NO FEAR OF CONSEQUENCES… A Rudderless Life When Rage Rules…


“Fear makes us feel our humanity.”  Benjamin Disraeli

Eight years of research revealed to Tim Dimoff that many of the ills of the world can currently be boiled down to one important revelation – that present day life rage emanates not from a dysfunctional childhood, from substance abuse, poverty neglect or lack of love.

Life Rage has its roots in the true belief that there will be no real consequences for acts of violence.  Or, more precisely, minimal consequences that can be tolerated.

These are consequences that can always be counted on to be minimized, diluted to the slightest offense possible or drastically reduced, particularly by an overburdened, inefficient and frequently unjust criminal justice system.  These consequences are shifted to unsuspecting victim’s families, while the true rights are heavily weighted toward the perpetrator first and foremost, disguised in the name of “a fair trial.”

What forms does life rage take? How expansive is life rage?  What can be done about an overly aggressive society with seemingly no tolerance for even the smallest slights in life?  Do we sit back and become complacent even in the face of ever increasing violence…. or do we reasonably become vigilant and self-protective souls taking on the responsibility that used to fall solely to    law enforcement?

“Shattered Lives” embarked on this topic with Tim Dimoff, Founder and President of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.- SACS Consulting, one of the nation’s leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues, security, vulnerability assessments and crime.


  • Intimate Partner Violence PSA by Amy Robinson
  • Introduction to our guest
  • A historical perspective regarding people relationships and no concern for home security etc.
  • The functions of Tim’s company for school, churches, businesses to help to reduce violent crime and active shootings
  • Breakdown of the structure within the home intimidation by school staff; mental health issues, repercussion on criminals has decreased deterioration Breakdown in businesses;
  • The BOTTOM LINE effecting LIFE RAGE…
  • Delilah comments on what the root of the problem is -especially in the criminal justice system in which prosecutions don’t take place unless you have a “winnable case.”
  • Ladyjustice asks is there one system needing to be addressed in a hierarchical order to change this attitude of getting away with every act?
  • Tim responds regarding the teaching of responsibility and teaching of respect
  • Too many options without consequences… Where should it begin?   “Making your bed and putting your toys away…”
  • Making inroads at the grade school level
  • Ladyjustice plays devil’s advocate… What will schools pay for?
  • 80% of a child’s future attitude regarding sex, drugs, work, teamwork, and work ethic is derived and learned before the age of ten years old.
  • Delilah on teamwork by all adults in a child’s life to help recognize and mold children’s attitudes.
  • Ladyjustice discusses and asks about the problem with bad employees in the workplace, promoting a good employee to a manager.
  • Tim’s discusses taking the best employee and promoting them to the “work manager”
  • What about the “one bad apple?”
  • Discipline procedures… We fail to put the time and effort in to address the “bad apples.”   The process complicated and take a year and a half to be rid of the bad employee
  • A discussion of emotional situations- as the impetus for active shooters; Theb24/7 press coverage and glorification of shooters
  • A discussion of “ignoring the red flags” and it can’t happen here?”
  • Delilah’s commentary on guests turning down commentary in mass shooting events
  • Lady justice’s comment on the fact that these mass shootings reached a point of national awareness because of the shooting of little children in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.
  • “After Sandy Hook “ I believe…
  • Tim’s contrasting example about how crime is dealt with in Japan and an absence of active shooters in their culture
  • Tim’s advice that safety and security is no longer a “spectator sport.” The importance of incorporating our personal security in our everyday lives.
  • Ladyjustice on being vigilant and the “automatic mindset when you are a crime victim
  • To order Tim’s book “Life Rage” available at
  • Ladyjustice sharing tips from Tim’s blog on how to prevent life rage;
  • Tim’s parting advice
  • Contact information:

Timothy A. Dimoff, CEO/Presidenttimdimoff3

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.
520 South Main Street
Canal Place-Suite 2516
Akron, Ohio 44311-1010
Work/Voice Mail: 330-255-1101 x303
FAX: 330-255-1135

Questions Elicited from This Podcast

  • What is life rage and how expansive is it?
  • What has contributed to the change from the 50& 60’s until now regarding how problems are dealt with and escalating to rage?
  • Why is lack of fear so significant?
  • What is Tim’s take on sentencing for murder, extending boundaries and human behavior based on the lost belief of a consequence for violent actions?
  • How does gang structure relate to this discussion?
  • When is it too late to change?
  • How can we be most effective with less money?
  • When will parents be willing to “buy in” and assist educators in their efforts to build self- esteem and responsibility?
  • How do good employees often turn into the worst managers?
  • How can we address the bad workers dictating the whole culture especially with states with strong unions who “perpetually save bad apples?”
  • Is there a consequence for managers not following through with discipline procedures?
  • Is there a common denominator re violence and active shooters?
  • What is Tim’s solution regarding lack of glorification for the ”next potential shooter?”
  • What is the content of Tim’s book about?
  • What types of requests is Tim receiving in addition to active shooting expertise?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

NO FEAR OF CONSEQUENCES… A Rudderless Life When Rage Rules…

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