Shattered Lives Radio Turns Three


I have been pressed for time (and stressed for time) in the past several weeks and not able to properly reflect on a milestone that means a lot to me.

As of February 8th or so I am celebrating the three-year anniversary of continuous weekly live broadcasts on SHATTERED LIVES RADIO!

If someone ever asks “when I’m gone to the great beyond,” What was one of the coolest, most rewarding, educational (and often frustrating and time-consuming endeavors) I have ever done?  Shattered Lives Radio would be high on the list!

The “people part” and the opportunity for new learning and creating awareness for the masses  have been the greatest joys. Meeting and making so many wonderful new friends and colleagues is the most empowering experience one can have! To be surrounded by so many who give unselfishly in their own humanitarian ways for the benefit of those touched and often pounded by violent crime, has forever changed me!  Both individuals and non-profits, family members of crime victims, service providers,  law enforcement, investigators and others helped to create a beautiful tapestry of LIVE and archived shows to be  proud of.

I have had my share of “firsts” from the perspective of the aftermath of crime in many topic areas such as homicide caused by impaired diabetic drivers,  frank discussion regarding suicide, hostage negotiation, human trafficking,  broadcasting live from the Henry C. Lee Forensics Institute of Science, participating in  an exciting cross-country cold case “mystery tour” upcoming with Sheryl McCollum and a fantastic true crime author series sponsored by WildBlue Press just to name a select few!

And to think the idea of this show was “hatched on a cruise ship” with the able assistance of former PI and author, Denny Griffin! The concept of dealing with the aftermath of crime is still fresh, people want it and need it in their own time, even if they don’t always listen live. The shows are there to be of assistance forever!

Susan Murphy Milano played a huge role in getting this endeavor off the ground too!  And, my co-host Delilah Jones of ImaginePublicity, has been there for me teaching, guiding and supporting me during the ups and downs, fun and somber moments, and the triumphs!  Thank you my dear friends, “the special three” mentors  who gave me so much, (as well as my wonderful guests) and continue to do so!

To borrow a phrase from the esteemed Walter Cronkite, I will do my best to re-construct a  roster below so that you may enjoy them again , for that’s the way it was!

Shattered Lives Radio past guests and topics:

  • Melissa Siegal, Teen Dating Violence;
  • Yuli Garza –   MAG- Mothers-Men Against Gangs;
  • Dr. Dalal Akoury – Crime and your health;
  • Elmire Raven – IPV- My Sister’s House;
  • John Pace –Former Male Madam –  Human Trafficker;
  • Marilyn Gambrell – No More Victims;
  • Pamela Ressler, R.N. Stress Resources & Using Social Media to Heal;
  • Bob Rahn & Kim Anklin, PI’s with Attorneys- Wrongful Conviction – The Case of Jonathan Fleming;
  • Prosecutor David LaBahn – Gang Related Convictions;
  • Ryan Ulbrich –  CT Cold Case of Leah Ulbrich, his mother;
  • Jamie Isaacs – Author, Presenter, Victim of Bullying;
  • Bob Rahn & Kim Anklin, PI’s- Wrongful Conviction – The Case of Jonathan Fleming;
  • Karen Beaudin – Missing Persons, Homicide Survivor, Author;
  • Bill Jenkins – Survivors of Crime & Gun Control;
  • Mary Drexler- CT Council on Problem Gambling;
  • Michael Smith- Survivor – Killing via Diabetic Impaired Driving;
  • Christine & Dan  Nascimento,   Cutting Edge , Healthy , All Organic Hair Salon “Modern Edge”
  • Derek Gault & Sandy Hein – Hostage Negotiation;
  •  Police Chief Larry Reinhart –  Family Victim of IPV;
  • Amy Santagata & Duane Bowers – Suicide;
  • Marcus “Strider” Dent, Commander of Baltimore Guardian Angels;
  • Jessalyn Dorsey – Crime Victim Advocacy  Council– Atlanta;
  • California DA Nancy O’Malley – Crime Victim Rights;
  • Trina Murphy-    Survivor of Missing & Murdered Sister;
  •  Police Chief Marty Sumner – IPV Offender Focused Deterrence Program;
  • PI Denny Griffin – The Patrick Rust Case;
  • ***Planning for the CUE Center On the Road to Remember Tour – No Shows in September-beginning of October
  • Police Chief Marty Sumner – IPV Offender Focused Deterrence Program Part Two;
  • Sheryl McCollum- The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute; (CCIRI)
  • Dr. Tina, Maschi –  The Plight of Elderly Prisoners;
  • DA Nancy O’Malley With Co-Host Attorney-Advocate Michelle S. Cruz – Victim Impact;
  • “Krush”  Victoria Kent -Baltimore Guardian Angel & IPV Victim;
  • S. Daniel Carter- Director of the 32 National Campus Safety Initiative (32 NCSI) for the VTV Family Outreach Foundation;
  • Sheryl McCollum – Part Two- Unveiling their Upcoming Cross Country Cold Case Tour (CCIRI);
  • F. Mark Granato – CT Author –  Book – “The Day Hartford Hospital Burned” et al;
  • Prosecutor, Tad DiBiase – Prosecution of “No Body” Cases;
  • Author Steve Jackson – WildBlue Press &  his Book – “Bogeyman”;
  • Author. Kevin Sullivan – WildBlue Press & his Book “Vampire” (Serial Killer)
  • Author John Ferak – WildBlue Press and his Book – “Dixie’s Last Stand – IPV;
  • Author Burl Barer – WildBlue Press & his Book “Man Overboard – The Counterfeit Resurrection of Phil Champagne

“And so it goes” (in the words of journalist Linda Ellerbee). I will continue the fine work on Shattered Lives Radio, as long as it makes sense to do so, and as long as there is more aftermath of crime to discuss!


Shattered Lives Radio Turns Three


One comment

  1. Donna,
    Congrats on the 3 year anniversary!

    Just a note to Thank You for doing a series on our authors and their books at WildBlue Press. It has been fun listening to them. They have received a lot of good will and sales from your efforts and those of Delilah Jones and Susan Murphy Milano.

    Looking forward to many more years.

    Best regards,

    Michael Cordova
    WildBlue Press

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