Paying the Price Over and Over: Still More Victimization for Crime Victims!  



Once upon a time there was a crime victim advocate who received a mysterious message from a State’s Attorney via her website. Ahh, yes, it was me.  With considerable trepidation I listened to the message which concerned a very high profile Connecticut case of long ago that had international press that stretched from West Hartford, to Israel and Mexico, and even the TV show, “America’s Most Wanted” several times!


This case was one in which I was personally invested beginning in the 80’s. I had bonded with the matriarch of the family with whom I attended support meetings. I was there as a court escort during every ghastly minute of the trial and sentencing to try to educate and support the family.   In later years, I did a radio podcast with this wonderful woman who conveyed her ordeal after a 23 year wait for justice and after having survived many additional  family tragedies. This elderly lady was resilience plus!

We would touch base every so often and, admittedly, we have not been in touch for a long time.

It is so hard to know when someone in their 70’s, 80’s or nearly 90 wants to “put it all away,” like sealing an envelope, locking the door and moving on forever, however, not at peace, their heart remains.  This becomes the moral question when you are faced with a choice.

The Conversation

The attorney was a post conviction attorney and was in charge of representing the victim’s family in still another judicial hearing. The murderer was now requesting an appeal on the basis of ineffective counsel. All of the rules and procedures of ineffective counsel appeals are complex and speaks primarily to the plight of indigent clients. 

However, in this case, the defendant was anything but poor, with a wealthy family able to hide him out for years in other countries undetected! Although money talks, the attorney told me that these appeals are seldom successful.

The Shocker

I was contacted as the attorney was scrounging around the internet to try to find contact information for the victim’s family.

What?? How could this be?  

Was it because the attorney newly assigned attorney didn’t have access to the original case file? Was it because there was such a huge timeline from the initial crime convictions, years on the lamb, and actual capture and family members are now not able to be accessed?

This was a HUGE case with the FBI and the murderer being one of the most sought after criminals in history! Apparently, they don’t keep track of family once their job is done!

No, No, No… The real reason was that all of the funds in post conviction Connecticut cases currently have to be put into the judicial process. That means there are no investigators to assist and no victim advocates to notify victim families!  No funds whatsoever on the victim side of the equation such that an attorney is relegated to doing his own internet searches and being as creative as possible to get the job done.

As a homicide survivor from Connecticut I am horrified! How many other post conviction cases are there with absolutely no victim services for investigation and the all important notification?

(The actual timeline spanned from the date of the murder in March 1987 to July of 2011 when the evil perpetrator was finally escorted to prison in Connecticut  to begin serving his 60 year sentence.)

The Request and Follow-Up

Can I contact the victim’s family and notify them that this proceeding is taking place soon and provide contact information to the attorney?  There was another option of a former  retired investigator assisting.

I  was truly torn.  To receive a communication out the the blue, involving this family who has gone through so much already. In addition, I did not know how my very elderly friend’s health could withstand such news or whether she had any interest at all to disrupt her life yet again! And wait a minute – It is the responsibility of the State of Connecticut and affiliated Victim Services to provide notification and follow up support!

I tried to research and locate an older family sibling in and out of Connecticut and made calls, but was unsuccessful in reaching the correct person.  

I then decided to check out the situation further and went to the West Hartford Police to speak to a detective. The young detective listened and agreed to check on the veracity and the circumstances, which he verified with a follow up call to me. However, it was clear that they were still putting the ball in my court.

I still did not feel comfortable calling this family’s matriarch after so many months to deliver such news! It didn’t feel right.  I think I was correct. This is why… In July 2011 the perpetrator’s sentence was disposed and he was ordered to begin his long overdue sentence in a secure facility.

At this proceeding, the following were Addie’s words-

I’m not here to see Adam Zachs. My family is not here to see Adam Zachs. I’m here to support some of the people [who captured Zachs] – the West Hartford police, the U.S. marshals. They were relentless.”

“The reason I don’t want to see Adam again is I’ve had enough of the Zachs family,” Carone said. “Three weeks at the trial they looked at us with hate in their eyes and their faces, anger at us, and arrogance. No words of any kindness or sympathy. Shame on the entire family. I will never, never forgive that family.”

Parting Thoughts

What has our criminal justice system become when there are absolutely no funds to notify victims of still more turmoil in a scenario that has dragged on for years and years? How many more families are affected by this situation?  Why are survivors of crime a mere afterthought in such cases?

