Violence Begets Violence While Peacefulness is Ever Powerful

Marcus Strider Dent and Krush Kent of the Baltimore Guardian Angels
Marcus Strider Dent and Krush Kent of the Baltimore Guardian Angels

In this ever-changing world, there are few constants. In earlier times, violence was an isolated incident that we could compartmentalize in our psyche and move on to other things.  However, in 2015 mass murder and other crimes are so pervasive, so in your face everyday, (no thanks to present day instantaneous social media and crime as entertainment on TV), that we can no longer ignore!   What are our choices?  We can become immersed to the point of numbness and become totally complacent, we can try to do our part by carving out a good humanitarian activity, or at the other extreme, become a super advocate for the many evils of the world.   Striking a balance in all things preserves sanity and is the stuff many of us struggle with daily!

Chaos has ruled in the past many months in so many communities for we as a society have allowed. Our moral fiber is in shreds, teaching our youth by example, providing structure, purpose and paying it forward is the exception rather than the rule.  If only we could celebrate the good rather than sensationalize the bad, this world would be a far better place!

In fact, there are many non-profit organizations that are designed to do the former. It is the mission of Shattered Lives Radio to bring to light, create awareness and celebrate such organizations that rise above the fray.

The Baltimore Guardian Angels have a proud history beginning over 25 years ago.  Click to listen to a previous Shattered Lives podcast describing the background and the nuts & bolts of the Guardian Angels.

The current podcast concerns the commonalities and contrasts of violence in the communities of Baltimore City, the April 4th police-citizen videotaped shooting incident in North Charleston and recent massacre at the Emanuel AME Church on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  Although each may fade from memory with time by the general populace, each incident wounds those who are survivors all the more.  As a group, survivors of violence long for peace more than anyone, as it has irrevocably touched our lives and the numbers joining us are staggering. 


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Marcus Strider Dent speaks of the history of the Guardian Angels and his involvement and the following topics:

  • the importance of working with the community,
  • how a few bad individuals instigate and put a community in havoc,
  • the growing nature of his management of new chapters in other states,
  • the work of Emergency Management in Baltimore City contrasts with the forgiving nature of Charleston victims’ families and the community at large
  • the Guardian’s continuing efforts to stem the tide, including stepping up their Junior Guardian Angel Program
  • the effects of the media today

Krush Kent spoke with passion describing the initial act of police that set off the city-wide violence. She describes the falsehood of getting back to normal in a city bereft with daily homicides; her no excuses narrative of the typical drug dealer-gang bangers who use their painful childhoods as permission to murder others, and how turn life around to make meaningful contributions even in such an environment.

We discussed the pride in how the citizens of South Carolina, Charleston in particular, rose to meet this tragedy with unity, peace, hope and love.

There is no magic answer or formula to stop the violence, each and every situation is different. What worked in Charleston, may not work in Baltimore or other cities. However, as the host of Shattered Lives Radio, I am confident in the knowledge that there are great humanitarians everywhere who will carry through, along with personal resiliency and never giving up as a society.  That’s what truly matters and we have started the conversation in a productive way.

To donate to the Baltimore Guardian Angels:  Donation Page

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