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About Donna R. Gore


Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore’s experience in crime victim advocacy began with the 1981 murder of her father. Her personal experience through the judicial system inspires her to reach out to others in similar situations through development of support resources, and educating the public through utilization of several media outlets.

Donna has pursued her passion by participation in several victim assistance organizations, including Survivors of Homicide, Inc., CUE Center for Missing Persons and the National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA).  In this capacity, she is able to facilitate support groups as well as perform as the director of fundraisers, sponsor programs, and coordination of events.

She is a highly trained speech-language pathologist whose focus is on adults with severe cognitive disorders within institutional settings, and is currently employed as a Human Services Advocate/Case Manager at the Connecticut Services for the Blind.

Through her current position, Donna actively participates in the creation and proposal of legislation benefitting those with medical health care and disabilities in the State of Connecticut as a result of over 20 years of clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of adults with disabilities and eldercare priorities.

Recognizing a need for more resources for survivors attending trials, she created a service program and offers her assistance in creating a cohesive victim impact statement tailored to the individuals and their cases. Details:  Victim Impact Statement Assistance 

In 2013, as a result of a surprise parole hearing for the person in prison for murdering her father, Donna was able to facilitate a new policy for the state of Connecticut.

It was announced in a press release on August 12, 2013 that the Office of Victim Services in Connecticut adopted a policy, along with the Pardon and Parole Board, for “Victim Anonymity” allowing crime victims to participate meaningfully on the record at a parole hearing without revealing their identity.   Victims’ Rights Prevail in Connecticut Due to Voices Being Heard

Donna Gore’s volunteer position as the State Outreach Coordinator in Connecticut for CUE Center for Missing Persons culminated in receiving the Keeper of the Flame Award, and the Passage Award in 2016.

She is also an expert presenter on topics of crime victims’ rights, victim impact statements, and rights of the disabled.

She is the host of the popular weekly podcast, Shattered Lives, offering up expert guests and resources related to the aftermath of crime and the needs of victims left behind. On air for almost 5 years, she has given listeners a treasure chest of timeless information.

Shattered Lives podcast can be heard on the Inside Lenz Network.

Download complete Donna R. Gore BIO (pdf)

Download complete DonnaGoreResume (pdf)

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2 thoughts on “About Donna R. Gore

  1. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your reply. You have an outstanding site that shares your tender heart and motives. You have survived a ton and are most amazing! My response article was posted on my web site this weekend http://www.therothshow.com. I did NOT respond this way because I am running for President, but because it was what I thought was right, having been sloppy and wrong in my thinking. Yes, even someone who doesn’t get it right all the time and is also a survivor is running for President. Both my books are coming out this month. ‘The People’s President’ reveals in 10 easy to read chapters what I am passionate about and would do as President. Yes, I am a conservative, but a practical mavrick. In my book and position, though I don’t back ‘gay marriage’ I do back ‘civil unions’ (most conservatives and Republicans don’t) and recognize gay people as citizens with the full plate of rights all Americans have. In my articles and on my show I have taken BOLD stands, also in my first book, against Sharia law. I have heard no one in the White House, congress or in leadership Republican or Democrat, stand against the horrifying abuse of sharia law used in the 57 Muslim countries. It advocates executions of gays, executions of those who convert to another faith from Islam, whippings of rape victims if they don’t have 4 witnesses, beatings and raping of wives…on and on. Here we are in an illegal war in Libya, having spent over a billion dollars, yet millions upon millions of Muslim women are beaten and folks stoned and executed and Obama has nothing to say about it. Where is NOW? Where is Hillary Clinton? Where is the ACLU and all other women’s groups and human rights groups? AWOL. I SCREAM about this in my book, on air and in my articles, and I guarentee I will scream about this and demand change as President. I’m a conservative, but honestly, I am an entreprenuer, humanitarian, lover, survivor and possibility thinker. Though not gay, nor for Gay marriage, I would stand in front of any Sharia executioner and a gay person. We must defend our Judeo/Christian values and core that built and inspired our freedom, constitution and heritage, AND ALSO freedom for all. Thank you for your courage, stand and taking me to task. You can find out more about moi at http://www.therothshow.com and http://www.laurieroth2012.com
    Your fan and future President,
    Laurie Roth

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