Stale Bread and Silver Linings

How do you gauge the changing tastes, changing moods of your audience? I don’t think you can ever possess a daily barometer, or be the perfect meteorologist, as people’s tastes and interests can be as changeable as the wind, or conversely, as inflexible as can be.

Therefore, the key is to perpetually add to your audience in every way you can. No, not exactly like shedding the old girlfriend, for that relationship had its value too.  It’s more like adding to the tried and true recipe to give it a little pizzaz.

I am not one to change just because it’s what’s trending or the latest fad. It’s about a winning formula with the potential for flexibility. However,  if you are not and don’t care to be the expert on the latest and greatest social media platforms, well then, it’s quality over quantity.

I am always in pursuit of others who are intellectually curious but in a clever, creative way. There’s nothing worse than the long dry monologue of an academic soul who hasn’t gotten out to breathe the fresh air or see the sunset. It is a delicate balance, finding like individuals like a couple dancing, but not quite in step.

When time is precious, we frequently don’t have the luxury to hunt those people down, to engage when you have a million things on your plate. So, again, it’s time to compensate, create your own genre, your own brand, and hope that others will follow along as the Pied Piper did, casting a wide net.

Many loyal followers just don’t want to learn a new dance step, even temporarily which is extremely frustrating. It’s as if they are afraid to try something new for fear they may not like it when in truth, that’s how we all learn; sorting out the old from the new, deciding what to keep and what, or who, to discard. Stretching the comfort zone is healthy, even if initially uncomfortable.

While I’m on the topic, who can explain to me the roller coaster analytics that tells you in one long breath you are simultaneously experiencing a high in a couple of areas and yet in the basement on other measures? It’s schizophrenic to me, but I refuse to let it keep me awake at night. We all really know it’s a crap shoot and not equated with popularity whatsoever. We can’t please all the people all of the time, no matter what we do.

That said, the greatest gifts I can offer are my creativity, compassion,  writing skills, ability to shift when needed, the ability to resist temptation from the masses when you know what you are doing seems like a good fit and use divergent  thinking – creating endless permutations to get your important messages across without being stale. I never want to be “stale bread.”

So, there you have it. You have free will to follow, or not to follow. If you do, I will not engage in personal attacks or “low rent behavior.”  I will try to engage, peak your interest, force you to think provocatively, sometimes controversially. I will show my imperfections as that is human but keep the balance of public versus private information.

As a public figure, I know the responsibilities and the do’s and don’ts. If you chose to review what I have to offer, I promise to try to be positive, even when dealing with the unspeakable, the grim, the sad, the underbelly of life, for there is always a silver lining if you look for it. It may take some time, but there is a silver lining in every experience! Silver linings are far better than stale bread any day!


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