Birthday Blog 2018

birthday blog 2018


It’s not easy to reflect upon your year, the trials and tribulations that makes up the fabric of life, so tormenting and exciting at the same time. No, none of us can always have it our way no matter how much we try to give back. We learn lessons the hard way by continually navigating the unfairnesses in life and also trying to relish the good times. That is the essence of life. Achieving a balance in my many endeavors has always been a challenge. But, my way of prioritizing usually means others come first if they are in line with my passions; my fight for uniqueness and against mediocrity.

That said, I can say that I’ve learned much this year, as in past years. It is not enough for me to say “good enough” as I always have to go the extra mile, a holdover I suppose from what I call “the disability syndrome” lest anything I do always be measured against the non-disabled.

I have created and navigated a hugely complex one of a kind path, a model of advocacy for adults with cerebral palsy where none existed. I gave my all in identifying deficiencies, lack of communication and coordination between the Connecticut systems of Parole, Corrections and Victim Services agencies, such that legislative change is on the horizon. In the process, I nearly single-handedly kept the perpetrator in prison a second time and earned respect from a family member that had no idea of my skills.

l have expanded my horizons in my podcasts platforms, seeking to share my knowledge in other advocacy pursuits. I am also on the precipice of a long-awaited job opportunity which could change my entire world in the near future. I’ve drawn the line in certain areas in what I will tolerate and tried to distance myself from toxic influences as best I can. I try always to show gratitude to others.  ‘Not too bad for accomplishments in one year.

That said, I will indulge here with a couple of wishes for myself and others going forward:

  • For myself, I wish continued good health, endurance and the ability to use my new high-tech AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) leg braces that will improve the quality of my life for years to come;
  • I wish that I be hired for my passion job and given the latitude to implement my ideas for crime victims outside of Connecticut soon;
  • I wish that we can effect a cultural change in society to eliminate mass shooting sin the future, for they are destroying our hope and future generations;
  • I wish that we can identify a strong corporate benefactor in North Carolina and utilize their gifts to showcase the CUE Center for Missing Persons to bring this fine non-profit to a higher level of accomplishment and recognition on behalf of missing persons and unsolved homicides, nationally;
  • Finally, I wish those whom I care about most, greater freedom, prosperity, health and the ability to expand their horizons to realize their goals.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped me achieve so much this year! I couldn’t have done it without the support and skills of selected people and organizations, including- Delilah Jones, President of ImaginePublicity; Monica Caison of the CUE Center for Missing Persons and LT. Peter Cestare of the Horry County Police Department.  

Here’s to a rich 2019, filled with much opportunity and growth! Ladyjustice

Donna R. Gore

If  you need assistance with writing a professional Victim Impact Statement, please refer to the Victim Impact Statement FAQ’s on this site.

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