There is no doubt that this murderer was guilty and that thousands, maybe millions of dollars were expended in investigating and trying to capture this worthless human being- a person with no conscience and was all about privilege to get through life?

This is the responsibility of our State as a matter of public safety and our Constitutional Victim’s Rights. We must inform  in a timely matter with sensitivity, the perils of crime -wounds that never seem to heal.


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Why Was  Convicted Murderer Adam Zachs Eligible for Bond?

Adam Zachs

Adam Zachs stands in court to face a 60 year sentence for the murder of Peter Carone, Thursday, June 30, 2011 in Hartford, Conn. Zachs was found in Mexico after spending 22 years on the run. (AP Photo/Michael McAndrews, pool)


Appeal Bonds  Definition- An Appeal Bond –  (Also called a Supersedeas Bond) is a surety bond required by one who wishes to have a judgment or execution of judgment stopped pending reconsideration of the case by the Court. The bond guarantees that the opposing party will be made whole should the appeal action be unsuccessful.
Appeal bonds in most cases require collateral security in the form of cash or an irrevocable letter of credit. 

Adam Mark Zachs is a convicted murderer from Connecticut sentenced to 60 years for the murder of Peter Carone.  He had been on the lam from authorities since June 1989 for 22 years after fleeing the State of Connecticut while his first-degree murder conviction was on appeal. His Aunt posted a $250,000 bond after sentencing

On August 23, 1988, after less than two hours of deliberation and with overwhelming evidence presented against him, Zachs’ attorney immediately appealed the verdict and was next scheduled to appear in court in June 1989.  Zachs was set free on a $250,000.00 bond, posted by his aunt, Sybil Deitch.

I was in the Courtroom with the Carone family when Judge Thomas J. Corrigan (The same judge presiding over my Dad’s murderer) ruled  to release this killer to his parents.

On October 13, 1988, Judge Thomas H. Corrigan set four conditions on Zachs’ Appeal Bond:

  1. He “must live with his family;” 
  2. He was “not to  possess a gun, rifle, etc.” 
  3. His parents were told they must take on the and responsibility of searching [his] belongings and automobile;” and 
  4. “Any violation of these conditions would constitute a violation of the conditions of the Appeal Board.”

I though it incredulous when I heard the judge say, “Now will you promise to search his room and car for any weapons?  Yeah, … Right!  “Oh, Yes Judge, of course, we promise”

As far as we knew, his father and his father’s employees (who were complicit in hiding him out in “who knows where” and a family of wealth did everything to disrespect the system and justice for the Carone family after the murder of Peter Carone!

Fugitive Adam Zachs

It was rumored that perhaps Adam was sent to Israel. However, it was Mexico as we were to learn.  Zachs created an entirely new identity,  computer business, taking a wife and having children. This man was said to have a Little Napoleon Complex” hot headed and hot-tempered. Why else would you shoot someone after they made a remark and “spit shined a spot at the bar”…. causing rage after discussing a basketball championship!

Zachs was arrested in February 2011 and extradited back to Connecticut from Leon Guanajuato, Mexico.

As of October 11, 2011, The State of Connecticut  Attempted to “clean up the underhanded nature of doing business as a bail bonds agent with oversight  by the Insurance Commissioner  as it pertains to the professions excluded,  licensing, accounting practices,  ethics, referrals, facilities allowed to do business etc.;

But the REAL question is, why did Adam Zachs become eligible at all?

There are certain considerations if a case is heard in Federal Court, if a perpetrator is seeking release before sentencing (Zachs was already sentenced to 60 years) or whether there is an issue of appeal to consider to reversal, reduction or a new trial.  As noted in Criminal

“If a convicted defendant is sentenced to prison and seeks bail pending an appeal, the judge must also consider the merits of the appeal as well as the defendant’s risk of flight and dangerousness. Essentially, the judge must find by clear and convincing evidence that:

  • The defendant isn’t likely to flee
  • The defendant isn’t a danger to the community
  • The appeal isn’t a delay tactic
  • The appeal raises a substantial question of law or fact likely to result in reversal, an order for a new trial, a reduced sentence or a sentence that doesn’t include a prison term”


I would say that Judge Corrigan made one of the most significant errors of his career while on  the bench!  He saw a family of means who he thought would watch over their felon son and believed their lies.

How could he know this case would be one of the most high-profile international cases of its time and that the perp’s family and employees would commit criminal acts as well?

How could he know that this case would be featured on “America’s Most Wanted “several times?

How could he know that the Carone family would suffer so many losses over years and this case contribute to the death of other family members?

