Another Year- In Memory of Donald W. Gore 


Donald GoreAs I reflect on another “life without Dad” anniversary… 33 years, certain thoughts pervade. He was a man struck down in the fourth decade of his life…so young relatively speaking. One way to look at it would be “by the numbers.”  

August  26, 1933- His birthdate, an only child.,. number one child;

11 days separated husband and wife in birthdate and year- August 15th for my Mom

Wedding Date- August 21st…Such a busy month! 

The number three- for three children

Of the three, I was the first born and born I was “by surprise on December 24th” rather than Lincoln’s birthday…

Double three makes 33, the number of surgeries Don’s Gore’s little girl had “pertaining  just to her vocal cords”

Throw in the number 17 or so orthopedic surgeries that  same little girl had for cerebral palsy  and even more later on…. 

Number 17 was also the “death anniversary day” 

Number 47 was very significant as…. 

It was my father’s assigned  motorcycle racing number as a New England Motocross Scrambles- Hill climb Champion for many years running. 

Number 47 was also the age at which he was murdered.

Miscellaneous Memories

I remember…  His photos emblazoned on the cover of Cycle Sport Magazine in the early 1960’s; 

The many, many gleaming trophies won and displayed in his special trophy case;

I recall the spike and penny  nails he skillfully and quickly drove, pieces of wood precisely measured  as a Master carpenter. 

I remember the worn leather tool belt around his waist and  the endless hours I would spend watching him work as he built strong and sturdy  works of art in the garage…  

I remember the many efforts he made to come and visit me at the hospital… even for a few minutes… The effort was always made… 

My adult memories are not as plentiful… for I was on my collegiate and beginning career path.. and he on his multiple businesses path with a workaholic nature. 

 BUT… if he could visit for only a day, I hope he would be pleased with what he saw… for the endeavors of family members are like jewels on the crown of life. 

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Shattered Lives
“LadyJustice” and Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

He would have been proud last year, as we “fought the good fight” and were victorious in changing several  State of Connecticut Victim’s Rights policies with the Board of Pardons and Parole, in addition to influencing the outcome such that the perpetrator is incarcerated for five more years!

In 2014, I have had my share of shining moments as well.  I am truly blessed and guided well by friends and colleagues who embrace what is  “just over the hill for me and on my horizon” … wherever it may take me… 

Although murder taketh away and a vital piece of you goes with it, the life that can be  re-formulated if given the chance, is as strong, as resilient, and more passionate than one could imagine!                           

In that manner,  I am doing exactly what my Dad would have wanted.   

With Love,





Another Year- In Memory of Donald W. Gore



  1. What a powerful tribute to your father’s life your work to help other victims has been! God Bless you Lady Justice, and God Bless the memory of your father. I know he would be SO proud of the work you do.

  2. Donna, you are the jewel in your Dad’s crown! As you know, the remembrances are important, to you, your family, friends, and the world. Those who go before us live on in our tributes, and you’re doing a fine job…….Delilah

  3. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! You are “my crown jewels”- all of you who care and are willing to discuss the issues. Others close to me may not …cannot for whatever reasons! So, I rely on you my surrogate family! What a comfort and a joy!

    Another year has come and gone…. Bittersweet! I cannot be terribly sad, as I am too busy…and my Dad would not want that! I prefer to embrace life as it comes, as he would!

    Love to all of you!

    LJ 000XXX

  4. Very Beautiful! And I as much younger never knew the story just bits and pcs. Thanks for sharing!

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