Cold Case Sleuths – Fascination, Dedication, Teetering on the Edge of Obsession


In my three plus decades of volunteer service to crime victims, I’m sure there have been those who think my passion is beyond healthy. However, in the scheme of things, I couldn’t be healthier with my juggling act. Yes, often it is a solitary act.  But, I do have priorities such as healthy eating, personal hygiene, paying all the bills on time, showing up for work and giving my all to my clients, taking care of home chores, projects, doing laundry, make my bed every morning!  

As a people person at heart, I enjoy communicating with everyone, try to plan ahead for the next chapter in South Carolina and try to get sleep, but admittedly could use more.  I tend to put other’s need before my own as it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can help others.  But, I have drawn some boundaries with age.  The social arena tends to be at the bottom of the list, and that’s not great, but I deal with it. Unfortunately, relaxation for relaxations’ sake, is something I can never achieve for more than an hour or so. That’s the kind of skill a future life partner could teach me, but that’s another story.

In contrast, I have met and conversed at length with a different breed of crime victim advocate. There are many law enforcement professionals who also take on pet projects in the form of cold cases. They perform their paid work, or may be retired and become consumed by a case which called to them. It often is a case they worked on previously and just can’t let go.  They have promised the family they will stay with it pro bono.  They may go through the motions of life, but in reality, THAT CASE is never far from the forefront of their minds. They may have to drop everything in favor of a new thought, a chance meeting, a bright idea.  Weeks, months, years pass. The mundane things in life appear to fall by the wayside in favor of the next angle, the next lead.  They cut off people, they may live on junk food and caffeine. They pursue every free resource available that may give them an edge in order to bring the case to the next level.

They often are the one lifeline left to family members who have entrusted valuable information, which perhaps the police have neglected or have no time to review in-depth. Trying to find other family or friends who are on the same page, who can help, is mostly an exhausting, thankless task.  Perhaps other family members do not agree, have secrets of their own and view you, the dedicated one, like that pesky fly worthy only of a swat!

Although they are trained in their craft, with a cold case that spans years with little if any action, the key is often to blow off the dust, to give it new life, to rise from the ashes if you will. How does one do that, you ask?  Attention from interested colleagues, writers, publishers, social media or those with something else to offer like a prolific blogger, newly published author, and national radio show host! Enter me, stage left, sometimes when it’s a good fit.  At other times, as I’ve been told, it’s enough just to have someone else listen, to know the story for the sake of posterity.

Recently, I was asked by such a dedicated person about the nuances of how to tell a story, how to maintain loyalties, knowing how far to push the envelope with others. What an honor to be able to offer my opinion! It takes lots of time,  measured thoughts, networking, oodles of research, perseverance, thinking out of the box, patience, the flexibility to be able to shift gears at a moment’s notice to do this kind of intense work, most of the time on a shoestring budget.

Although I prefer a broader approach to helping others, I am not here to judge how others choose to spend their time. It is very honorable to be the sole voice, the lone ranger when that’s all a victim has whose trail has gone cold.  So, carry on good woman!  We need thousands more like you!  



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Employment Express (Advice and “Wish List”)

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Employment

Get on board and take advantage of a highly skilled professional looking for employment in a warm climate!

Ladyjustice has ridden the employment express train non-stop since July of 2010. Even with the safety net of her current job, it’s been a bumpy ride filled with twists and turns and many lessons learned along the way.  There has been frustration, heartache and occasional exhilaration.  In this lengthy learning curve, one of the most salient lessons one can glean, is that the journey is just as important, if not more important than the destination.  It may be cliché, but it is true. This fact is also difficult to accept if you have your heart set on a particular destination within a particular time frame.  You may be multi-talented, but if the market isn’t buying what you’re selling at the moment, it’s time to re-adjust the clock and re-invent.

This writer has “picked up many valuable passengers” along the way, whom she now considers friends and advisors who are knowledgeable in areas with which she has lesser knowledge.  The process dictates that you trust others and use your best instincts …a cautionary tale. We have all trusted and gotten burned…more than once in this life…   Don’t let that stop you!  You can rebound!

Ladyjustice has learned that it’s the non traditional forms of connecting for future employment, such as social media, which spark interest, that expose one’s creativity and talent.  With a “good conductor,” you can also reveal your character, your passions, motivation and “true grit.”

What is the pinnacle of success? How is it measured?  Obviously, it is different for every individual.   This writer doesn’t spell happiness or contentment with a lot of material goods, nor is it necessarily finding the illusive soul mate…for they are so few and far in between.  Rather, for this writer, happiness has evolved into doing a combination of tasks she loves to assist and advocate for others, surrounded by a caring network of friends, hopefully from a warm geographic climate.  The soul, the mind and the heart can salvage some beauty from the evil personally experienced if done in the right way, in the right proportion, given the opportunity!!!

With that said, and still believing that “the world is your oyster” if you can “fish in the right ocean,” Ladyjustice’s wish list for future employment would, at this moment in time, consist of the following:

Full time position, offering diverse work duties at Program Coordinator/Manager within progressive secure mid-size company,  offering  a friendly, collaborative  work environment;   Position would involve:  Destination:– Year ‘round warm  (non-snow) climate such as San Diego or other city;  prefer culturally, politically progressive region/state.

Possible Duties: Education/Consultative Orientation:                                                      

Primary Focus on Writing, Editing, Training in Victimology and Criminal Justice Issues and Event Planning.  Utilization of Motivational Speaking abilities, experience with other oppressed populations such as the Disabled, Elderly, LGBT Communities also possible;

Other Requirements:

Some travel as needed; Opportunity to create new program possibilities, work with a team of other professionals; Salary requirements:  Commensurate with geographic cost of living and Master’s level experience; ‘Above average health care benefits desired.

Availability: Minimum of 2 weeks (One month preferred)                                                                                                            

Depending upon the opportunity presented, selected terms may be negotiable.                                                                                                 

References Available.

So there you have it, potential employers… Would you like to take a chance on this ambitious multi-faceted professional?  I certainly hope so….

‘Next stop, the future!

Respectfully ,

Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Serious inquiries accepted:


PO BOX 14946

Surfside Beach, SC  29587