Since then, in a previous podcast with Shattered Lives Radio,  Addie Carone alluded to the fact that this case set precedence – as well it should have!

Suffice it to say that the Carone family is to be admired for their character, resiliency, and perseverance against what seemed like impossible odds to “catch a killer.”


Further information about grief as a victim of crime is available in my book, Grief Diaries: Loss by Homicide, which includes the stories of others who are traveling this long journey.

Grief Diaries: Loss by Homicide

Donna R. Gore


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“As the Scars Begin to Heal… I Feel Like A Tree Covering Itself with New Growth…”

Addie Carone has suffered the slings and arrows of daily living…. However, she has faced much than the average person, still living life on its own terms, dealing with insurmountable losses and facing them head on in her own determined way…

She is a New England Yankee with a strong constitution, (as is Ladyjustice), whose will and fortitude defies  the trouble that has stayed on her doorstep for 25 years, in one form or another…..  And it is only in the recent past, that she has been able to sweep most of it away…..    Remnants remaining, as the murderer and longtime fugitive, Adam Zachs shows his true colors- feeling a sense of entitlement and lack of responsibility for taking a precious life.  What’s a woman to do? LIVE YOUR LIFE IN SPITE OF….  But never forgetting….

Listen to interview with Addie Carone:  CLICK HERE

Ladyjustice and Delilah had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Addie Carone whose son , Peter was murdered  in March 1987, with the perpetrator released on bond…setting in motion a virtual lifetime of not knowing, a fugitive status,  that took on international proportions!  Addie reflected on her life, her family and the aftermath of the crime…

Please Tune In: Learn How One Homicide Survivor Conquered Challenges  the Rest of Us…Can’t Even Imagine:

  • It was 25 years ago…
  • Multiple, simultaneous Family losses – March through October  1987;
  • Addie’s Support System: Survivors of Homicide, Inc.;  a very Large Family; Growing Up During World War II …and a very Supportive Workplace;
  • The Work of A Social Worker Designee and a New Homicide Survivor;
  •  Making the case for “Yankees”
  • A Co-Worker reaching out: “Addie, What do I do?”
  • Her Treatment by “The System” (Police, FBI, Marshalls) – “I Had to Figure out what to do.”  An Unusual Account;
  • “It’s An Open Case…”
  • International proportions and… America’s Most Wanted  X Three
  • America’s Most Wanted in 2005- “They Turned My House Upside Down”
  • An upheaval, an intrusion –What NOT  to do… a “little Defiance “
  • Staging and Preparation for Television;
  • “My Heart is Broken – I ached; It was so real”
  • Addie Dancing:  YouTube: “Heartache” by Ted Weems:
  • The Worst Kind of Loss: A Child;
  • Peter broke down concerning his father’s illness: A week later…..a homicide;
  • Family Ties….. “The Little Rascals” and being a Twin;
  • Loss in the Community- Memories of Peter;
  • The Harsh Realities…Peter’s Friends  Carrying his Casket;
  • Advice to other Homicide Survivors- The Benefit of Journal Writing

 Inspirational quotes and cues, “room to write” to assist you in your process of grieving:

  • Addie reads  marking the Tenth Anniversary …So touching!
  • Kathleen, Peter’s Fiancé –A Wedding Announcement  on the Refrigerator;
  • Keeping the Homicide in the Eye of the Public- “You Have to Take the Bull by the Horns and Do it Yourself”
  • The Teacher’s Background and Social Work Designee- “Pick up the Phone and Get it Done”
  • Reporters’ Response;
  • Adam Zachs Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison- Four Conditions by the Judge

“Four of Nothing” [Ladyjustice was There to Hear the “Conditions” too!]

    • A Family of Financial Means…. Trying to Delay Punishment;
    • Addie’s Opportunity at the Trial of Fred Zachs- 45 Minutes;
    • Changing the World Before Computers-One letter at a Time-
    • Connecticut State Legislature:   1999- Public Act: 98-51 – House Bill 5637-  “An Act Concerning Post Bail Conviction;”
    •  (i.e.  In the State of Connecticut,  Convicted Murderers are NO LONGER PERMITTED to Appeal their Sentences  from the Comfort of their Homes – from their Jail Cells Only!  Thanks to Addie Carone…….
    • Michael Skakel – A Seven Time (Loser) Appealer!
    • Delilah Asks, Given All that You’ve Been Through, How Do You Feel about the Whole Experience Now?  Answer: “ One Does What They Have to Do”
    • Comments about the Justice System;
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A New Chapter…. Timeline of a Fugitive… 22 Years of Secrecy!

