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SHATTERED LIVES RADIO aims to humanize the victims of tragedy by relating what happens after a heartless event. Often by telling the back story there is a sense of empowerment and hope for crime victims by providing resources and information from individuals and organizations who stand ready to assist.

I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lady Justice on her “Shattered Lives Radio” podcast. Donna is a very insightful and thought-provoking interviewer, in addition to being an outspoken and passionate advocate for the rights of victims everywhere. Her podcasts are always lively and inspiring. I highly recommend her podcast to anyone interested in the plight of victims and promoting justice.   —Scott Bonn, PhD. Criminologist and author



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Cathy Engel discusses her experience reading a victim impact statement during her murdered son’s trial.

Thank you, Donna, from the bottom of my heart.  You have written a beautiful statement that I would never have been able to do for my son.  This has taken so much pressure off me during the worst time in my life. …. Cathy Engel

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Dr. David Fowler, Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Maryland returns to Shattered Lives to discuss the very important role that medical examiners play in public health matters.

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Guests: Sarah Leathers and Ellen Palmer of Healing Meals Community Project

Healing Meals Community Project is a nonprofit organization designed to serve healthy organic meals to the entire family during a health crisis. The meals will be prepared by 14-24 year old youth volunteers. These youth will develop leadership skills, learn about healthy eating and the power of their food choices, and gain job and work-ready lifetime skills.

WEBSITE: http://healingmealsproject.org/

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The host of Shattered Lives, Donna Gore, discusses her experiences preparing for, and attending the most recent parole hearing of the man who murdered her father 37 years ago. She and her family believed that he would be behind bars for the rest of his life and not eligible for parole, that was not the case.

She offers easy solutions to many of the obstacles she was able to overcome by her tenacity and ability to get things done. Donna also stresses the importance of the Victim Impact Statement and how it should be used in the initial sentencing as well as during a parole hearing.




Donna R. Gore, known across the internet as “LadyJustice,” brings her brand of humanitarian justice to listeners everywhere as host of SHATTERED LIVES RADIO.

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