“The Passers” of Social Media

Sharing on social media

Those of us who ride the wave of “minor celebrity” on social media have ups and downs in terms of who is paying attention to what, or whom, at any given time. If I took all the data on Twitter or Facebook to heart, I’d never get out of bed. I try  every day to be true to my missions, to be true to myself and ignore the fickle finger of others whims.

Similar to the fluctuations of the stock market, I can have great data in one category and plunge in another simultaneously.  Regardless of what all the numbers say, and those audience members who want to think of me as a one trick pony, (never venturing out of the homicide and missing persons box to spread my wings), I know in my heart and soul I do great things for others every day. They may be small things or big things, but good things just the same!

ImaginePublicity logoThat said, just as in a Broadway play, there are many people behind the scenes assisting in my success. One example is ImaginePublicity  my social media management agency. ImaginePublicity is behind the scenes and professional, performing the role of managing and training me on all aspects of social media, helping to make it all happen and never seeking the spotlight. The services are invaluable to me.

However, one overlooked element is the group of ever-present people I call “passers.” They are a very dedicated group who shares other’s information throughout social media networks. Perhaps that is their special talent. This role appears to be a combination observer, cheerleader, traffic director, traffic creator as opposed to a direct influencer. These people are unsung heroes who I’m sure are good neighbors too.

Let’s be clear, I didn’t know any of my passers previously. I never solicited their assistance. I never knew their value. They just added me to their list. I am so grateful!  Below are three people, good examples whom I would like to thank for this role in my on-line life.  It is high time they are given credit for their diligence and loyalty.

Paiger Swift –

She was the first person I really noticed who gravitated to my topics and selflessly passed on my posts.  She lives in Fort Lauderdale, is a “cool sistah” and is enamored with all things Peanuts cartoons. But, more importantly, she is a staunch advocate and huge fan/supporter for the mission and activities of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) in Atlanta. Sheryl McCollum and Holly Hughes are important mentors for Pager. Sheryl ‘Mac” McCollum made the following comment regarding Paiger’s important role, “She lives her heart! She supports the good fight and never fails to repost stories”!

Check out Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, an innovative organization which I have been fortunate to feature several times on Shattered Lives Radio!

Glenn Adams -aka “Wolfscratch” 

“Wolfscratch” was a Captain in the Atlanta Fire Department, worked as a hazardous materials smoke diver with expertise in fire technology and has worked with Monica Caison and the Cue Center for Missing Persons since 2008.

Currently, he spends his time researching missing persons’ investigations with a goal of identifying common denominators of the cases that are solved as opposed to those that grow cold.  As Glenn said, “The most important common denominator identified for those cases that are solved. Awareness is the key.” Analogous to a security camera across the landscape of America, citizens are the most valuable investigative resource for Law Enforcement when utilized.  Wolfscratch also researches cases where serial predators/killers are indicated. “I truly believe that there is a spiritual connection involved when these predators are apprehended.”

DeDe Keene –

From Southeast Texas and committed to spreading the word about missing persons on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and elsewhere, her job appears to be a full-time job by the volume of material that is re-posted daily on behalf of others. She is affiliated with A.M.A.L.P. Ministry. They are a Christian Ministry dedicated to assisting all FAMILIES of Missing Loved ones, and All LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES in the U.S.

Sharing on social media

Conclusion –

The moral of this story is, if you have any degree of celebrity, respect it, never take it for granted, don’t let your ego get carried away for that fame is fleeting and could come crashing down around you in a New York minute. In that equation, people like Paiger, Glenn and DeDe figure prominently.  Look them up. But, don’t expect them to have a lot of time to answer as they are too busy helping others! Yeah, my kind of people!  THANK YOU!


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