My Cup Runneth Over with Love – CCIRI on a Mission for Life



There are times in life- moments, hours, days and experiences that we can NEVER re-capture!  Those who give and utilize their talents daily to assist others do not expect miracles.  It is a labor of love, something that is second nature for them.   And yet, on the path of life, there are those times that truly stand out and turn out to be life changing!

Such is the story of Atlanta’s Cold Case Investigative Research Institute /CCIRI whose calling it is to mold young minds who are interested in criminal justice, build humanitarianism and empathy for victims of crime.  If in the process, students’ lives are positively altered forever… well, so much the better. In fact, there are a thousand stories Sheryl McCollum, Criminologist and Founder of CCIRI, can relate which begin in this way.

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Fast forward to July 2015, and you are witness to a very unique expedition for justice and perhaps eventual resolution for selected families across the country.  Shattered Lives Radio picked up the action during a stop in the Arizona desert.   Sheryl talked with much passion and excitement .There  have been significant breakthroughs  even at this early stage in the tour – Cases in Atlanta, Alabama, New Orleans, Oklahoma, Arizona and as far as Utah.  Household names in the roster of crime, such as Mary Shotwell Little, Chandra Turner, Susan Powell, and others not so famous are included.  DNA submissions, discovery of new witnesses who can validate accounts and establish timelines,  Calling it like it is by ‘legal eagle’, Holly Hughes who skillfully engages the media, can go a long way to moving cases further along and giving families hope and endurance to “keep up the fight.”

However, the most amazing and unexpected part of their tour thus far, fill Sheryl, a larger than life personality and ever positive criminologist with wonder and awe! Why?   The outpouring of generosity – financially,  from single dollars  to larger amounts, , gas cards, small acts of kindness,  cultural enrichment,  free lodging, home cooked meals,  bottles of water,  airfare, victim families reaching out to other families, even  providing  Sheryl’s children  “buddy playmates” and on and on!  Indeed, as we face chaos and inexplicable violence in virtually every area of our country today, when all is said and done, generosity still reigns!

THEY’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN – Today is July 11th. The tour continues through the month of July and perhaps beyond July with a break in between.  Therefore, much is needed to complete their work. Although it is not expected, all donations are gratefully appreciated and put to very good use!  If you would like to assist in this venture, please send your contributions to:


Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI)

541 Tenth Street #235

Atlanta, GA 30318


It may be old fashioned , but this song from the 60’s by Ed Ames says what all the members of CCIRI feel:

Please continue to follow this wonderful adventure in justice with CCIRI and Shattered Lives Radio in the future!

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