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

Could Addie Carone have foreseen that the West Hartford Police would come knocking on her door after 22 years of torment?  Of course not…. There are many layers to this senseless homicide saga.  Today’s focus will be on the timeline that recently became available through the Freedom of Information Act – a 400 page document.  Please refer to former blogs for background information: Twenty Seven Minutes for Twenty Two Years of Agony and The Sins of a Son Fall on the Father

  • Adam Zachs murdered Peter Carone in 1987. [Ladyjustice attended this trial as a court escort with members of the Carone family.]
  • Zachs was convicted of first degree murder and was sentenced to 60 years. *** A pre-existing Connecticut state law allowed convicted murderers to post bail while awaiting appeal !!!
  • A “more than generous“ aunt posted a $250,000 bond, setting in motion a chain of events that would see no just conclusion until 2011!
  • Adam’s Zach’s father conspired to hide his son from authorities, using his employees at the C-Thru Ruler Company. As one example, Zachs made his escape and was driven  to New York City by employee Moses Alphonse;
  • Also accompanying Zachs was his girlfriend at the time, Carmen Mangual, whom he used for her Spanish speaking abilities;
  • Zachs also received vital assistance from his family such as weekly phone calls and a former C- Thru Ruler employee, Isador Bendrihem assisted in funneling money to Zachs;
  • Zachs began his life on the run in Mexico City (population 8.84 million);
  • Adams Zachs honed his skills in Spanish and started a business – “Hospital de Computadoras “Accesa” with an income of $300,000 to $400.000 annually;
  • Assumed names – Adam became Mitchell Robertson… and later changed his name to Ruben Fridman.

Family Life:

  • Zachs, who was 47 in 2011, had a 21 year old wife and two children from a previous marriage.  However, early on Carmen Mangual began dating Zachs immediately after the murder of Peter Carone and stayed in the relationship until late 1990, whereupon she went to Puerto Rico;
  • Intimate partner violence appeared to be present as Ms. Mangual’s accounts included controlling behavior, inability to make phone calls, isolation from her family resulting in depression;

Aiding and Abetting:

  • The fugitive moved often… Zach’s brother, Neil and family also travelled from New Jersey to visit him;
  • Adam’s father, Frederick, called weekly in the beginning and then the calls were more infrequent as time went on;
  • Additional assistance came from a Mexican immigration attorney and a Rabbi;
  • Moses Alphonse, his wife and a taxi driver from Belize named Collet Maskall visited Zachs and delivered money at Fredrick Zach’s request;
  • Western Union transfers were also used;
  • Employees from C-Thru Ruler conspired by forwarding letters to Zachs in Mexico to check on his welfare.

The Search:

  • The West Hartford police headed by Police Chief James Strillacci never gave up!;
  • The Carone-Zachs case had been featured on “America’s Most Wanted” show four times over the years;
  • Although tips came in from several states, “the perp” was an avid watcher of the show and continued to elude law enforcement;
  • The State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety forensics lab tried to authenticate handwriting on photocopied envelopes addressed to Zachs. However, such attempts were inconclusive;
  • The FBI was involved… Until the attacks on September 11, 2011 focusing on terrorism,  such international effort and collaboration wasn’t part of the equation;
  • West Hartford Police received reliable information in 2006 from recorded phone conversations that Zachs was in Mexico City; He later moved to Leon, population 1.4 million people “which may have been part of his fatal mistakes.”
  •  In January 2006, Chief Strillacci requested assistance from the U.S. Marshall’s office in Connecticut and Washington, D.C. A partnership was formed and this forged new methods of investigation;

The Key to Success:

  • The fact that the search was focused solely in Mexico… and they were able to “follow the money trail” from Fred Zachs to his employees and then to Adam Zachs was imperative…and a turning point in the case;
  • Zachs was arrested by U.S. and Mexican officials at 3:50 p.m. on February 1, 2011 while he walked from his business to home;
  • Extradition delays occurred… A request was made to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to expedite the matter. It is uncertain if she interceded…                     We would hope so!
  • A deputy marshal accompanied Detective Puglielli – the detective who was in it for the long haul (six years).  They accompanied Adam Zachs on an Aeromexico flight to JFK airport in New York City;
  • Puglielli and another West Hartford detective drove Zachs from the airport to the Superior Court lock up in Hartford where he had a brief court appearance;
  • Zachs was sent directly to  McDougall-Walker Correctional facility  in Suffield, CT to begin serving his 60 year sentence;

Stats: McDougall-Walker Correctional Institution  is a level 4/5 high maximum security level multi-mission facility for adult males and is the largest correctional facility in New England. Population as of July, 1, 2011 – Accused– 397; Sentenced-1,726; Total- 2,123. Staffing as of 7-1-2011- 678. It “provides a highly structured environment to manage long term sentenced offenders, protective custody offenders and high bond unsentenced offenders with programs designed to address the needs of each population.”

