Cold Case Investigation – “Taking it on the Road…”


Visualize this… a little bit of Willy Nelson, a little bit of Charles Kauralt and a little bit of Monica Caison all rolled into one!   That’s what high adventure, passion to serve, justice and not just telling a family’s story, but hopefully finishing it is about! Broken hearts on the mend is the ultimate goal.

The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, now 10 years old, is limited only by its collective imagination. Criminologists, medical examiners, evidence analysts, crime scene investigators, criminal justice professors, forensic experts, private investigators, profilers, attorneys, ballistic experts, and law enforcement of every type are “swarming” along with insatiable students to solve that cold case, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

A revolutionary idea combining brainstorming, hands on instruction, and interactive participation from afar via YouTube is “hitting the pavement” for a cross country tour in an effort to solve cases gone cold years ago.   No longer limited by the confines of a classroom, this endeavor is criminal justice at its best 2015, and you are invited to participate along the way!

The Shattered Lives Radio team was treated to an exclusive of groundbreaking news on this very broadcast!

We are sharing this very important concept in the making, in an effort to assist CCIRI to acquire more cases to examine enroute, to peak the interest of others for people, service oriented help, equipment and monetary resources for the cause.  As you will see by listening to this podcast, even 10 minutes of a person’s time can make all the difference in helping to solve a case! So, join the bandwagon!

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  • Welcome to 2015!
  • “They don’t get college credit, but oh, do they get schooled”
  • How it all began…
  • The story of the “golden ten minutes” that changed a case!
  • The similarities of the operation of the CUE Center for Missing Persons:
  • Dedication, dedication, dedication….
  • How to participate the CCIRI Program – working independently!
  • Discussion of untapped resources-
  • Illustrative Case – Shawn Beatty-
  • “Starting with telling the family’s story”- building trust
  • The mechanics of starting a case according to Sheryl McCollum
  • Pictures don’t lie….
  • Discussion of “Wine and Crime” Fundraisers 
  • Contact Information for Sheryl McCollum:
  • Sheryl McCollum Facebook page
  • Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Facebook page
  • New Concept in Solving Cold Cases- A Road Tour starting in July!
  • What’s it about?
  • What do you need?
  • The sky’s the limit! “The key that will unlock the door”
  • “Susan’s driving the bus to Oklahoma!”
  • An example of sacrificing your Thanksgiving” for the greater good”
  • 33 Days- 27 Cases and 5,000 miles…. If you have cases you want examined in Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming or the Dakotas call Sheryl!
  • Discussion for criteria for selection of cases
  • Sheryl’s Parting Message – It takes all of us… not necessarily money. Good things come….
  • WOW!  Hope for the future!


Questions from the “Crime Scene”

  • What “makes the magic happen” at CCIRI?
  • How many colleges and experts are involved?
  • What are the qualifications for students to join CCIRI?
  • How are cases selected by experts?
  • Can we join CCIRI or replicate the program elsewhere?
  • How do they handle bureaucracy and case confidentiality?
  • Why fundraising?
  • What’s happening with every case they have worked on in the last 10 years?
  • How will the students be briefed on the cases?
  • How can Shattered Lives Radio assist?

“The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessary reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.”

Cold Case Investigation – “Taking it on the Road…”


  1. Two cold cases in Wisconsin. Both directly connected by a common denomenator, ‘ME’.

    I have worked to connect the dots for the justice system for years but it seems to be futile.

    The murder of Michael C. Anderson, dob 9/11/1957, date murdered 1/30/1985, DBF 2/3/1985) murdered by my biological father after nine years after my biological father signed documents to force me to terminate my child of more than six months of pregnancy that i wanted and lovingly carried and tried to protect with all of my might and soul……..

    and the murder of Thomas Monfils on 11/21/1992 at the James Rivers paper-mill on 500 Day Street, Green Bay, WI committed by Marlyn Walter Charles, my ex husband who I didn’t want to marry since I still loved Michael C Anderson.

    Patti SJ MacKenzie

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