Life Altering Pursuits: Changing Stress and Harnessing Resiliency


A former colleague and dear friend, just prior to her passing on to heaven, referred to her life’s work for those experiencing intimate partner violence, the EAA (Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit) as a “beautiful symphony.”  When one can manage the demands of the day, minimize the harmful stress and truly harness resiliency, no matter what the challenge, there is indeed a “beautiful symphony” at work!

Pam Ressler, RN and Founder of Stress Resources, LLC, is that rare combination of compassionate and skilled healthcare provider, researcher, instructor, healer and a woman and mother who also knows devastating personal loss.  Following a long career in nursing…she saw the need to make a greater contribution, learning and imparting holistic mind/body medicine to those in her profession and beyond. Ladyjustice and Delilah joined her  in discussion focusing on stress management and resiliency …. ‘Pertinent to everyone facing violence,  personal crisis, tragedy of mass proportions and terminal or chronic illnesses.

To listen to the Podcast: CLICK HERE

  • Introduction to guest, Pam Ressler, RN;
  • Stress and the forms it takes; Who it affects;
  • Pam’s background and the evolution of Stress Resources, LLC;
  • “Mindfulness” the greatest need or commonality across different environments;
  • Exciting research to validate mindfulness;
  • UMass Worcester 1979 Jon Kabat Zinn – Mindfulness Resiliency ad Meditation  into the Heath care setting with Chronic Pain Patients
  • Building Resiliency Tools: & Neuroimaging
  • Anatomy of Fear 101 – Brain Changes with Mindfulness;
  • Shifting versus shirking….
  • Delilah on the fascination of neuroscience and bringing it to the level of public comprehension;
  • Pam’s makes her case for the importance of social media;
  • Ladyjustice asks  if resiliency genetically based; How do we determine who can come out whole and can resiliency be learned?
  • Studies in concentration camp survivors and workplace situations Victor Frankel and  Suzanne Cabbasa
  • “The Three C’s and more….  “- Control, Commitment, Challenge, Connection;                             Suzanne C. Kobasa ;
  • Delilah speaks candidly about her experience and emotions with her caretaking with Susan Murphy-Milano;
  • Re-defining Connection…..  spirituality, feeling larger than one’s self- making meaning of your life;
  • A discussion of caregiver blogs and the benefits…
  • The sense of being overwhelmed with trauma and how to keep others connected;
  • A blog as a record…. the person is not forgotten- Susan Murphy Milano and Newtown Mass Murder examples;
  • Chat room question: Has Pam worked with families who have members who go missing?
  • Differences with unpredictable, prolonged illness;
  • Our perception of dealing with our adversity if it is a chronic situation: A study of young women with kids with and without chronic illness; Jon Kabat Zinn;;
  • Why do we need to be concerned about caregivers… What are the consequences?
  • What are the positive outcomes of the Elizabeth Blackburn study?
  • Delilah on the lack of resources for Caregivers….
  • Aging and chronic disease- How to take this information in the virtual level
  • For a later show: telling our stories and honoring health and wellness:

Stress Resources, LLC
97 Lowell Rd.
Concord, MA  01742

Office Address:
97 Lowell Rd. 3rd floor
Concord, MA  01742
Phone:  978.369.5243
Fax:      978.369.5853

Questions to be Answered by listening to this Radio Show;

  1. Can we be less stressed if we can  just get a few more things done?
  2. When did mind/body tools become essential and why?
  3. Building Mindfulness- What’s it all about?;
  4. What are the consequences of stepping away from the moment?
  5. What were the results of mindfulness
  6. What are the important findings in the brain when we use mindfulness meditation?
  7. What do professional athletes do to enhance performance?
  8. What is the charge of the medical profession so they we can utilize these tools?
  9. How do some people “ride the wave vs. being pulled under?”
  10. Understanding the Three C’s…
  11. Why is the “Fourth C Connection” essential? How do we find resiliency through blogging?
  12. How do the Four C’s relate to blogging?
  13. How to find hope and healing in the darkest of tragedies?
  14. What are kilomeres?

Shattered Lives, Pam Ressler,Stress Resources,ImaginePublicityPamela Katz Ressler, MS, RN, HN-BC is the founder of Stress Resources in Concord, Massachusetts, a firm specializing in building resiliency for individuals and organizations through tools of connection, communication and compassion, Pam is a frequent speaker to local, national and international audiences on strategies of resiliency and serves on the board of directors of the Integrative Medicine Alliance. She is an adjunct faculty member at both Tufts University School of Medicine and UMass Boston (College of Nursing and Health Sciences), and recently served as a consultant on a federal grant addressing stress resiliency for new nursing graduates. Pam is a frequent contributor to various print and online journals, and has been interviewed extensively on her research on resiliency and social media in healthcare.  Her interest in stress resiliency stems from her 30 years of work in the healthcare industry, but more importantly from her own life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, business owner, educator, community volunteer, etc, etc, etc…and her attempt to find balance, sanity, and joy amidst the mess, chaos, and beauty of life.

To learn more about Stress Resources visit the website:

Life Altering Pursuits:  Changing Stress and Harnessing Resiliency


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