The Perp” Talked… He Knew the Jig was up:

Zachs had a few close calls and eluded police .  But let’s not glorify his efforts….   He was careful for himself and very, very careless with wanton disregard for the lives of the Carone family!

When Addie Carone answered the door on February 2, 2011 and saw three officers at the door, it could only mean one thing…

Zachs was captured!  [LJ- Perhaps we will know  more on a future “Shattered Lives” show when this fine lady is available.]  A civil suit against Frederick Zachs is pending…

Postscript: The sad reprehensible and immoral Frederick Zachs was sentenced to a pitiful six months in Federal Prison for aiding and abetting the concealment of his son for 22 years. *** No one else was charged in this case as the statute  of limitations had run out!

 The Fictitious Fugitive- David Janssen:

Donna R. Gore, LadyJusticeDavid Janssen, a seemingly overlooked an underappreciated actor played the demanding role of Dr. Richard Kimble, accused of killing his wife.

Synopsis: Richard David Kimble was a pediatrician from Stafford, IN who in the 1960s became the most famous fugitive in memory. Born in 1930, Kimble joined the Marines and became a corpsman; in Korea he was injured by an enemy grenade but was rescued by soldier Joe Hallop, who was disfigured and mentally scarred by the battle enough to make an attempt on Kimble’s life many years later.

In 1955 Kimble interned at the hospital in Fairgreen, IN, where he met a nurse, Helen Waverly. They fell in love and soon married. However, when they tried to have a child, Helen bore a son, but their son was stillborn, and in the operation that followed, Helen Waverly-Kimble was rendered infertile.

Richard wished to adopt a child, but Helen, refusing to believe she could love another’s child, angrily refused, and the two quarreled with enough frequency that, on the night of September 19, 1961, Richard was about to take Helen out to a restaurant but let slip it was an eatery recommended by a member of an adoption clinic, which threw Helen into another rage. Kimble stormed out of their house and drove off, wandering about the countryside and noticing a boy fishing in a lake before relaxing.

Unknown to Richard, Helen telephoned their friend Lloyd Chandler and he visited their house, trying to calm her down after she had begun drinking furiously. A commotion in their living room brought Helen face-to-face with a heavyset drifter whose right arm was missing. The stranger – who was eventually identified as Fred Johnson – tried to escape but in the ensuing fight he threw down Helen then killed her with a massive blow to the head with a lamp. Chandler, freezing in fear, could not bring himself to intervene, and Johnson escaped out the front door while Chandler supinely snapped out of his funk and slipped out the back.

Johnson ran out and immediately ran into the returning Richard Kimble. Richard got enough of a look at Johnson’s face to have the image seared in his memory. When Johnson fled, Richard ran into the house and found Helen’s body. But interrogation by the office of Lt. Philip Gerard resulted in interviews of 83 men matching the description provided by Kimble, none of whom were in the area at the time of the murder. Kimble was convicted and sentenced to die, but after a year’s worth of appeals he was being escorted by Gerard to the death house in March 1963 when their train derailed.

The crash freed Kimble from Gerard, and he now became a fugitive, wandering the country and working odd jobs in his search for Fred Johnson.

During this series, Janssen’s show demanded 12-15 hour days, essentially appearing in every scene with filming 1-8 days per show, 30 shows per year.. Although the show was considered high quality, the actor was exhausted and declined a fifth year.  Janssen stated he’d “go home to study his lines and would fall asleep in his mashed potatoes.”  The final show received a 72% share of the audience (unbeaten for 13 years until the “Who Shot JR?” episode of “Dallas.)

Zachs versus Kimble:

The big difference between Adam Zachs alias Mitchel Robertson alias Ruben Fridman is that Dr. Kimball was a fictitious character and wrongfully accused, whereas Zachs, with his Napoleon complex, his short fuse and murderous ways finally caught up with his past!

References: Article by Amanda Falcon; February 5, 2012;                                                                                                        ; McDougall-Walker CI;;