Don’t be Afraid of the Radio – Part II


It truly is wonderful to have a communication vehicle at your disposal which  has a national outreach. I have all of the essential ingredients; unique, timely topics, expert, giving guests and a permanent record of out work.  

However, at times, participation can ebb and flow in the guest lineup or audience listenership. Can you help?


  • A podcast is easy to do and can be a lot of fun;
  • The process is just like talking to your buddy on the phone;
  • The podcast as a communication vehicle is very valuable for educating others and has the most longevity and outreach geographically;
  • You derive benefit by the opportunity to easily circulate  the podcast on your social media as well;
  • Every podcast is represented over time as a part of a long-lasting archival feature for repeated listens that will outlive us all!
  • Convenience –  You can do it right from the comfort of your couch, or anywhere! There is no studio to report to!
  • You have an entire hour devoted to your cause without any commercial interruptions! (When was the last time, the Today Show, Good Morning America, or Nancy Grace did that? Never!)   
  • Your contribution can serve as a record of you, other crime victim families and serve as a family treasure!
  • A radio podcasts really is the perfect vehicle to convey information efficiently and easily!

Looking Forward to 2018

The staff at ImaginePublicity does a wonderful job building the show in the network and producing.  However, I am responsible for generating all the ideas, contacting, booking, coordinating guests, scheduling, record keeping, and the interview.

It is often a labor of love, but can also be very time-consuming.  I am very proud that Shattered Lives Radio frequently features cutting edge topics and guests not available elsewhere. It is true that many hands make light work.

Therefore, if you have a special individual message, are a member of a valued organization that captures our mission, have promised to  appear in the past and may not have  made it a priority, or maybe you are contemplating being a guest for the future,  LET’S TAKE TO THE AIRWAVES TOGETHER. Booking now for JANUARY 2018 dates. I welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Utilize the form in the following link to present your ideas for the future! Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of many in 2018!


Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore, M.A.


To schedule a presentation with me at your future event or  conference please contact:

ImaginePublicity,  Telephone: 843.808.0859  Email:



Don’t Be Afraid of the Radio!

Radio guests

Does the thought of being a live guest on radio send shivers down your spine? If so, it shouldn’t.

After nearly five years of talk, I have developed my own style and comfort level as a host.  But, “it ain’t necessarily so” for a guest.

Doing live broadcasts can be as easy as talking to your best friend from your kitchen table with a cup of coffee.

Fear of the unknown and various misconceptions are the barriers to guests saying yes, yes, yes!

What I do for you

As a host, there are several areas of responsibility such as pre-show research and booking interesting guests. I keep in contact with all future guests, send a detailed instruction sheet with logistics of the show and contact information.

After an initial phone conversation, I build the message of my one-hour episode around one or two main concepts, creating several questions as a guide. Nothing is scripted, and the key is to have a natural conversation.

In the background, the framework of the episode is created and dispersed through announcements either before or after the episode airs. Promoting through all social media channels is something else I do for each guest and hope guests also use their contacts to promote their appearance.

Once on the air, I monitor the production, call-ins, chats, and the flow of the message as well as the timing. Most importantly, I try to make each guest feel comfortable presenting their message, and we have a short chat just before air time.


Tips for Guests

When appearing as a guest on any form of media, you should know your topic well so that when speaking everything feels natural. Let your passion show, but if you feel you need help, you may wish to invite someone to act as your advocate or spokesperson.

As a guest, you should be proud to share the episode’s links and information to your circle of friends, colleagues, and family, and ask them to share as well.

The beauty of podcasting is you can do it from the comfort of your home, no need to report to a studio, no expensive equipment, you’re just a phone call away. Be assured that I will lead and guide you through the interview, you’ll have plenty of time, which often flies by once we are into it.

Don’t fear to make mistakes, there is no judgement or debate, rather a natural conversation between friends.

If you would like to be a future candidate for consideration on Shattered Lives Radio, get in touch. You just might be a great guest!


Listened to the Radio Lately? Take a Survey!

Listened to the radio, internet radio, call in talk show, shattered Lives

The internet has definitely changed the way people listen to radio, whether it be music, comedy, or serious talk radio.

My radio show, Shattered Lives, is the culmination of taking advantage of the opportunity the internet provides for anyone to become a radio host. Anyone who knows me knows I strive for the best, and I’ve put my consistent best out there on the airwaves for the benefit of all my current and future listeners.

In order to bring you the quality and diversity of shows I pride myself with, I’d like to know what you, my listeners and future listeners, would like to hear.

Take a quick minute for a poll, as well as leave comments pertaining to what sort of topics, guests, or entertainment you would like for the future. It’s your feedback and opinions that matter, after all, the show is for you, the listener!

Listened to the radio, Shattered LIves, internet radio, survey,

InsideLenz Radio Network

My show, Shattered Lives, has been focused on the aftermath of crime, mostly offering resources to the surviving victims, or victims themselves. We’ve also had some stellar guests to talk about a diverse range of subjects. Broadcasting each Saturday at 5pm Eastern, the show is on the InsideLenz Network on BlogTalk Radio where we share space with Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire, (currently on hiatus until 2014) and We Know a Guy with monthly host, Dennis Griffin.

InsideLenz Network has space available for other seasoned hosts and their shows, so if you’re interested in joining the network, please contact ImaginePublicity. ( for the details!

Don’t forget all the radio shows are on podcast after the live broadcast, so you can listen anytime while at the computer, your phone, or you can download the shows to listen at anytime, anywhere!

Feedback is much appreciated in the comment section as well!

Elaborate, suggest, give your opinion!

Our radio shows are offered as a means to educate, increase public awareness, assist others and entertain!

 Listened to the Radio Lately?  Take a Survey!

“Shattered Lives with LadyJustice” Debuts in February

Announcement of my new radio show, Shattered Lives.  I look forward to bringing my message to a new medium….talk radio!

SHATTERED LIVES examines the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives.

Real people, real tragedy, real help.

To see the future lineup and show times:  CLICK HERE

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

Donna R. Gore, known across the internet as “LadyJustice” is taking to the airwaves to bring her brand of humanitarian justice to listeners everywhere.  Her latest adventure…venturing into talk radio presenting guests whose lives have been shattered and changed by events beyond their control.  LadyJustice will bring these stories of tragedy and how each has dealt with it offering sound advice and help from experienced resources.

We all look at ourselves in the mirror…and it never fails… The same person always stares back. We use our soap, our mud packs, our cucumber slices…whatever… But even the most expensive or exotic treatments don’t erase the pain that is below the surface…..  Whether it is some form of crime victimization, accident, medical problem or life tragedy, Revlon was not designed to give the answers…….  Not on your life!

Who can humanize the victim who befalls such tragedy? SHATTERED LIVES… Who can tell what happened after the heartless event with a heart? SHATTERED LIVES…. Who can tell the back story? SHATTERED LIVES…..  Who can empower the families with some sense of hope by directing them to resources and information? SHATTERED LIVES…… Who can educate the public and families about organizations and service providers ready to help? … SHATTERED LIVES…. Who can tell them not to give up the ship, no matter what? SHATTERED LIVES….. Who can throw them an anchor?  SHATTERED LIVES….

Now everyone of use was made to suffer
Everyone of us was made to weep
But we’ve been hurting one another
And now the pain has cut too deep…
So take me from the wreckage
Save me from the blast
Lift me up and take me back
Don’t let me keep on walking…
Walking on broken glass

Walking on walking on broken glass (Annie Lennox)