Connecticut’s Own “Julia Child of the Gluten Free World”


“When I got to France I realized I didn’t know very much about food at all. I’d never had a real cake. I’d had those cakes from cake mixes or the ones that have a lot of baking powder in them. A really good French cake doesn’t have anything like that in it – it’s all egg power.”  Julia Child


Egg Power….Well ….Dee (Diane) Kittle has A LOT more than Egg power…Out of necessity she was in survivalist mode much of her life and became infinitely schooled in food processing, disease, allergens, what’s good and bad, experimenting with recipes, visiting doctor after doctor trying to best manage her chronic ailments with their often well intentioned…but  wrongheaded “cures.”  In the meantime, she dealt with the medical sales corporate world and the love of a good man through it all. Sheer willpower set her back as she slipped into old eating habits.   And then, the death of her husband forced an epiphany to dream her dream regardless….. to open a healthful retail bakery serving a huge untapped population.  And the rest is history as they say….. concerning Dee’s One Smart Cookie Bakery!

Despite “killer work hours,” Dee maintains an energy and effervescence that is infectious to all customers and fans! Ladyjustice and Delilah marveled at her knowledge and her journey!  Join us for the ride… It is powerful indeed….

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  • Introduction to our guest;
  • Commonalities between Dee and Ladyjustice;
  • History of Dee’s Bakery  a thumbnail sketch…  a four month experiment
  • GMO- Genetically modified organisms explained;
  • Dee’s is the only non-GMO bakery on the east cost.  What does that mean?
  • Legislation and those against GMO Labeling…
  • Delilah asks about the presence of gluten in other foods;
  • Non-gluten free…. A lot more grains other than rice…;
  • The discovery of Celiac disease in Europe;
  • Discussion of “Failure to thrive” children;
  • Europe versus the United States – How healthful are we?
  • State of CT HB 6519  – Addressing labeling of all genetically engineered foods;
  • State  of CT HB 6527 –Addressing labeling of genetically engineered baby food and formula;
  • Dee discusses her childhood journey with her chronic illnesses (Symptoms at age 1, Diagnosed at age 50);
  • Nine years old and the introduction of chronic pain – “Growing pains dear…. You’ll be fine”
  • The journey with OB-GYN… and surgery….. Stage Four endometriosis;
  • A connection between endometriosis and Celiac Disease….. discovered much later…
  • Dee’s ordeal with male hormones to treat endometriosis;
  • “You are too far gone…” at age 23;
  • The turning point for symptom- free…. In her 20’s;
  • “The healthiest sick person in the world”;
  • The late 1990’s Dee’s husband was disabled and chronically ill…
  • Finding life, joy and positivity….
  • The corporate monsters kept calling…
  • Pastry Chef School…and getting sicker and sicker….
  • Joint Pain…,the Naturopath Diagnosis of Celiac Disease
  • The food was “bricks and sawdust” …..before opening her bakery “on a wing and a prayer”
  • Today the looks of Dee’s bakery…Working 100 hours or more….
  • Delilah’s comments regarding  business versus buying products when people have symptoms;
  • Crying and dancing….
  • Marketing   and “Living Without” magazine….
  • The value of “word of mouth”
  • A baker in South Carolina “Mrs. SeaBiscuit” in Myrtle Beach, SC;
  • The link to other chronic diseases  and her product line; Contact Information:;

    Questions, Questions, Questions….

  • Does gluten free and dairy free cover all bases?
  • Genetically modified seeds- Who is doing it and why?
  • Cheap food and prepared foods how pervasive and why?
  • What’s the story about Crops cross contaminating grains…?
  • What are the incidence of Celiac disease and the history of its proliferation?
  • How do the European’s habits contribute to their healthier lifestyles?
  • What was the outcome of California’s and Congress’s efforts to pass non-GMO foods?
  • What were Dee’s symptoms as a child contributing to so much illness?
  • What was the conclusion of MD’s after numerous GI tests at age 19?
  • What is endometriosis?
  • What was Dee’s decision to end male hormone therapy?
  • Macrobiotic diet….What’s it about?
  • Age 30 why did Dee regress?
  • How did Dee cope with the trauma of her husband’s illnesses and her own?
  • How did her business evolve?
  • What has happened in the past five years in the Gluten free world?
  • What’s the Celebrity Chef Cookbook about?
  • What is the most difficult product to master in baking?

To keep up on the daily offerings from Dee’s One Smart Cookie like and visit their FACEBOOK PAGE or visit the bakery at

 398 Hebron Ave 
Glastonbury, CT (860) 633-8000

Dee's One Smart Cookie, Donna R. Gore, Shattered Lives Radio

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