Don’t be Afraid of the Radio – Part II


It truly is wonderful to have a communication vehicle at your disposal which  has a national outreach. I have all of the essential ingredients; unique, timely topics, expert, giving guests and a permanent record of out work.  

However, at times, participation can ebb and flow in the guest lineup or audience listenership. Can you help?


  • A podcast is easy to do and can be a lot of fun;
  • The process is just like talking to your buddy on the phone;
  • The podcast as a communication vehicle is very valuable for educating others and has the most longevity and outreach geographically;
  • You derive benefit by the opportunity to easily circulate  the podcast on your social media as well;
  • Every podcast is represented over time as a part of a long-lasting archival feature for repeated listens that will outlive us all!
  • Convenience –  You can do it right from the comfort of your couch, or anywhere! There is no studio to report to!
  • You have an entire hour devoted to your cause without any commercial interruptions! (When was the last time, the Today Show, Good Morning America, or Nancy Grace did that? Never!)   
  • Your contribution can serve as a record of you, other crime victim families and serve as a family treasure!
  • A radio podcasts really is the perfect vehicle to convey information efficiently and easily!

Looking Forward to 2018

The staff at ImaginePublicity does a wonderful job building the show in the network and producing.  However, I am responsible for generating all the ideas, contacting, booking, coordinating guests, scheduling, record keeping, and the interview.

It is often a labor of love, but can also be very time-consuming.  I am very proud that Shattered Lives Radio frequently features cutting edge topics and guests not available elsewhere. It is true that many hands make light work.

Therefore, if you have a special individual message, are a member of a valued organization that captures our mission, have promised to  appear in the past and may not have  made it a priority, or maybe you are contemplating being a guest for the future,  LET’S TAKE TO THE AIRWAVES TOGETHER. Booking now for JANUARY 2018 dates. I welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Utilize the form in the following link to present your ideas for the future! Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of many in 2018!


Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore, M.A.


To schedule a presentation with me at your future event or  conference please contact:

ImaginePublicity,  Telephone: 843.808.0859  Email:


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