The First Line of Defense: Safeguarding Victims of Trafficking- The Mission of Truckers Against Trafficking


Truckers Against Trafficking, human trafficking prevention, Shattered Lives Radio, Donna R. Gore

“A man’s conscience, like a warning line on the highway, tells him what he shouldn’t do –

but it does not keep him from doing it.”

Frank A Clark


We are forewarned by red flags in life, but often we don’t see them for whatever reason.  With each passing generation it appears that new forms of human degradation are created, whether out of greed, perversity, or pushing the boundaries of cultural acceptance.

In 2013, truckers, “the Good Samaritans of the Highways” are taking on a new charge.

Now, when I hear the dull roar of the truckers far in the distance on a sleepy morning, I will think twice, as a new appreciation abounds.

Set against the backdrop of all kinds of potential hazards, regulations, fragile cargo, time constraints, and family who are oh so faraway, there is yet another responsibility that those in the trucking industry have embraced, that of  a special kind of guardian angel at truck stops and plazas.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) educates, trains, empowers, and builds coalitions while being the first line of defense when victims literally “come knocking on their doors” at truck stops. Those dedicated to the cause of stopping this industry of exploiting children, young people, and vulnerable adults for profit MUST END. The chain of supply and demand must be disconnected, for the human toll is just too great!

TAT has taken the first steps, being the eyes and ears within the landscape they know so well, making vital connections to truck stop managers and the police when a situation “doesn’t feel right.”

Executive Director, Kendis Paris, and  Andy Anastasio, Jr.,TAT member and Chairman of the  Connecticut Motor Transport Association, were the featured guests during this episode of “Shattered Lives.”

Join us for this very enlightening story!


    LISTEN TO THE PODCAST of Truckers Against Trafficking

  • Introduction to our guestsTruckers Against Trafficking, Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, human trafficking
  • Andy speaks about the 93rd Annual Convention of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut…and his introduction of TAT to their Board of Directors
  • Kendis speaks of her experience as a keynote and the support of a State Trucking Association such as Connecticut’s
  • The evolution of Truckers Against Trafficking and explanation of goals
  • What is involved in coalition building and obtaining resources
  • Explaining the training DVD and the story of Sherry and her cousin Chrissy and a 13 state prostitution ring
  • New training for general managers of truck stop
  • Discussion of whether truckers should approach pimps and get directly involved
  • Delilah asks about the perception of truckers using truck stops for buying sex?
  • Andy responds… a very small minority of 9 million CDL drivers…
  • Video tape message-Three options for trafficking – invite them in, do nothing or make a phone call
  • “Working a truck stop”- What happens?
  • Getting the victims and a safe haven
  • The level of security at truck stops and suspicious activity on the “row”
  • A mind-set shift – Lot lizard versus “potential victim of human trafficking
  • Discussion of rest areas and where “more eyes need to be”
  • Goals- If every truck having a huge TAT sticker to deter traffickers and get arrested along the way
  • Delilah asks about interfacing with missing persons and truckers?
  • Kendis on some truckers and Amber Alerts, the Center of Missing & Exploited Children- “Mission Drift”
  • National Association of Truck Stop Operators – ;  National Association of Independent Truckers
  • Andy on Statistics- Is it that big a deal?
  • DOJ- 100-300,000 children in” sex for sale” in America
  • Discussion of the prolific industry of trafficking -32 billion 
  • How does it compare to drugs and arms trafficking?
  • Creation of TAT against the statistics and history of the hotline calls
  • Training is not extensive in length but IS impactful!
  • Ladyjustice asks how close they are to getting TAT stickers on all trucks and use of social media with 3 million drivers?
  • Training drivers with the wallet card is their priority
  • Polaris’s involvement with follow-up on cases and TAT’s desire to have more information re feedback in the future
  • Andy’s vision regional collaboration- with police, DMV, DOT and CT leaders in Washington for legislation.  Andy’s appointment to committees and Boards in Connecticut
  • Iowa DOT and an innovative Pilot Project using the training videos, at truck stops, mandatory compliance meetings,
  • Asset forfeiture laws  funding for TAT materials- Woo Hoo!
  • How to get involved;
  • Contact:   Get your own training video!


Questions Regarding Truckers Against Trafficking

What was the Board’s reaction to TAT?Truckers Against Trafficking

  • What are the main goals of TAT?
  • How many members are there in the trucking industry and how are they reached
  • How are truckers trained?
  • What is the importance of the wallet card?
  • Are truckers still the “knights of the highway?”
  • What are lot lizards?
  • Are we asking too much of truckers? How do those in the industry feel?
  • How many children were rescued& perps were arrested in the FBI Innocence Lost sting in three days?
  • How many calls have been received into the National Trafficking Hotline and its impact within the last three years?
  • Are they active legislatively?
  • Is the focus always state by state or are their regional organizations?
  • Everyone has a part to play…

The First Line of Defense: Safeguarding Victims of Trafficking- The Mission of Truckers Against Trafficking



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