Averting Tragedy… “God Taking a Deep Breath….”


My memory is a bit fuzzy on the details….. But LJ distinctly remembers viewing one of several post 9-11 documentaries which mentioned the following….

An airline steward or stewardess was scheduled to work one of the flights (American Airlines- Flight 11; United Airlines – Flight 175 crashing into the Twin Towers or American Airlines- Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon….or United Airlines- Flight 93 crashing into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania) on September 11, 2001.  

A data entry-scheduling person at the airline incorrectly typed in “hypothetical Employee #” 24538 instead of the correct 24536!  And so…. Employee # 24538 reported and was killed in the plane crash instead of the other person who was supposed to report for that doomed flight!  Can you just imagine the survivor’s guilt and fate in the hands of God?? This writer cannot imagine in her wildest dreams…. 

The point here is that averting tragedy; crime based or not, is the closest thing to divine intervention one can conjure up.  

Averting tragedy of the criminal kind is the lifeblood and the miracles forged every day for the past 41 years by “WeTip, Inc.”  http://wetip.com/; anonymous Crime Reporting Hotline and their associated programs; designed to prevent crime before it happens and to connect vital information to authorities in the midst of a crime or…. after it has occurred totally anonymously, upholding standards of integrity by well trained professionals.

Ladyjustice and Delilah hosted Sue Mandell, National Manager and Susan Aguilar, CEO and Vice President of WeTip Board of Directors during our latest episode of “Shattered Lives.”   It was an exhilarating learning experience that we MUST share with our audience…   


  • Announcements: Ladyjustice & Delilah discuss the recent policy changes in Connecticut re Victim Anonymity and the efforts of Attorney Michelle S. Cruz and Ladyjustice;
  • http://imaginepublicity.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/victim-anonymity-press-release-8-12-13.pdf;
  • https://www.facebook.com/AttorneyMichelleCruz;
  • Introduction to our guests: The  “Two Sues;”
  • Call in procedure  live and in person…. and “anonymous information without fear;” 
  • Difference in calling 9-11 and We Tip operators…;
  • The uniqueness of “We Tip” the DIFFERECE between  Anonymous and Confidential;” 
  • If you are reluctant to call 9-11; We Tip” can intercede;
  • Delilah asks about finding their information and how to utilize their services? – 1-800-78CRIME;
  • Advantages of being a WE TIP Member;
  • Hearsay information….  Covers “We Tip” during subpoenas; A real crime example;
  • The court’s perspective on WE TIP;
  • “In plain site” and getting a warrant;
  • Their relationship with law enforcement…
  • What’s the difference between We Tip and Crime Stoppers??
  • Who do you call when you move? 
  • Marketing and name recognition;
  • “We take tips” without safeguards…What can happen? 
  • An illustrative story… a little boy shot by a gang  leading to the conviction;   
  • With other organizations…People will not give information involving gangs because they are fearful for their lives; 
  • Identity theft, fraud and the downturn in our economy; 
  • Turnaround time and success stories…. 
  • Benefits and resources for communities in crisis such as Newtown…..The importance of implementation of the registered program;
  • AVERTING A PROM NIGHT MASSACRE – a prime example;
  • More examples of averting disasters- Three tips in three days;
  • The extensive training of operators for taking criminal information 
  • The art and science of taking tips;
  • The issue of TEXTING and wanting to provide tips…. A QR code to bridge the gap of anonymity;
  • There’s NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT  than keeping the identity of tipsters safe;
  • Susan Aguilar’s first call…a story of a whispered voice in the middle of the night… “I know where they buried the body;” 
  • Staying on the phone versus good information
  • Sue Mandell on the importance and prevalence of bullying tips; 
  • Posting signs in your state;
  • Stats:   Taken over half a million tips; Given over a million dollars in rewards; 
  • Discussion of their Reward program and procedures;
  • A turnkey program if they just get the word out…
  • Contact Information: www.wetip,com and locate the QR Code to scan to your smart phone;
  • Contact Sue Mandell re bringing the program to your community or school; 909-987-5005. X 250;  or  Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/WeTip;  BUT, NEVER leave a tip on Facebook: 
  • Sue Aguilar’s example of her personal rewards over the years:  “Averting a tragedy is indescribable “– The “boy in South Dakota wanting to be “the world’s most infamous sociopath…. “ AVERTED by WE TIP;
  • Benefits for involvement  by corporations – a 501C3;
  • Tips have increased and donations have decreased…. PLEASE DONATE! 

Questions from the Show:

  • What was the founding story of ”We Tip” that occurred in 1972?
  • How is anonymity protected with callers?
  • Why are people reluctant to call law enforcement?
  • What are the procedures to register with WE TIP?
  • Is registration necessary?
  • What are the legal parameters of operation of this organization? 
  • What’s an example of a criminal’s tip leading to an extraordinary find? 
  • Is it better to have law enforcement involved or lack of tips? 
  • What’s the issue re geography and use of Crime Stoppers or Secret Witness etc.?
  • Where is WE TIP known best and what efforts are they using to get the word out?
  • What types of crimes do they most often receive? 
  • Who does the WE TIP staff present to?
  • How prevention and averting crime…  
  • What was the outcome of the “license plate “tipster? 
  • How can kids safely provide tips currently?
  • What were the details of the gang related homicide…35 years ago?  
  • What are some of their impressive statistics? 
  • How does a successful tipster receive a cash reward? 
  • What is their contact information? 
  • Where can donations be sent? 

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests. 

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