Search and Rescue: “We Do It for the Love of It”

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Robin Moore and Chuck Elgin are search and rescue professionals who lead with their hearts… They are on call at a moment’s notice….They often do their work in the middle of the night… They volunteer their time and receive no financial compensation to assist victim’s families. They work with the CUE Center for Missing Persons who coordinates professional assistance, resources, expertise and solicits donations to keep it all going….like a well oiled machine.

Listen to podcast with Robin Moore and Chuck Elgin: CLICK HERE

Robin… with her cadre of specially trained dogs (including  a  Cadaver Dog aka Human Remains Detection Dog)  and Chuck with his sonar equipment and background in law enforcement, fire fighting and incident command instruction, make for a perfect team on the scene. 

Robin and Chuck were the featured guests on “Shattered Lives.” It was an information filled hour with dedicated people who truly respect and like each other…..Chuck Elgin,Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

“I like to listen…I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.  Most people never listen.”  Ernest Hemmingway

 Topics for Listening….

  • Ø The story of the Rescue at the 8th Annual Cue Center  Conference by Robin and Chuck
  • Ø Working in the dark – Why is it good?
  • Ø Who goes first during the rescue?
  • Ø Misconceptions about Rescue Dogs
  • Ø A coordinated search – “Just like a Ballet”
  • Ø Critical factors regarding Incident Command
  • Ø “Marking Water” and Robin working with Rosco
  • Ø Scent detection – The Real Story
  • Ø Bringing the Right Dog to the Scene;
  • Ø Four Types of Rescue Dogs – What’s the difference?
  • Ø Factors to consider when doing land searches
  • Ø Cumberland K9 and Dogs who are cross-trained;
  • Ø Picking Up the Scent –Even hundreds of years ago!

(Kansas City and Virginia incidents)

  • Ø The process of the searching -law enforcement and   CUE Center for  Missing Persons
  • Ø The CUE Center as “One Stop Shopping”
  • Ø Monica’s ability to build relationships and garner resources
  • Ø Other Organizations versus the ‘Whole Enchilada” 
  • Ø CUE’s Outreach Coordinator Program;
  • Ø Promoting “Nashville Cares about the Missing and Exploited” – The Hard Rock Café Fund Raiser
  • Ø The” Nuts and Bolts” of sonar
  • Ø The importance and reward of working collaboratively
  • Ø The complexities of zeroing in on the target of interest
  • Ø When a dog loses the scent – What happens?
  • Ø Dog Alert…
  • Ø If you have the passion and heart to do this work…
  • Ø  Rescue Dog Training the Right Way- It’s not easy…
  • Ø Preparing for the test – Trainer and Dog
  • Ø Can all dogs become rescue dogs?
  • Ø Getting up to speed with sonar…
  • Ø Parting comments

Chuck- Closure and healing of the heart for victim’s families

Robin- Love and gratitude for the dog and for victim’s families who become friends



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