Thank You World…From “Ladyjustice”


(Observing the One Year Anniversary of “Shattered Lives” Radio Show)

February 4, 2012 to the present…. One year of wonderment… education, passion, tears, laughter and helping many, many people….  Where do I begin?  It has been… and continues to be immensely rewarding.  It is a heck of a lot of work… But most of all, this groundbreaking show is a true pleasure and a labor of love.  It helps to feed Ladyjustice’s insatiable intellectual curiosity and creativity… and keeps her out of trouble…most of the time!

As they say on the Award shows, “I wish I had time to thank each and every person in a special way.” However, I do not… The best way to thank everyone is to continue to do this work as a public service…and to honor my father, who was murdered by a career criminal almost 32 years ago…  

With the exception of my mentors in this venture, I can only list the guests: “stars appearing in my constellation.”

*** I encourage you to please go to the archives, enjoy and learn from all of them!  

  • Susan  Murphy-Milano – My mentor and dear friend, motivator who pushed me beyond my limits, who saw the possibilities when I didn’t…whose voice is still in my head and forever in my heart.  I hope she would be proud of me and this milestone;
  • Delilah Jones – the master PR professional, jovial co-host, dear friend, compassionate caretaker, “mother hen” and invaluable resource, I thank her for all that she has given over and above her prescribed role…. My life would not be the same without her presence and guidance;

List of Guests and Affiliations:

  • Introduction to Ladyjustice with  interview by Delilah;
  • St. Mark Varnau- San Diego Police Department – Elder Abuse;
  • Janice Smolinski- Billy’s Law and Adults Who Go Missing;
  • Sam & Wanda Rieger- Creators of the Melanie Ilene Rieger Memorial Conference against Violence (on behalf of their daughter);
  • Robin Kramer Interval House-DV;
  • Bob Rahn, PI, Management Resources, Ltd;
  • Michelle Cruz,  Connecticut State Victim Advocate;
  • 10) Dr. Laurie Roth, TBI;
  • 11) Robin McHalen True Colors-LGBTQ;
  • Denny & Faith Griffin- Vehicular Death;
  • Tim Palmbach – Forensic Science, Henry Lee Institute;
  • Andrew Norton, Legislative Liaison, State of CT  Services for the Blind;
  • Anna Doraghazi  & Lavinia Masters – Sexual Assault;
  • Melissa Cann – Family Survivor – Long Island Serial Killer;
  • “At the Movies” Reviews with Ladyjustice & Delilah;
  • Duane Bowers – Trauma Specialist (#1)
  • Chuck Elgin & Robin Moore- Sonar & Rescue Dog Techniques;
  • Kim Anklin – Management resources Ltd; Sexual Harassment;
  • Ann Baldwin- Baldwin Media;
  • Raymond Bechard “The BerlinTrnpike” Human Trafficking;
  • Kim & Kristin Anklin-Workplace Harassment –Violence;
  • Imagine Publicity – Showcase of Clients;
  • Roger Sylvestre- Ct Fire Academy;
  • Michael Dooling, Author of “Clueless  in New England”
  • David Francis – The Jon Francis Foundation;
  • Antoinette Bosco- The Death Penalty;
  • Diane Tomassetti-  Baggins End Guest House-

“Pampering Yourself”

  • Derek VonLuchene – Ryan United;
  • David Kaczynski-Brother of the Unabomber ;
  • Duane Bowers –Caretakers #2;
  • Marylyn Gambrell- No More Victims” Kids of                           Incarcerated Parents;
  • Susan Murphy –Milano “Holding My Hand Through Hell”
  • Dottie Laster & Betty Houbion – Human Trafficking;
  • Peter Valentin Henry Lee Institute Evidence Collection;
  • Al Dressler- Facechecks- Vito Colucci Investigations;
  • Bob Rahn-Cold Case Vernon Jones;
  • Jillian Maas Backman- “Getting in Touch with Your Spiritual Side”
  • John & Becky Glezen PFLAG- Hartford;
  • Michale Callahan- “Too Politically Sensitive”
  • Duane Bowers –Sandy Hook Massacre #3;
  • Melissa Marshall- Disability Issues;
  • Eryn Cervantes – Citizens Against Homicide Conference;
  • Marilyn Gambrell – “No More Victims” (#2);
  • Anna Doraghazi CONNSACS – Richard Fourtin Case – etc. (#2);
  • Diane Fanning True Crime & Fiction Author 

     Thank you very much…from the bottom of my heart! 

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