What’s Love Got to Do with “It” (With Murder?)


Audrey Carlson’s perseverance, positive outlook and spiritual intuitiveness defy the hard facts of her life…She is a mother….  a mother of two daughters …and now is a mother of one earthly child. However, don’t let that fool you…. Her daughter, Elizabeth Anne, maintains a vibrancy in Audrey’s life and the lives of many others in so many ways!

The details of the planned murder, which occurred in 2002 are devastating and beyond imagination.  Audrey’s words frequently harkened back to the refrain, “We’ll never know….. about the murder” …..

HOWEVER, we do know “the greatest disease of mankind is a lack of love for children,” as stated by Audrey and internationally known Bernie Segal, MD, and author. Need we say more about the person who helped shape the aftermath for Audrey and her family? http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/exceptional-patients-dr-bernie-siegel

Join us on “Shattered Lives” for a love filled hour… Yes… Love….as it appears that the Carlson’s have moved past anger and consciously chosen to focus on the positive!          How wonderful!


  • Introduction to “Shattered Lives” via use of Domestic Violence PSAs  by Amy Robinson

    Audrey Carlson
  • http://imaginepublicity.com/2013/10/04/voice-actress-amy-robinson-creates-domestic-violence-psas/ 1-800-789-SAFE
  • http://www.documenttheabuse.com/index.html
  • Introduction to our guest
  • “Painting a picture” of who Elizabeth was as a person
  • The beginnings of a dance career beginning at age two…
  • “Coming alive” with musical theater…
  • A senior in high school – a pivotal moment … A frustration converted to a reality via a father’s memory
  • http://elizabethannecarlsonscholarship.com/application.html
  • A scholarship is based on talent…. Not “need”
  • Animal interests too!
  • No “full ride scholarships” in the theater arts…. If you’re not a child prodigy
  • A local talent explosion going on to Hartt School of Music   and many others
  • http://harttweb.hartford.edu/about/default.aspx
  • The infrastructure and operations of Elizabeth’s Foundation…
  • United Way of Central and Northeastern CT  http://www.unitedwayinc.org/give
  • #AG1164
  • Contact Information and Donation Information:  http://elizabethannecarlsonscholarship.com/contact.html
  • Synchronicity from  a caring  Scholarship Candidate
  • Carolyn Kirsch at age 72…   http://www.broadwayworld.com/connecticut/article/Newington-Mainstages-DRIVING-MISS-DAISY-Starring-Carolyn-Kirsch-Opens-This-Weekend-20120911
  • The Belle K. Ribicoff Prize… http://harttweb.hartford.edu/news/default.aspx?story=8152&year=2012
  • Free workshops for students in high school, college with Carolyn teaching                     the “triple threat” sing, dance, and act…
  • Darryl Tooks-  Teacher & Performing Artist: http://www.newenglandmorning.com/artist.htm
  • Audrey: “I never question her presence …and she is the fuel within me”
  • Murder on that fateful day, May 22, 2002…
  • An appointment  with the psychiatrist – depression and a breakup
  • Jonathan Carney – the Veterinarian
  • What was the significance of Kansas State University?
  • “Accepting” the break-up in February
  • No one believed…. the threat
  • During court a revelation about a former act of violence with a former girlfriend – RED FLAG!!!
  • Domestic Violence PSA – So appropriate at this juncture….
  • Delilah’s commentary about intimate partner violence and the planning aspect
  • Discussion of red flags and fear….
  • Audrey’s offer to go to any school to speak on healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Back to the scene of the crime… The circumstances-  pockets stuffed with bullets
  • Looking for a passport… a license gone and panic…
  • Going upstairs into  the Master bath
  • A sister’s assistance….
  • Empty, dead eyes and a chase…
  • If someone really wants to be dead…. and a “Thorazine story”
  • A killer’s words…. “I don’t know why this is such a big surprise… “
  • Something terrible has happened you need to come home….Not remembering much that year
  • A father’s coping…
  • Integrative health and healing by Bernie Segal – “You take all the shit in your life, you sprinkle compost on it and you watch what grows….   It’s what we chose to do with it…
  • Discussion of choices and…. an epiphany in her bathroom
  • The spirit word and Elizabeth’s energy…a message
  • The decision to not let Jonathan win….
  • Audrey’s vulnerabilities…. and the Carlson’s coping and adapting
  • Nothing trumps LOVE…Work with Bernie Segal
  • A discussion of evil and DNA… beginning in the womb
  • Bernie’s first assignment to Audrey…
  • A public speaking assignment with the  DOC- SOH Voices program with prisoners
  • A dog’s way of protecting Elizabeth
  • Prisoner’s reports of love …
  • The aftermath…  of her speaking engagement
  • The Happiness Club created by Bernie Segal?  What’s it about?
  • http://happinessclub.com/
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard”  Final DV-IPV PSA


Questions Related to this Radio Broadcast

  • What were the family dynamics of Elizabeth and Leslie Carlson?
  • What were Elizabeth’s double- major career aspirations?
  • Why was it so important to establish a scholarship for students of performing arts?
  • Currently what is the amount of the scholarships offered?
  • What is so unique about the credentials for students in the performing arts in the Greater Hartford area?
  • How much of the funds go directly to students?
  • What was the fundraising offer- workshop and what did it involve?
  • What was the perpetrator doing prior to the murder?
  • Why did Elizabeth decide to break up?
  • What was the pivotal statement-confession that was ignored by professionals?
  • What were Elizabeth’s career plans that never took place?
  • What was Audrey’s advice regarding “trusting your gut” and how to stay safe?
  • What were the criminal acts committed before the murder?
  • What did Leslie do that was so dangerous?
  • What did the Carlson’s neighbor do?
  • Why was this not considered a traditional domestic violence act?
  • What was Audrey’s message to her family while holding each other?
  • According to Bernie Segal, Why do people do bad things?
  • What was the second magical spiritual happening including a bridge?
  • What was Audrey’s ultimate message to prisoners?


The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.





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