Justice, Reform and Humanity Thy Name is Jennifer Bishop Jenkins…

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Shattered Lives
“LadyJustice” and Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins


There is no greater calling than to recognize when you are being drawn to a higher purpose….  If it comes as a consequence of tragedy, so be it…

There is no greater injustice than losing a life and then taking of a life as a matter of vengeance;

There is no rational reason to endanger society further based upon a predetermined age of “a child” without knowing their history and behaviors;

There are medical conditions that try men and women’s souls. We can seek the best treatments possible and do our best to take one day at a time;

There is nothing so sacred and powerful than our history, our battle scars, and the constitutional framework which continues to guide us;

There has never been a better and more needed time to understand and enforce the constitutional rights of crime victims…. “The other side of the story,” for it is the best demonstration of humanity we have at our disposal;

Such statements were written by this author… However, they might have been penned by Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, our special guest on “Shattered Lives,” for her mission in life embodies these issues and more…  There is controversy from all sides… But, rather than apologies…. outreach has always been her modus operandi.

Personally, Jennifer is and welcoming and passionate…She brings a wealth of life experience, personal sacrifice, academic and political savvy to each and every discussion…and leaves you wanting more…the mark of an engaging  communicator!   We invite you to join Ladyjustice and Delilah to learn about Jennifer’s Journey and what continues to propel her forward in her quest for justice, reform and humanity…


  • Introduction to our guest…
  • Jennifer – A big fan of what we do…. Connecting at the NOVA Conference… “A honeymoon spot “for Jennifer and Bill
  • The heartbreaking murder story of Nancy, Richard Langhart and baby
  • The background of a killer who had every advantage and  then “ vicious murders  became entertainment”
  • “A fascination with guns and Leopold & Lobe….”
  • Reaching the bottom of the basement stairs…execution style killings and the torture of a loving  wife and mother;
  • Before DNA… the baby that we never knew…
  • Discovery of the bodies …and Jennifer’s wake up call to the realities of crime
  • The sentence and “four weeks away from adulthood”
  • The killer’s future plans to kill
  • Delilah asks, “Where were the parents and how does the victim’s parents deal with the perpetrator’s parents?
  • Ladyjustice comments about similarities to the killers at Columbine…
  • A  discussion of the line between juvenile and adult in different jurisdictions and individual situations
  • What about the middle ground? (ages post puberty and adulthood) depending upon the crime and demonstrated culpability of the offender
  • A difficult question, How do you determine who among juveniles is TRULY, TRULY DANGEROUS versus those “just making a mistake?
  • Discussion of  the small percentage of a  “serial killer in the making”
  • Data and assessment tools available to be given life without parole sentences…
  • The case for a life without parole sentences for teenaged serial killers not qualifying for release
  • Jennifer asks, what was it like for you (Ladyjustice) to go through the parole hearing?
  • LEGAL FINALITY must be advocated for with the super class of extremely heinous killers…
  • Jennifer discusses her advocacy activities re gun violence prevention, –Brady Campaign, not an anti-gun  advocate and Virginia Tech
  • Jennifer & Colleague’s work on NICS  Improvement Act in 2007  re background checks for gun control:  http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=49
  • Backlogs….What should be done? Delilah comments on backlogs re rape kits, other data bases, funding issues
  • 100 Billion Dollars – Where does it come from and who is benefitting??
  • Jennifer gives a historical time on the gun industry
  • Delilah asks, What about the for-profit prison system?
  • Ladyjustice speaks to background checks in the light of the Newtown massacre
  • Jennifer talks about what her sister Nancy would have wanted regarding executing her  nearly 17 year old murderer
  • The final 15 minutes….. Writing her final words of love in blood
  • A different focus as a consequence of holding a dying sister in her arms…
  • Brain research and juvenile culpability for their offenses
  • “The Brain on the Stand“article – re Brain Over Claim Syndrome”  http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F50910FE3E550C728DDDAA0894DF404482&pagewanted=all
  • Jennifer speaks to the constant changes in the brain, the complexity,  and how we use punishment and reward in the upbringing of our children
  • Doing children a disservice by not holding them accountable –Case in Point – the murderer of Nancy and Richard Langhert
  • Life Without Parole Sentences  Can these sentences be retroactive according to the US Supreme Court Rulings?  There are a small number of offenders – (1300 cases,) in which  killers  who were under the age of 18
  • Various  Supreme Court Decisions: 1) Can’t be a juvenile death penalty; 2) Can’t be a life without parole for non -murder like kidnapping, 3) Life without parole can’t be mandatory
  • What is Miller v. Alabama about? http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/cert/10-9646
  • What is the impact of trying to “go back in time?”
  • Update: The status of Jennifer’s offender and their case
  • MARCY’s LAW – Hugely Impactful for every crime victim in America:    It’s all about notification and other basic rights…
  • Definition & background of Marsy’s Law in California        http://oag.ca.gov/victimservices/marsys_law
  • Marsy’s Law Illinois: http://www.marsyslawforillinois.org/about-us/
  • Jennifer gives a comparison to other human rights movements in history
  • A discussion of legal standing with examples
  • Ladyjustice comments about cases in which after the delivery a victim impact statement, sentences have been altered- increased!
  • http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/illinois-senate-approves-historic-constitutional-amendment-to-enforce-crime-victims-rights-148918745.html
  • The National Push for A National Constitutional Amendment  http://nvcap.org/
  • Jennifer gives a tutorial on  the rights to the offender
  • What happened in history – “Stealing a Cow” example . The victim was the prosecutor!
  • Jennifer’s national message:
  • 1)  Call your Congress people to urge them to support and  sign onto the Constitutional amendment for victims rights to go into US Constitutional in the future:  2) Check for an enforcement mechanism for crime victim’s right in YOUR state: Go to:
  • http://www.marsyslawforall.org/
  • Contact info:
    Jennifer Bishop- Jenkins, Director, Marsy’s Law for Illinois 312-882-4584

Questions from the Audience….

  • Who was the perpetrator?
  • What was so unique about the location of the crime?
  • What became of the unborn child and Nancy’s final message to her husband?
  • How often does a sociopathic killer of this kind operate and plan?
  • How was the crime solved and tried?
  • How did the mass murders at Columbine figure into this situation?
  • What percentage of the population is found to be truly sociopathic -psychopathic without a conscience at a very early age?
  • What are the two areas of focus that Jennifer has focused on since the murders in her family?
  • What were the circumstances regarding the perpetrator with the Virginia Tech massacre?
  • What is the cost of crime prosecuting, maintaining our CJ system according to the Center for Disease Control?
  • What’s involved in incarceration for profit?
  • How does life and love impact decisions about execution?
  • Why is an “underdeveloped brain” a false claim for murderers of this type?
  • How does the case Graham versus Florida impact the future of juvenile offender’s death penalty cases? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_v._Florida
  • Which State has found that juvenile LWOP cases should be retroactive?
  • What is legal standing and why are victim’s denied standing?
  • Why would you not want to hear from the victim and how does hearing the victim impact the criminal justice system?
  • From a historical perspective how has our criminal justice system evolved into our current bureaucracy?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.




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