Terror in the Streets: Prosecution & Gang Culture: David LaBahn 


“War … What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing…  Say it again… War… What is it good for?  It ain’t nothin’ but a Heartbreaker…  Friend Only to the Undertaker…”


As Motown vocalist Edwin Starr sings of the ravages of the Vietnam War in 1969 in the video above, he could just as well be singing about the terror in the streets of 2014, for there is a war of a different kind…  Gang life is not about fighting and killing for a cause… but for “the sport of it, one-upmanship“if you will!

David LaBahn “Gangs are nothing new…”

We could offer excuses; poverty, lack of parents to provide a moral compass, unemployment, lack of money, easy access to drugs,  accessibility of weapons, racial-cultural intolerance etc., etc.  In fact, these very excuses have become the tools of the trade. However, we know that many, many others grow up in such environments and somehow with the grace of God and moral fortitude and courage, do not get consumed by gang life.  Others become victims by “merely by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  Nevertheless, the “wrong place, wrong time” scenario that frequently comforts some parents may in fact be a fallacy as we learned in this episode of Shattered Lives Radio.   Examining the underbelly of the gang culture is not for the faint of heart.  As an introduction to this show, the following You-Tube Videos shed further light on the pretense of power and devaluation of life both in the streets and behind prison walls.

 Clothing, (Sports Apparel) Status & Appearance with Gangs

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“Sidebar” Questions

  • Where was the original gang unit and of what was it comprised?
  • What are the differences between the gangs of old and today’s gangs?
  • Is it likely that one can one escape a gang without being killed?
  • Where do gangs hang out?
  • Access to the open market – What’s it all about?
  • How do we reduce violence of gangs via leadership, and civil injunctions?
  • How do you track the activities of gang members inside prison?
  • What is the knowledge level and pressures of correction officers?
  • How do gang members get out?
  • What are girl gangs about?
  • How can we shift through the stereotypes of reasons for involvement of gangs?
  • What is the average age and academic standing of a gang member as a witness?
  • What is flying the rag?”
  • How can we “turn “a gang member?

Terror in the Streets: Prosecution & Gang Culture: David LaBahn

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