Thankful, Grateful and Truly Blessed: Reflections on a November Sunday


For what am I thankful? I am grateful for many situations, and people. I am thankful for necessities of life, plenty of food, shelter, investment in the future, warmth, a secure job, healthcare benefits, good health, family members, selected friends who respect and treat me well, organizations I cherish, the ability to have vehicles of communication via writing, my podcast, and social media in which I can touch others in a fulfilling way nationally.

But, enrichment is the key! If you are lucky enough to do your passion work and get paid, good for you! There are so many who work very hard on behalf of others and get no monetary compensation in return. GIVE – DONATE to the causes you most believe in. It matters not how much or how little!

There are those in our circle who are struggling. There are those who would like to be part of an inner circle, and for whatever reason have not had entrance.  I say reach out and embrace those who are not only those in need, but those who would like to literally and figuratively be an extra place setting at your table!  It takes little effort and can bring so much in return!

Begin setting your goals for the New Year now; small, achievable goals, not impossible to achieve goals! And, if no one wants to walk the good path with you, be strong, go it alone until you find those new valuable gems – and you will eventually.

Scale your expectations so that you will not be hurt at every turn, for this can, at times, be a selfish world too! Know in your heart that what you are doing is right and the best course at least for the present moment, for we can never be 100% sure of anything!   

Continue growing! Never get stale!

Think out of the box often, not only when necessary but frequently, for that is often where we find the best ideas! Say “thank you” daily, apologize when needed and show people how much you care in whatever manner makes you feel most comfortable!  

And, don’t forget to heed your own advice!

Donna R. Gore, M.A.

Donna R. Gore, M.A.


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