My Lily Pad

When you are at my juncture and status in life, it can sometimes be a rollercoaster. Too often, as a single person with no feedback to rely on, I have trouble mentally balancing it all. I tend to lament about my multiple responsibilities and simultaneously think that things aren’t happening quickly enough.

Sometimes, when you have climbed the first, second, and third rung up the ladder of success, you think to yourself, “I’ve definitely paid my dues. It’s been so long at this 24/7 journey. I have sacrificed much, spent oodles of time, effort, energy and money. Why hasn’t “X” happened yet?”

It’s during those times that I can’t see the forest for the trees because I’m too close to it. In addition, my goals have changed over time. I’ve never wanted to be the Oprah of Crime or the person on the talk show circuit. That’s when a trusted person, who has also been along for the ride, steps in to provide objectivity and remind me that there has been tremendous progress and that there were never any promises made of instant or guaranteed success no matter how hard you work! This last part is a bitter pill to swallow, for I have succeeded all my life with dogged perseverance, drive and resilience.

Having an online presence of any importance is indeed an adventure that is constantly changing, most often without an end destination. I now realize through trial and error and a lot of guidance, that if you can’t ride the wave, maybe you shouldn’t surf!

When I embarked on my public relations- social media partnership in 2010, I knew something about marketing in terms of event planning but the rest was all new to me, especially social media. What should I expect from a publicist?

I was flattered that I was taken on as a client with ImaginePublicity, and that my talents were recognized. It was cool to have a publicist and the fact that I didn’t have to be famous to deserve one! In fact, I wrote a little satirical blog imagining what the role of a publicist must be, called, Life in the Cockpit at Imagine Publicity.

I was now in the company of high profile activists, advocates, authors and more.

Fast forward to 2017. When I scan the landscape at ImaginePublicity, I see many permutations of Donna R. Gore on a weekly, monthly,  and daily basis. I’ve grown in many areas of social media, written hundreds of blogs, published my first book about homicide in an anthology series, created my national radio show with a quality 5 year track record, actively participate as a Connecticut State Outreach Coordinator for the Cue Center for Missing Persons.  I’ve done book signings, newspaper interviews, presentations and speaking engagements, all which I have proudly pursued in the name of creating a better path for others!

Recently, I looked at my journey from this perspective and I think I have a great lily pad in comparison to where I started in 2010! I would never try to say I’m top frog in the neighborhood, for that’s not my goal. However, I know that I’m someone who has achieved great heights from my present view on the lily pad.

Should I be content? No, for I am a voracious learner with an intellectual curiosity for diverse life experience! In the meantime, I will try to enjoy my lily pad as it is for now!

Thanks to all who have helped me along the way!


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Ann Baldwin on the Evolution of News: “Your Claws Are Always Out” Versus “I Feel So Good about the Transition I’ve Made”

Ann Baldwin,Baldwin Media Marketing,ImaginePublicity


Ann Baldwin

‘Such a refreshing change…. Ann Baldwin is one of those rare media professionals who can readily see the big picture…. Who gives credit where credit is due…Who truly cares about people!  She escaped the cutthroat world of news reporting and anchoring for a better, more humane existence. She spoke freely on “Shattered Lives” about her experiences and offered solid advice to crime victims and people in general, on managing your life more effectively  “when and if the media arrives at your doorstep” and how to take control!

Listen to podcast with Ann Baldwin:


When you tune in to “Shattered Lives,” you will learn about these topics and more…

  • Her perspective when starting out on “the career ladder;”
  • The competition; Life as a News Anchor and Reporter;
  • Ratings, ratings, ratings…
  • One work day, three human tragedies… “The last straw…”
  • “Great reporting” – A hysterical mother and more…
  • Microphone in your face…  Sparing a family; Making a pact;
  • THE TURNING POINT – How I’m impacting viewers;
  • How can I use my experience to help others?
  • Media Consulting; Example: The Connecticut Humane Society
  • “Feel Good Stories” vs. “If It Bleeds, It Leads”;
  • The Nancy Grace style…. And why it’s so wrong;
  • Survival of the Fittest – Ann’s involvement with a child – A Bone Marrow Transplant story
  • Showing Emotions “Never Do that Again;”
  • Media Management: Assisting Dr. Bill Petit, Jr.;
  • Negotiating, Laying the ground rules and “respectful media”;
  • Too many people think the media will just go away… Wrong!
  • Ann reaching out to others… Do you need help?
  • Crisis Communication: The many venues in which Ann assists;
  •  “No Comment”- What it really means;
  • Ways to say something without saying anything;
  • Getting a reaction versus keeping an even temperament;
  • Social Media Discussion: Bill Petit Example;
  • Delilah and Ann’s advice concerning dealing with negative comments;
  • As a reporter, check yourself; Take a step back;
  • Freedom of Information– All information is game…
  • Victims being re-victimized by the media:  Where is the follow-up?

(Why aren’t more media outlets paying attention to shows like Shattered Lives?”)

  • Media firms helping others – A simple answer vs. needing an on-going strategy;
  • Wrong headed thinking about the media and what constitutes news;
  • Keeping the story contained – Find a media expert;
  • Discussion of traditional media versus social media …. Twitter too!
  • The Process: “How a story evolves from a story to a circus;”
  • Delilah on the plight of missing persons- Who does the picking and choosing for media air time?
  • The value of having a media professional feeding the stories to the right people!
  • (The definition of Ann’s job – “What she eats, sleeps and breathes” daily);
  • Ann praising “Shattered Lives” -Asking where are the big companies & corporations?
  • Dwindling resources of newspapers- the need to write your own stories, blogs, websites and Facebook presence;
  • Can we ever go back to hard news?
  • Conditioning the younger generation to “instantaneous news”;
  • How to counter instantaneous news…;
  • Seize every opportunity, no matter how large or small;
  • Creating the vision and image for Ladyjustice in the future;
  • The calling to help other crime victims – Similarities to the recovery process;
  • LIFE IS GOOD -according to Ladyjustice;
  • Media Training at Baldwin Media Marketing- Cutting through the Media Clutter;
  • Parting thoughts – What is your call to action- your purpose?;
  • Responding to tough questions and the ground rules;
  • Get to know what Ann Baldwin has to offer;

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