Spirituality and Trauma: What’s the Relationship?

*Feather in the Sand by Sherry Vance

Duane Bowers, Trauma Specialist, assists clients and victims of violent crime navigate the world of traumatic events .  As a seasoned professional working with family members experiencing a myriad of losses, he perhaps has seen it all as a licensed professional counselor, an on scene first responder trainer and professor.

However, his keen instincts, descriptive communication style, and his ability to put situations in perspective, assist people on the road to healing. Providing  reassurance, comfort and practical recommendations are crucial to achieving a “new normal “ when faced with the number of small town and yet nationwide events that have plagued our nation in recent months, creating  an impact similar to the domino effect.

How do we make sense of it all?  And better yet….  What value and importance do we assign it to our lives?  As Ladyjustice and Delilah learned in this hour of “Shattered Lives”, how we deal with these traumatic events has everything to do with our own brand of spirituality.  Whether we “sink to the depths” or are able to remain buoyant and move on with life without being paralyzed by fear and confined to a restrictive lifestyle is up to us.

Duane guides us in defining our own spirituality and  assessing value placed on each violent occurrence…  Safe in this knowledge, we will hopefully be equipped for tomorrow and the next day and the next….

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  • Introduction to our guest:
  • Discussion of the differences between spirituality, religion and
  • What value we give to traumatic events?
  • De-realization versus De-personalization responses;
  • What does it mean “not to fit in the world” anymore?
  • What is the composition of a person’s spirituality?
  • Discussion of accidental versus intentional;
  • Delilah and Duane – Different  perspectives – Collective fear…or “Thank God they’ve got this under control”?
  • Only two ways of looking at the future….
  • The constant ,instant news factor… Media 24/7;
  • More information, More control and how it affects crime victims…
  • Ladyjustice shares a need for control during the conviction of her father’s murderer;
  • Preparation versus spiritual incorporation explained….
  • How does your world view help or hinder?
  • Discussions of Ladyjustice’s favorite term…“Post traumatic growth”
  • The parents of Newtown going to Washington – an example;
  • Delilah on  society wanting instantaneous change…and how do we gaintrust in humanity again?
  • Making change – What is your world view –part of the solution versus a problem;
  • Ladyjustice  asks about proactivity and taking responsibility;
  • Duane’s message re vigilance and those on the extremes;
  • Spirituality comes from us…. We create it ;
  • Discussion of What is it that we expect from our God? Asking, not getting-“Failure” versus giving us the resilience…
  • “Seeing the news” or seeing  impressions; “How we think about the news”
  • Ladyjustice asks if there are generational differences in  coping with mass tragedies?
  • Ladyjustice asks about fluidity and your spirituality….
  • Fear versus hope entwined with one’s spirituality;
  • Mr. Roger’s Quote-  a wonderful perspective;
  • Crowd control; a military state and .how much people will tolerate…
  • The essence of spirituality-: Allowing  a future providing hope, lots of possibilities and strength….


Questions you may be wondering about?

  • How do we deal with successive tragedies on a mass scale?
  • What’s the relationship between spirituality,  de-realization and  de-personalization?
  • Two traumatic situations close in time- Texas and Boston… Are the reactions similar Why-why-not?
  • What part does fear play in spirituality?
  • Is media responsible in their reporting of these events?
  • How is putting things in order related to spirituality and our sense of control?
  • Can we experience post –traumatic growth from these events? How?
  • What role does activism play in our personal growth?
  • What’s the larger perspective in terms of trusting?
  • How do we balance complacency versus the other extreme of hyper-vigilance?
  • What can people do as a result of the Boston event?
  • Does or Should God give us everything we ask for…Why-Why Not?
  • How do we determine what  fits my world view and value system?
  • How do people with rigid beliefs cope with trauma?

Spirituality and Trauma:  What’s the Relationship?


*To purchase photography by Sherry Vance refer to her collection. http://sherry-vance.artistwebsites.com/index.html

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