The Peace, The Quiet, It’s a Wonderful Place to Be,The Importance of Pampering



There is nothing quite like the healing of the mind, body and spirit through the minimally used practice of “pampering.” Due to the high stress, fast paced nature of American culture, most of us barely give consideration of these very important aspects which are truly vital to our overall health… This is especially true for those who have experienced violent crime, major loss, grief and for those who are caretaking and/or experiencing critical illness.

There are many ways to achieve this equilibrium.  Some methods include alternative forms of medicine, ancient practices that have proven to be highly effective over centuries….  Other methods include hospitality rarely seen (except perhaps on cruise ships).

On the current edition of “Shattered Lives,” Delilah and “Ladyjustice” give you a window of opportunity for two such forms of pampering.  For the hour, we had the pleasure to “bask in the warmth” of the best that Massachusetts has to offer!

Diane Tomasssetti, owner/operator of Baggins End Guest House in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, extolled the many benefits of her heavenly setting.  Her goal to provide a restful, quiet and healing experience surrounded by the beauty of nature, along with her aim to fulfill whatever need you may have, shines like a beacon for all who meet her and have the opportunity to be her guest!

Delilah provided a “small dose,” an introduction, to Dr. Dalal Akoury and her AwareMed Institute in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (Soon to be featured on another hour-long show.)

Listen to the journey with us… You’ll be so glad you did!   CLICK HERE

  • Ø Diane’s testimonial about “Ladyjustice”- and a mutual admiration society;
  • Ø Diane’s interesting and varied chronology of careers;
  • Healthcare, Interior & Architectural Design, “Falling in Love with Stone”, Real Estate etc;
  • Ø Built a house in Year 2000 with a 180 degree view-Changing your focus from a private home to a Bed and Breakfast;
  • Ø People want to stay… Ducks, swans, seagulls and sailboats;
  • Ø Weddings, sit down dinners, trainings, meetings galore from 15 to 200 people;
  • Ø The South Coast of Massachusetts – “The Best Kept Secret,” The largest fishing fleet in the U.S.; The only protected harbor on the Eastern seaboard;
  • Stellar Reviews…..;
  • Ø Open 24/7 all year ‘Round;
  • Amenities- “Everything for every guest”
  • Harbor View Room;
  • Destinations in the area and Diane  “as Taxi”
  • Ø Needing a break or a Honeymoon spot for couples….
  • Ø An International scope…;
  • Ø Restoration and reprieve – “Listening vs. Leaving Alone”
  • Story – The Most Wonderful Place I’ve Ever Been”
  • Ø Delilah on stress and the physical pain…  The View; the Mind, Body, Spirit aspects of healing;
  • Ø Dr. Akoury’s Healing Environment;
  • Ø Dr. Akoury’s  Mission;
  • Ø Food, Supplements, Medication and a “Higher Power;”
  • Ø Diane going the extra mile – Allergies, Gluten- Free,  and “Ecco”- The Welcoming Golden Retriever;
  • Ø Ecco dispelling the fright of dogs…
  • Ø Given the opportunities…. It is affordable …
  • Ø Singles, Couples, Whatever …
  • Ø Dr. Akoury’s Experience – Teamwork;
  • Ø Procedures to do Integrative Medicine
  • Dr. A’s focus on those who are not sick – Wellness;
  • Ø Anti—Aging; Less drugs, IPT;
  • Ø Diane’s  Breakfast Prep; Shopping and Trader Joe’s;
  • Ø Delilah on the importance of Vegan Diet; Protein Shakes;
  • Ø ‘Pampering” in a hot air balloon;
  • Ø Diane’s story- Something just for me…..
  • Ø The Basics of Hot Air Ballooning ;
  • Ø Crewing grew into being a pilot “I want my feet dry;”
  • Ø The “Lucky Pin”;
  • Ø Selling the balloon to someone in Costa Rica;
  • Ø Contact information for Diane;

Tel: 508-326-2567;


  • Ø Contact information for Dr. Dalal Akoury;

P: (843) 213-1480 F: (843) 712-1973 Alternative.





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