Paper Tigers in Human Trafficking, Fighting a Corporate Giant and Sexual Predators….

Raymond Bechard,Shattered LIves, Donna R. Gore

Everyone suffers the slings and arrows of life… However, we don’t often meet caped crusaders in real life… who take on “the system,” the forces of evil, corporate giants, and invite participation by the very group who is maligned with a broad brush by virtue of their gender.   One such man and “caped crusader” rolled into one is Raymond Bechard.   He’s an author, advocate and provocateur…and a lot more.

Ray knows his topics well and delivers the information in a straight forward manner with compassion and caring. Beyond the facts is always the back story.

He is good at uncovering the back stories and  he exposes the injustices using innovative methods.  Ray has put an indelible mark on those responsible for humanberlin turnpike,donna r. gore,shattered lives,ray bechard trafficking in Connecticut and beyond with his second book, “The Berlin Turnpike”  and the resulting play, “Riding the Turnpike”  premiering in April 2013.

The most recent edition of “Shattered Lives” with Ray focused on the topics of his impressive Political Action Committee, Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking (MENAPAT), reasons for lack of enforcement of new human trafficking laws, unfathomable corporate inaction by Facebook and revealing the extent and methodologies used to perpetrate child pornography on Facebook and Twitter.  Human trafficking laws at the state and Federal level have existed for ten years….but at times are no better than paper tigers… Learn why…

Join the discussion with Ladyjustice, Delilah and Ray…. It’s a transformational experience that will open your eyes and catapult you to action in some way, shape or form….

To listen to the Podcast CLICK HERE:

  • Introduction to our guest;
  • The new play, ”Riding the Turnpike” by the Hartbeat Ensemble- the details:
  • The nuts and bolts of the PAC, Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking;
  • Connecticut Legislation slowing down the pace of Human Trafficking;
  • New Legislative focus at the National level- Human Trafficking & Violence Against Women Act;
  • The epidemic of the human trafficking problem and a matter of priorities;
  • Reluctance to prosecute- Dennis Paris and Jaykuan Paris… a scathing example of prosecutorial priorities;
  • Delilah commenting on “It’s all about the win” versus justice;
  • Cost, time, the know how…and the long term career implications;
  • Delilah on the Human Trafficking law in South Carolina and the effectiveness of asset forfeiture;
  • Discussion of the “Second Chance law” in New York and prosecutorial tools;
  • “Political caldron of goo” and comparisons to the Sandy Hook massacre;
  • Prosecuting the Johns as strongly as the pimps – Could it happen?
  • Delilah on – The victims and the johns – who was concealed? Supply and the demand;
  • A cultural shift…This is not an okay thing to do…
  • “The Good Men Project”  in the top ten causes on Facebook and other social media sites;
  • Child porn proliferation discussion  and photo DNA software ;
  • In addition…..169,000 pages of escort and prostitution business pages on Facebook;
  • The vast majority of human trafficking is on the internet with total anonymity versus the “street crime”
  • Apps for HT…running a very profitable business and a cheap smart phone without  a contract;
  • Child pornography on Facebook – “Report it to us” – What really happened? Stonewalling….
  • The FBI reporting on Facebook’s lack of timely response…
  • Delilah asks, What can we as average citizens do to fight against child pornography and putting cute child images on the internet?
  • Discussion of privacy settings that are effective;
  • “Skin as currency” for pedophiles; Stop Child porn on Facebook;
  • The FedEx truck;
  • MENAPAT Facebook page
  • In 1914  and how things have changed….or not;
  • Delilah asks, Are there many victims in HT who are truly a missing person?
  • Legislative change and state police investigations ramping up change slowly;
  • Facebook:  Go to:
  • In the future…. Forced labor the new issue to conquer by
  • Contact our guest at:



Questions to be answered via listening to this podcast:

  • How was the play conceived?
  • What was the most recent Connecticut Legislation that passed regarding Human Trafficking?
  • What is the difference between the laws at the state versus the Federal level?
  • The landscape of state human trafficking laws… What’s the problem?
  • Is the definition of human trafficking uniform across states?
  • What did the state of Connecticut prosecutors decide in the Paris trafficking trials?
  • What groups would be effected with the passage of asset forfeiture in Connecticut?
  • Are legislators amenable to “cutting edge methods”-Why/why not?
  • What is the penalty for being “a john?”
  • What is the underlying message of Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking?
  • How and why is Facebook turning a blind eye to the issue of child pornography?
  • What are the problems with photo DNA software?
  • How do call girls procure men on Facebook?
  • Do you need a computer to run a human trafficking business?
  • What are some of the nefarious methods to get around use of the internet?
  • What other crimes existing on the books which get reported to corporations?
  • What are Ray’s recommendations re posting kid’s photos on line?
  • Is Human Trafficking a “women’s issue”?
  • Pimps who groom versus kidnapping a person considered missing –What’s the difference in the dynamics?

Paper Tigers in Human Trafficking, Fighting a Corporate Giant and Sexual Predators….

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