Bizarre Weapons of Choice with the Act of Homicide


Recently while researching a new blog topic, I was scanning through my copy of “The Staircase” on my tenth or so viewing, it suddenly occurred to me the “purported” weapon (which may have killed Kathleen Peterson, former wife of author, defendant Michael Peterson) was the blessed blow poke, light, hollow and capable of producing abrasions, was certainly unique as a weapon, if not bizarre.

In fact, the blow poke was not discovered until the closing argument phase  in October 2003, of Peterson’s initial trial. It was located by accident in a cobwebbed filled darkened corner of the garage and oh what a tangled web it caused! Meant as a Christmas gift for several family members, it “fueled the fires” of this trial nearly as much as Peterson’s bisexuality.

By extension of thought, I then wondered what other curious weapons I might unearth from the act of homicide. When one thinks about it logically, non-standard weapons must be weapons on convenience, that is to say, handy and used without much thought in the heat of anger. “It was there; I grabbed it and killed him/her. I didn’t mean to.” Yeah…right!

Making a Selected List and Checking it Twice for the Naughty Weapon


Perp- Unknown

Victim – Murate St. Hilaire

Corkscrew Child found father stabbed in side of temple;


Perp – Unknown

Victim- Chen Liu Nail

Gun- 35 Nails in head Children found body in a marsh


Perp – Debra Hewitt

Victim – Boyfriend Duane Ball

Her own Prosthetic Leg Homeless and accused of two other murders, she beat him to death, balancing on “good leg”


Perp- Marvin Hill

Victim- Christina Eubanks

Toilet Tank Lid ? Rape, strangulation after a love affair; Bashed head Dumped Body in creek; 51 year Sentence


Perp – Ana Lilia Trujillo

Victim – Alf Stefan Andersson

Stiletto Shoe Jealous attack- more than 10 holes in his head


Perp-Duane Hurley – 55 yrs

Victim- Daniel Kovarbasich- 16 yrs

10 Lb. Pickle Jar Child Rape; them bash head & stabbing; 5 years probation



Perp – Female Name withheld

Victim – ? Married Spouse Poison Vagina

Brazilian Woman- Refused Divorce by Husband


Perp –Karen Walsh

Victim Maire Rankin-81 Yrs

Crucifix Neighbor killing & Sexual Assault to “Throw off Police” on Christmas Day!


Perp- China Arnold – Mother

Victim – Paris Talley –I month old

Microwave   “Worthless Drunk” cooked daughter; no external Burns; DNA found  in Microwave


Perp – Richard Krafts

Victim- Helle Krafts-Wife

Wood chipper  Wife asked for Divorce- Forensics of tooth, pink Toenail & hair, blood type conclusive evidence


Conclusion: What can possibly be said after such a variety of weapons? Please don’t get any ideas…. Work out your differences! (You didn’t hear it from me!) May the victims all rest on peace. They certainly deserve all the peace they can find!




 Bizarre Weapons of Choice with the Act of Homicide



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