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Anyone can be a cheerleader for a cause. Anyone can lend an ear  to be supportive and learn to be an active listener. Most people can embrace a tried and true skill passed down by others who are skillful. But, can everyone innovate?  No!

In·no·va·tor /ˈinəˌvādər/ noun a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

Being an advocate involves knowing your issue and using your skills to essentially be a Pied Pier for others who share your commonality, for those who are not as well equipped to be the voice.  You must gather the knowledge in a variety of ways, from your perspective and learn how to share it with the masses.

Being the spokesperson for others after 37 years is the ultimate compliment. However, if you have an insatiable curiosity and need to change the same ol’ same ol’,  as I do, the ability to turn a negative into a positive by thinking out of the box is sheer excitement. Perhaps that’s what makes me stand out at times from the many other advocates among the masses.

Innovation examples have included the following:

Shattered Lives Podcast

In October 2011 while on a cruise, the concept of Shattered Lives was born.  It has stayed pretty much true to course with a recent permutation , celebrating nearly 7 years in the beginning of February, 2019.

While all true crime show up to that point focused on analyzing the crime or catching the perpetrator, Shattered Lives Radio is in favor of putting the crime victim and their families, along with resources designed for them, center stage. What an innovating concept!

The initial concept description went something like this –

“Who can humanize the victim who befalls such tragedy? SHATTERED LIVES… Who can tell what happened after the heartless event with a heart? SHATTERED LIVES…. Who can tell the back story? SHATTERED LIVES…..  Who can empower the families with some sense of hope by directing them to resources and information? SHATTERED LIVES…… Who can educate the public and families about organizations and service providers ready to help? … SHATTERED LIVES…. Who can tell them not to give up the ship, no matter what? SHATTERED LIVES….. Who can throw them an anchor?  SHATTERED LIVES RADIO”.

Victim Services and Board of Parole Reform

As a result of going through the parole process a SECOND time in five years, I was determined to be victorious in achieving success to keep the murderer in prison forever. But, what I discovered was shocking; No improvements in five years, huge gaps in the various systems, being the first time ever that a crime victim requested prisoner records via the Freedom of Information Act at the Department of Corrections, exposing the lack of coordination, inter-agency cooperation re victim services and Board of Parole and DOC; as well as atrocious lack of physical accessibility for disabled persons and the necessity for all crime victims to trudge to an outmoded inaccessible Board of Pardons and Parole Building in Waterbury, CT without thought of giving victims even one alternative location.

Out of this intense work came a meeting with Connecticut’s Speaker of the House of Representatives (my legislator), brainstorming and a legislative working group in January 2019 in which important changes can be made, many of them at involving  little to no cost recommendations.

Victim Impact Writing Assistance

Using my interview and writing skills to offer a custom tailored victim impact writing Creating an appropriate victim impact statement can be a daunting task for families during one of the most traumatic times in their lives. 

Benefits of Victim Impact Statement Assistance

  • Tailored to individuals and their cases
  • Essential part of exercising victims’ rights
  • Professionally on the record during trial
  • Honorable and meaningful to survivors
  • Personal, emotional, professional, succinct  
  • Services Offered by Donna R. Gore, M.A.
  • Creating an appropriate victim impact statement can be a daunting task for families during one of the most traumatic times in their lives. To best utilize the right to present a victim impact statement, you must be clear-headed and objective, which for the surviving crime victim is next to impossible.Donna can coach you through the process by phone, email, or, if local to her, in person
  • Donna can coach you through the process by phone, email, or, if local to her, in person.
  • Donna can compose your personal victim impact statement using your information.
  • Donna will consult with you until you are satisfied that you have a complete, professional victim impact statement that conveys your personal feelings.

Identifying the Pitfalls and the Path to Care Coordination for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Little did I know that healing from a stress fracture over 6 months ago would open up Pandora’s Box in the healthcare arena. I discovered, that in order to embrace a better quality of life as I age with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, I would be forced to become my own physician and care coordinator, essentially picking my own dream team, orchestrating every move and encouraging the desperate professional from different medical entities to work together on my behalf BECAUSE, there is no “one stop shopping” for adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Stay tuned for the whole story with the NEW Shattered Lives information packed podcast addressing my medical and disability journey. What would innovation be without technology? Part of the story features light weight state of the art carbon fiber AFO- (ankle -foot orthosis) braces which are centuries different than the heavy metal leg braces I used to wear as a child. Listen to some samples on my website:

That’s innovation folks!

Hope you’ll join me on my many journeys in the future!

Donna R. GoreIf  you need assistance with writing a professional Victim Impact Statement, please refer to the Victim Impact Statement FAQ’s on this site.

To schedule a presentation with me at your future event or  conference please contact:

ImaginePublicity,  Telephone: 843.808.0859  Email:


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