1945 “The Beautification of Womankind;” 2014 Hair Revolution at Modern Edge Salon! 


OMG!  Did June Clever and her followers in the 1950’s really use Richard Hudnut’s, Pinquick with silicone sheen – (Half the waving time, half the curl)??  Take a look!

And… for a five minute tutorial 1950 style:

Fast forward to the likes of Christine and Dan Nascimento, owners of Modern Edge Salon in Newington, CT, the ever so seriously dedicated hair professionals totally dedicated to their craft, always pushing the creativity envelope! Hairstyling may once have been the era of “pink spongy (or plastic) rollers and silver pin clips, however, no more will we see such antiquated contraptions, whose results were meant to impress the male species!

No more do women have to make such sacrifices in a nightly ritual of horror!  Hair styling is about possessing and owning an inner beauty, and having the courage to express it creatively in the best manner possible, suited to your physical composition, your health needs, your personal style and your pocketbook! No more harsh chemicals to strip away the good. Nurturing, natural ingredients enrich and soothe and take your hair to new heights, so to speak!

Listen to the following podcast. You will hear enthusiasm, innovation, going the extra mile, health consciousness, putting the client’s needs first and foremost, and emersion into a profession that can, and does, transform lives (not just hair!)


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Modern Edge Salon

  • Introduction to our guests
  • Background of how the “power couple” began – generations of family ties etc.
  • When it comes to the chemistry and education….. understanding the process
  • What’s involved in learning about hair?
  • Keratin treatments, coloring the basics and …how to get a better result (the refraction of light…)
  • Starting points- Whatever is the cheapest or are they bringing in innovators in the industry?
  • The International Institute of Cosmetology Wethersfield, CT
  • Learning some hard lessons and graduating to “what nature has given us”
  • Going green –What natural ingredients are in the hair color? (Be surprised!)
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Products used by Modern Edge Salon: What are they about?
  • What are the regulations and standards that dictate the industry for hair products.
  • Town Regulations and OSHA:  What’s included?
  • Picking up shampoo, and other products at the drug store…. CAUTION!
  • Discussion of “color from a box”
  • SHAMPOOS & CONDITIONERS: Parabens and sulfates – clogging the hair – cleaning but clogging and dangerous for your; negative ion technology for styling tools  versus titanium plating;
  • Cosmetics – stay away from parabens and sulfates
  • Discussion of developing their own product line – What did they have to do?
  • Modern Elements Product Line
  • Order Now! Free Shipping and Handling from Modern Edge through June 30th
  • “Under Construction” Brand Treatments- the best and most popular!
  • How do you find a good salon and a stylist?
  • How do they develop the stunning multi-color hair styles?
  • Christine discusses the process involved with a client for fashion colored hair
  • Hair coloring – What’s the time frame, etc.?
  • The individual consultation- What’s realistic?
  • Success stories
  • Dan talks about a former client and a new cancer patient
  • Christine on: The hairdresser as a therapist
  • Can you have healthy hair on an average budget?-YES!
  • Recent Local Award- The best hair salon in Newington Connecticut!
  • Discussing if you have a skin or scalp problem – Modern Edge Salon has the answer!

Contact Info: Modern Edge Salon

Newington, CT 06111
Tel: 860-667-4247
For their product line: sales@modernelementproducts.com;


Questions from “the Chair”

Donna Gore and Christine at Modern Edge Salon
Donna Gore and Christine at Modern Edge Salon
  • How do you “get the passion” in the health and beauty industry?
  • How far reaching is their scope to capture the latest trends?
  • What are the basic requirements for entering cosmetology school?
  • What are the chemical “hair color horrors” of yesteryear?
  • Why does Modern Edge spend so much time repairing “botched colors from the box?”
  • What’s wrong with lathering shampoo?
  • What was the turning point in deciding to develop their own product line?
  • Who are “the models” for their creations?
  • How important are the success stories and the testimonials?
  • What is meant by high potency and using the minimum to achieve the most?


Disclaimer: The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.


1945  “The Beautification of Womankind;”  2014 Hair Revolution at Modern Edge Salon!

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