Seemingly Justified: Betty Broderick in 2017

Betty Broderick, Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

What circumstance would possibly give one the right to take another’s life? Some would argue intimate partner family violence, or a self -defense killing. However, in the case of Betty Broderick, princess of San Diego high society, she felt put upon, disposed of for a younger model, and not appreciated for her former sacrifices which contributed to the success of her husband’s career and their posh lifestyle.

But does the humiliation add up to justified double murder in 1989, or in 2017? Certainly not! What a warped sense of reality and oh so important tyrannical, narcissist she was by every measure that counts.  You would think that over time, since November 1989, a woman in prison might gain a little perspective, but not Betty!

A second opportunity at the brass ring, a potential release was argued for an entire day on January 5, 2017, before two hearing officers.  However, when all was said and done, Deputy District Attorney Richard Sachs had this to say:

“Betty Broderick is an unrepentant woman, She has no remorse and zero insight into the killings,” She just basically said, ‘They drove me to do this.” No journalistic details were shared about her actual testimony. Suffice it to say that they must have been sufficiently unimpressed.

I wonder what it is about narcissists that they are so lacking in empathy and insight?  Personality Clinical Expert, Dr. Linda Martinez Lewi has this to say: “The narcissist is an incomplete human being. He/she lives as a false self that is grandiose, extremely self-entitled, deceptive and exploitive. Narcissists are deluded all of their lives and they cannot change.”

As regards insight: “Narcissists are incapable of introspection and lack insight. They live from an external perspective. Their image, the persona they project to the world, how much money they have accumulated, the power they wield over others—-these are their life priorities.”

The other necessary ingredient is to have a human connection outside of your physical mental spiritual one-person existence i.e. compassion. It is defined as: Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.” 

We need not search far for the myriad of examples of lack of compassion in this horrific tale, replete with the most outrageous forms of behavior-

  • Her constant need for attention and social standing;
  • Disposable wealth on luxury and frivolity;
  • Treating her children as pawns in a seeming unending “high stakes game of chess”
  • No concern for her children’s welfare and exposing them to the most intimate details of marriage, playing them off each other; chastising them for feelings of love of the imperfect father;
  • Unending harassment, stalking and violence, including crashing her car into the front of their former home … all to “prove a point”
  • Using murder as her excuse, and her only way out, essentially a prescription to kill; as her former husband “gave her no choice to shoot them”

Is it any wonder that her mental illness has remained intact when she has had all of these years to ponder, reflect and self-examine.  But, that is not in the makeup of such a person. A leopard cannot change his spots, nor can a zebra his stripes.

Betty’s daughter, Kim wrote a book entitled, “Betty Broderick, My Mom, The Kim Broderick Story.” The most consistent comment was that she told an unbiased, fair account of both parents. How could one of their offspring be objective, living in a shop of horrors?

If you care to check it out, via Goodreads-

In January 2017, the parole board denied Betty’s future hearing dates for the maximum time limit – 15 years. She will be 84 years old. But wait, before you brand her as too feeble to continue her evil ways. All of the experts say narcissism begins in childhood, is a personality disorder and can never, ever be cured!

LA Times article with video included at this link:




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  1. I was in prison with Betty and she was one of the nicest people i have ever met. I was there when she was denied parole in jan 2017. My thoughts were how wrong our justice system is when dealing with what is enough time to pay for crimes. Betty has more than paid for the crime she committed and is now just like she says a political prisoner. Anyway if you get to read this. … i love ya friend and my thoughts of you being free again never leave. LET BETTY GO! Signed Scooby Doo

    • I agree Betty Broderick has paid enough,spending 30 years incarcerated,lost most of young woman years to get ahead in life. Her husband was unfaith,with secretary,divorced and married his secretary,and used his influence during the divorce to get the house and kids,with his new wife stepping into the role that was Betty Brodericks. So what was Betty left with,house kids gone with her ex and his new wife,I can understand her fuming. She had been sole income provider during the early part of their marriage,allowing him to become educated and wealthy, and later it all goes to another woman? She felt abused,if not physically, then abused by these actions,provoked to bitterness. She killed out of feeling wronged. She was rightfully imprisoned for the murder of her husband and his new wife,yes, muedwe is a crime and needs to be punished. But given the behavior of Betty’s husband,(adultery)and leaving her with no home,no kids,she clearly was provoked to bitterness. She’s paid enough.

  2. One of the nicest people you have ever met? A woman who chose to commit murder? Oh please. You may think she has more than paid for her crime but tell me, how do you figure she is a political prisoner? Of course she told you! She, her ex husband and his new wife never gave a thought to the 4 kids with all the crap they said and did. Only difference is, Dan and Linda did not shot Betty. What Betty did was not even close to being seemingly justified. Betty no matter how hurt she was needed to move on with her life. You tell me, how long is enough to pay for murder? When does a murderer’s victims get their parole? Betty has no remorse for what she did. Absolutely Dan and Linda were in the wrong for their affair. But Betty should have taken the higher road and moved on, got a job and raised those kids. But she chose rage over her kids. Poor choice. And before you ask, yes I know how it is to have a cheating husband. I had 2 but no matter how hurt and angry I ever got, I always told myself, no man is worth going to prison over! Betty is no political prisoner. She is a cold blooded murderer.

  3. I agree Rosie. She took two innocent lives, period. She should rot in jail. In another country they would have already shot her…an eye for an eye! Perhaps this country would have less crime if they carried out severe punishments that fit the crimes as opposed to giving the criminals more rights than the victims!

  4. After the sacrifice she gave for years, helping Dan get through school while having four children and working several jobs; how could she have been a total narcissist? Maybe after Dan became successful she did feel entitled, who wouldn’t? She definitely took too far with the murders but I believe she snapped. She couldn’t get over her perceived betrayal and loss…

    • I believe she became mentally ill. Even if she is a narcissist, she has spent more time in jail then a number of men have for the same offense.

      I would have more sympathy for Dan and Linda if he had come home and told her the truth. The woman he hired was someone he was having an affair with. Divorce Betty, give her her children and her equitable share of the assets. I keep going back to the Catholic workbooks when they went to the marriage encounter. Those were actually used against her when I think it told a really different story. He told her that she deserved a loving partner. He told her he hoped to be that to her after he had reached certain professional goals. Dan wanted to be wealthy. He wanted to be a top-flight attorney. And he was. He would keep all of that no matter how much money he had given Betty. He had more than 20 years of working life left. Why is Betty or any other woman in a similar position simply told to go out and get a job? She had a job. She was raising a family and her youngest child was something like three when Dan started this affair.

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