The Historical Excavation of Buried Clues…What Lies Beneath?


Mark Potts, Jack the Ripper, H. H. Holmes,Shattered Lives Donna R. Gore
Mark C. Potts

“Superman: Truth, Justice, and the American Way”…. 

That’s what the emblem stands for on Mark Pott’s polo shirt…. He grins and peppers his conversation with many adjectives, as he delights in his historical finds….  He’s not a professional private investigator, not a law enforcement officer, not a forensic scientist. Rather, he is a history buff, with an inquisitive mind and a thirst for solving particular unsolved cases!

He hails from Reading, PA and searches in his spare time… His goal is to assist, to “put a new spin on things” and remain in the background, much like the little known historical facts he unearths.  However, his claim to fame has evolved from his out -of –the- box thinking, producing “golden nugget” clues… and startling revelations in the case of Dr. HH Holmes… aka “Jack the Ripper” aka Herman Mudgett.

On the latest episode of “Shattered Lives” radio, Ladyjustice and Delilah had the pleasure to learn how this amateur sleuth “puts it all together” or…. “takes it apart” as the case may be …and then passes it on to whichever law enforcement authority is appropriate.   Come join the fun exploration    …or should we say, excavation?  There are “links galore” to Mark’s current research projects:  Check them out below!



  • What type of clues helped  begin Mark’s journey in identifying HH Holmes as Jack the Ripper?
  • What did the police do “to make their theories fit” versus Mark’s approach?
  • How long did it take Mark to compile his information on HH Holmes?
  • What is the connection to Texas with a weapon found in the Murder Castle?
  • Is the access to records a challenge- why or why not?
  • Why does Mark want to visit the Austin area for his research?
  • What is the “double meaning “and significance behind the “Zodiac”?
  • What’s the premise behind the new TNT show “Cold Justice” and how does it relate?
  • What discoveries did Mark make regarding the UFO sightings in Washington State and what was found in Roswell?
  • What direction did Mark take about the Gary Redner murder?
  • What was the “out of the box” theory regarding the recent Navy Yard Shooter which may be related?
  • Does Mark work with crime victim families?
  • If you are doing similar investigatory work on your own what is Mark’s best advice?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.


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