Listened to the Radio Lately? Take a Survey!

Listened to the radio, internet radio, call in talk show, shattered Lives

The internet has definitely changed the way people listen to radio, whether it be music, comedy, or serious talk radio.

My radio show, Shattered Lives, is the culmination of taking advantage of the opportunity the internet provides for anyone to become a radio host. Anyone who knows me knows I strive for the best, and I’ve put my consistent best out there on the airwaves for the benefit of all my current and future listeners.

In order to bring you the quality and diversity of shows I pride myself with, I’d like to know what you, my listeners and future listeners, would like to hear.

Take a quick minute for a poll, as well as leave comments pertaining to what sort of topics, guests, or entertainment you would like for the future. It’s your feedback and opinions that matter, after all, the show is for you, the listener!

Listened to the radio, Shattered LIves, internet radio, survey,

InsideLenz Radio Network

My show, Shattered Lives, has been focused on the aftermath of crime, mostly offering resources to the surviving victims, or victims themselves. We’ve also had some stellar guests to talk about a diverse range of subjects. Broadcasting each Saturday at 5pm Eastern, the show is on the InsideLenz Network on BlogTalk Radio where we share space with Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire, (currently on hiatus until 2014) and We Know a Guy with monthly host, Dennis Griffin.

InsideLenz Network has space available for other seasoned hosts and their shows, so if you’re interested in joining the network, please contact ImaginePublicity. ( for the details!

Don’t forget all the radio shows are on podcast after the live broadcast, so you can listen anytime while at the computer, your phone, or you can download the shows to listen at anytime, anywhere!

Feedback is much appreciated in the comment section as well!

Elaborate, suggest, give your opinion!

Our radio shows are offered as a means to educate, increase public awareness, assist others and entertain!

 Listened to the Radio Lately?  Take a Survey!


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