family;
  •  Son John and his wife… a Murder in Montana asleep in their bed;
  •  The aftermath… Five months later;
  •  Peter, a mentally ill son who committed suicide a year before;
  •  Quaker college student – a murderer;
  •  “We believe in punishment, but not killing;” A family who wrote a letter to the judge to save a man from execution;
  •  Montana’s death penalty and first execution vs. imprisonment;
  •  The sentence for “Shadow” Clark;
  •  Delilah on the importance on Victim’s Impact Statements and honoring a family’s wishes;
  •  What is punishment for a prisoner?
  •  The book, “Radical Forgiveness” and writing to the perpetrator- Only God can forgive… But….  The fourth letter…and early release;
  •  A strange religion…and a Call to the Montana Governor;
  •  Rallying calls  for the perpetrator and a reporter’s help;
  •  A journalism career in the 1950’s and raising kids;
  •  A marriage and husband who didn’t work… wanted to be taken care of by others…. Controlling behaviors;
  •   Husband invading her house… another pregnancy; suicidal ideation; protection; liberation… “At least I was done with it”
  •  Working day and night without much sleep;
  •  A Health Sciences career offer;
  •  The Vatican council writing, anti-war writing,  Writing about parishes;
  •  A degree in Pre-Med…. a degree in Chemistry  and a Health Science career;
  •  Awards bestowed…and a book against the Death Penalty…  “Choosing Mercy…”  A National Hit;
  •  Speaking Against the Death Penalty –Curiosity;
  •  What Happened to Aunt Margie? (How it all started)…. A child’s curiosity at age 14 regarding executions;
  •  Visiting 15 prisons and being a correspondent with selected prisoners;
  •  Meeting and writing to prisoners….Those who have found God;
  •  “You have to be careful with everyone in your life…”   Being careful, generous and pleased about the good people she has helped;
  •  Her children’s assistance;
  •  An accounting of the family and the loss of three children;
  •  How do you live if you don’t have a faith?
  •  Grieving with homicide and suicide – Differences…
  •  Peter’s 30 minute tape describing his pain…   “It’s time to go home.” A violent death;
  •  A police officer’s compassion;
  •  Talking to support groups;
  •  Her perspective on suffering;
  •  Peter as an author…
  •  Toni’s  mysterious sickness and brush with death;
  •  Writing her column;
  •  Happiness at age 83;
  •  Toni’s books on Amazon.com;
  • www.Antoinettebosco.com;


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