“We Love You 2 Much, 4 Ever, and 1 Once More (241)”


The Legacy of Morgan Harrington


When unspeakable violence enters your family it’s like a once smooth sailing ship, now without a rudder, hitting the sandbar being exposed to the salt air and slowly eaten away by the forces of nature.  A ship, made of metal and wood, shows its obvious wear over time and is “docked for renovation” when it needs to be refurbished.   However, a mother and father who were so enjoying the fruits of their upbringing cannot be refurbished. They became victims of a vicious perpetrator who stuck down their daughter Morgan, and their world was forever altered and shipwrecked like never before!

The Shattered Lives Radio team bore witness to the two sides of the coin as presented by Gil and Dan Harrington with grace and forethought. Learn with us how their journey continues to inspire people worldwide!

It has been nearly five years come this October. There are bad days and then brighter days, particularly when a special human connection is felt with another family who is irrevocably wounded and in crisis.

Assisting others is good for the soul, the spirit and the mind. It keeps you occupied and then again, distracted on the toughest of days.  The successes can keep you invigorated and forging on toward the next challenge.  The anger and disillusionment is converted to positive energy in order to “Help Save the Next Girl.”

When you “turn the corner” to survivor hood, you realize that focusing a lot of energy on the perpetrator is much better spent on those who are worth it.  It is at this intersection where unbelievable, heart-wrenching misfortune meets an array of possibilities (the stuff of dreams that a daughter once had,) when you realize you have come through the abyss.   THAT, my dear readers, is when “a new normal” truly blossoms!


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  • Introduction to our guests
  • In the beginning… a Dad’s perspective
  • Life as a summer intern and “the power of women”
  • Gil speaks to the way their family operated always…
  • A Daddy’s girl and a “blooming adult”
  • Seeing value in a different way – a piece of you!”
  • Service to others was and is the name of the game…
  • Bloodied, stunned and confused …
  • Where was Morgan?
  • “We protect our merchandise at Wal-Mart better than protecting our children”
  • Discussion of finding Morgan’s remains:
  • The Virginia State Police and DNA searches…
  • The T-shirt- Stonewalling or need to know in order to save the next girl
  • What did Susan Murphy Milano say…as told by Delilah?
  • Complacency at college campuses and EVERYWHERE!
  • Making change where you’re planted- the focus needs to be awareness of surroundings, take precautions etc.
  • CONTRAST- Universities “looking good” versus what’s really happening
  • Help Save the Next Girl – “ripping off the bandied
  • A cultural shift… It takes thinking out of the box
  • Delilah asks about the biggest obstacles
  • Shared humanities and Alexis Murphy’s mother
  • Federal guidelines and violence against women
  • Catherine’s Law in Virginia-http://www.readthehook.com/100707/round-two-kathryns-law-gets-harrington-support
  • A “black hole” of 28,000 students felony crimes on campus need to be reported and investigated
  • What is the Cleary Act and how does it apply?
  • Protecting students versus endowments
  • 1984 Liz Seccuro sexual assault at University of Virginia: Another victim of campus violence and indifference  and the fallacy of justice is served
  • Gil on the chain of command and handling of things internally to “keep it quiet” versus using investigative zeal
  • Lack of focus on victims, the cover -ups, glorifying the perpetrators etc
  • Gil says: As long as the perp is out of commission, I don’t care…as long as the are no more killings.”
  • Gil and Dan – short and long term goals “service is the engine to recovery…”
  • Demands of being an Advocate and the pitfalls
  • Making a difference, being energized now versus in th beginning
  • Money talks; Our Harvard Can Do Better Group-
  • Delilah on putting obstacles in the way and providing tools so that everyone will know
  • Gil on Mother’s Against Drunk Driving – a parallel

Contact information and Donations:

Help Save the Next Girl;
PO Box 8062 Roanoke Va.24014

OMNI Village, Ndola , Zambia
Virginia Tech
Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship
University Development
Blacksburg, Va. 24061


Questions from the Listeners

  • What made Morgan a “Renaissance young woman”?
  • How did Morgan spend her last summer?
  • Why did the Harrington children never buy a gift for their parents?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the Metallic concert?
  • What happened after Morgan was not allowed re-entry into the concert?
  • What was the information received re video surveillance?
  • What agencies and activities were involved once Morgan was considered a missing person?
  • Why is violence against women still part of the culture?
  • What is the most effective method in reaching young people in 2014?
  • What is the importance of showing the numbers?
  • What does Catherine’s Law do in Virginia to bridge the gap?
  • What are the typical consequences for the perpetrator of the he said-she said crimes?
  • Would a high profile be remembered more than the victim?
  • How do we measure success with Help Save the Next Girl …(and a pan of brownies)?
  • What can alumni do?


Disclaimer: The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.


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