Nurturing the Heartbeat and Pulse of Crime Victims: The Imprint of Anne Seymour

victim advocate, Anne Seymour, Donna R. Gore, Shattered Lives

 Fatherly Advice on the Human Condition: “[I’ll teach you] how not to leave the windows of your heart open when it looks like rain and how everyone has a stump where something necessary was amputated.” Steve Toltz, A Fraction of the Whole

Life doesn’t come with a manual, we write our own with experience and wisdom from lessons learned!” Author Unknown 

Masters of the trade… There are surgeons whose precision plays a role in life and death; Architects who combine imagination with structural genius for generations to view; Law enforcement who skillfully solve true crime and live in the danger zone 24/7;  And then… we have the unsung heroes- (Examples): –called human service professionals – so overlooked on the pay scale and career ladders of life– doing far more difficult jobs, who use their intellect and a compassionate heart to change the world – one individual at a time.  They see the possibilities and envision “The way it could be “…if only. They are inventive, with a true sense of life priorities. They embrace ideas and celebrate accomplishments… however small or large. Most importantly, they enthusiastically serve others –THEY SERVE- and make “their corner of the world “a more just and better place. 

Such is the person known as Anne Seymour, (Co- Founder of Justice Solutions)  and a much acclaimed, extensively credentialed crime victim advocate, writer, policy analyst and “juggler extraordinaire.”

“Shattered Lives”  had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Anne, discussing real issues that try the minds and touch the hearts and souls of survivors of crime and the rest of the world who care. Join us for the journey….


  • Introduction to our guest:
  • Congratulations to “Shattered Lives” from Anne 
  • Background from Anne and where her heart is… 
  • In 1984, “When you’ve got nothin’ you’ve got nothing to lose…”
  • Delilah comments re the increase in awareness due to social media and “the silver lining of the internet”
  • Discussion on victims obtaining virtual support nationally and internationally
  • “The first” massacre:
  • “The second” massacre: 

    Anne Seymour, Donna R. Gore, Shattered Lives Radio
    Anne Seymour
  • Edmund Oklahoma post office massacre – the first time our leaders at NOVA rose up in unison:
  • Dr. Marlene Young:
  • Becoming more precise and long term in delivering crisis response
  • Anne still works with victims from the 2004 Oklahoma City Bombings
  • Crisis response also deals with sensitivity issues with  death notification,  dealing with the media, and “forecasting” 
  • Ladyjustice asks where the protocols are coming from- the Federal government, the private sector, non-profits and the requirements of crisis response today.
  • Ann discusses the differences between community response and what the victim assistance network does
  • Example: The 2013 Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting as an example of incredible coordination:
  • Watching the Washington Nationals  play baseball and other comforting gestures
  • Developing “lessons learned”, debriefing and “How can we do it better” 
  • The uniqueness of a Military base and who takes the lead
  • Discussion by Anne And Delilah on “no job too small” and the “worker bees”
  • The aftermath of Sandy Hook… a Nation touched!
  • Katrina – Not making the same mistakes again; The importance of constantly  assessing and improving 
  • Ladyjustice comments, asks about the misunderstood nature of mass shooters                (i.e. Patrick Sherrill, Adam Lanza etc.) 
  • National Sheriff Assn Conference:
  • Discussion of Mental Health issues: Percentage of those in jail and mentally ill is “through the roof” 
  • A retrospective – Media Describing Offenders versus Victims- Ted Bundy “handsome, in college, a Republican party volunteer VERSUS the victim “her nude frozen body was found in a snowbank” YIKES!!!
  • How do we predict who will do these crimes? EXAMPLE: Aurora- New Law 24 Hour MH Crisis Centers:
  • Prevention-proactivity versus reactivity- Being more diligent and spotting the red flags 
  • Delilah describes the historic response to mental health and now “going to the streets” – How do we fix it? 
  • Anne responds and defends those with mental illness whose behaviors can be contained with good treatment and supervision 
  • Community based intervention, doing comprehensive assessments while in jail and looking at past trauma,  family backgrounds addiction, IPV etc.
  • Anne’s metamorphosis over the years since 1984 – working with those across the aisle – defense attorneys, prison officials… So much cross over   
  • The issue and realities  of criminals and survivors in the same families- a holistic approach
  • Ladyjustice brings up the topic of victims’ treatment in the media – historically and now 
  • Anne on social media and the hurtful comments made about crime victims and the development of her victim rights on how to navigate media while protecting victims 
  • Every victim and case in unique…. Seek out an advocate, law enforcement, clergy to help victims 
  • “A bright red folder” and a  sense of control  
  • Guide books for Victims and journalists from Justice
  • for Victims
  • for Media 
  • Professional trainings available to law enforcement via webinars
  • Yes, you can do this on your old computer
  • The National Crime Victim’s Rights Week  April 6th-12th   2014
  • Theme: 30 Years Restoring the Balance of Justice: Focus on Restorative Justice
  • Discussion of the Federal Crime Victim’s Fund and … sometimes a “giant find” Woo Hoo! 
  • What does this fund pay for? 
  • Planning for future SL shows and Ladyjustice’s invitation to come to Washington 
  • Anne’s Monday Missives – How it all started and how it’s evolved today…. 
  • “We do the work so you don’t have to;” Missives Outreach to 1500 and more…
  • A new “Freebie Shattered Lives  show”- A Flea market for Victim Assistance 
  • Anne’s parting message- Everyone is or knows a victim of crime and there’s a plethora of services from a number of resources ready to help

Anne Seymour

National Crime Victim Advocate 

Washington, DC


Questions for the Listening Audience:

  • How many programs are available for crime victims and how common is crime today?
  • How can victims obtain support if they live in small communities?
  • How was crisis response created?
  • What’s the difference between the structure of mass crisis response in the community and what victim advocates do?
  • How many people were served by the 2013 Navy Yard Shooting? 
  • How do small contributions affect the overall outcome of these tragedies?
  • How do we wisely spend our limited resource dollars on the preventative side? 
  • Criminals versus victims- a clean cut boundary… Is that what it’s about? 
  • Who is the best resource to go to when victims are approached for interviews in the aftermath of crime? 
  • How do you train law enforcement to help victims about lack of access to information?
  • How are many crime victim services supported?
  • How much money has been generated by finds and fees from Federal crimes from 1985 to 2013? 

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

Nurturing the Heartbeat and Pulse of Crime Victims:    The Imprint of Anne Seymour


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