As We Age… “It’s All in Your Mind “Birthday Blog





Age is a state of mind…  as long as my body holds out… So join me…or get out of my way!   Donna R. Gore


Yes, I am clearly on the cusp of that next decade this year… But this does not worry me.  It does not cloud my judgment.  Another year is like another color in the box of Crayola’s. – Or it should be!

Age is the very least of our worries….

There are so many real concerns worldwide… war, crime, unemployment, natural disasters, intimate partner violence, active shooters as a “spectator sport,” poverty, environmental deprivation, moral decay, indifference, greed, complacency, intolerance, healthcare controlled by “Big Pharma”, obesity, addictions mental health “gone wild” (or are they just beginning to “come out of the closet?).  On and on and on…

Can one advocate address all of these concerns? Certainly not!

Do I even want to try?   NO… It is at this time of year when I chose to reflect, that I see how much there is to be done…and yet, my limitations, and priorities say I need to be a tad more selfish. This is a hard task for all compulsive givers.  Saying, What’s in it for me? is akin to wearing my shoes on the wrong feet.  But… I must do it more…. ‘Perhaps once a month or more…. If I do not, this advocate will get sucked up into that black hole.  It is a delicate balance weighing my idealism, realism and keeping away from the negative and toxic forces.

Should I go down the list of last year’s promises and see if I can check all the boxes? What would Susan say?  That’s as useful as the New Year’s Resolution trap.

Then there’s the expectation trap…. My heart and soul tells me that I have succeeded in many ways over the past year in tangible ways.  Feedback, more exposure and opportunity to meet new people and learn are “the true yardstick”.  However, beware of the artificiality of social media.  Stick to your real people as your true measure.

Cultural differences aside, the relocation and new career are still a work in progress…. ‘Just a bit out of reach…  I have confidence, for I know it is attainable with a bit more time, re-invention, money to be earned and finding the right opportunity intersecting with timing!

We can find inspiration and truth in the cliché….

Keep your eye on the ball wherever it may bounce and know that “things happen for a reason.”

Be true to yourself and the heck with what your family thinks.

You and only you are the captain of your own ship!

No birthday blog would be complete without a little levity that captures Ladyjustice’s fancy and her heart at the moment….

First, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the simplicity of the time machine of the “Leave it to Beaver” days?  I offer you a couple YouTube clips below.   Was Tim Dimofff talking about this as a means of respect and responsibility that we so desperately need NOW?


Responsibility as we age….

“The Little Lie”


Secondly, did you know that “the Beav” had to go to court without proper representation?  Yes…it’s true!  I don’t even think Attorney/Advocate Michelle Cruz was even born at the time!  ‘What a loss for “the Beav.” But Wally did the best he could…. Check this out!


The Beav Goes to Court


Ward says:” I don’t care what kind of trouble you get into… You never need to be afraid to tell your parents.”


Lastly, I am humbled and forever blessed by the spirit, dedication and compassion of my many colleagues and friends made as a consequence of my association with Susan Murphy-Milano and Delilah Jones of


Rewards come to you when you least expect it….

Thank you for your gifts!


Here’s to another GREAT YEAR…and a new box of Crayola’s



Much Love,




December 2013




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