It is Impossible Not to Miss Someone Who Was Once a Part of Your Life… Monica Caison and CUE Center for Missing Persons

CUE Center for Missing Persons,Monica Caison,National Conference

 “Sometimes we are only given a few minutes to be with the one we love, and a thousand hours to spend just thinking about them”  Victoria Morgan.

Monica Caison,Cue Center for Missing Persons

The above quotes tell the story… and have a quality of truth that is inescapable for families with loved ones who go missing.  Monica Caison, Founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons in Wilmington, North Carolina, is the keeper of the flame and the tireless organizer- searcher for the forgotten… a mission carried forth since 1994. Monica goes about her job systematically. She‘s built a reputation, the respect of law enforcement and service providers. She has an army of resources atthe ready to assist… but can always use more dedicated people.  Volunteers are the “lifeblood” of this amazing organization…  Ladyjustice and Delilah spent a fun-filled, informational hour discussing how far the CUE Center has come to date…..and the details of the upcoming 9th Annual Conference –Thursday, March 21st through Sunday March 24th, 2013.  (See Questions to be answered below!)

To listen to the Podcast: CLICK HERE

  • Introduction to our guest;
  • History of the CUE Center and what makes it unique – A liaison between law enforcement and the community; Primary focus- Their stellar search efforts…
  • How it works… Starting with a goal list… and coordinated professionally trained  searches;
  • Billboards, rewards, posters, networking….anything and everything;
  • The long view: What has changed since 1994?
  • The Peggy Carr Case- a benchmark National Case
  • The Give Campaign and CUE Voted the Top Rated Non-Profit of 2012…
  • The benefits of attending for the first time…no matter how you are affiliated;
  • GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING …Face to Face……. Very Important!!
  • Advocacy and Victim Empowerment- Giving Back…
  • A touching letter – getting out of your comfort zone;
  • An Overview of the Conference;
  • A larger venue; a larger hotel on the ocean….
  • Trainings, food, fun night…   The Ocean Shore Special Event;
  • National Candlelight service  and unveiling “The Wall”
  • Roundtable Discussions and Networking for help with missing persons cases;
  • Sponsors, theme baskets, Door Prizes
  • “The Big Chance to Win” in Memory of a former missing person;
  • Deciding on next year’s Conference…the process;
  • A no fee Conference…
  • Family donors and Fundraising…
  • One Day Search for the CUE versus a Government Operated Search;
  • Delilah’s role in helping with Recruiting Presenters…The Line-Up;
  • Bridget Daly Musteata- La\w Enforcement- Victim Advocate for the Police Department – Duncan South Carolina – Legal Rights Before &After;   Forensic Interview- an in depth-interview and the needs of the family in the aftermath;
  • Teams, Rotations and General Assembly;
  • “Dr. Dolly” Dalal Akoury- Talking about how to reduce the stress of trauma
  • Monica’s Sanctuary to inner peace…
  • Marilyn Gambrell – Amazing Advocate working with teens of incarcerated parents;
  • Monica – a tutorial on Sonar – with Expert Chuck Elgin;
  • Delilah & Monica on the importance of timeliness in getting to Monica and knowing what to do- A MASTER PLAN;
  • “There’s no place to search…”
  • Monica’s State Coordinator Program –Why it’s needed;What they do….
  • On a path to increased growth…   Her database… and the rewards…
  • Contact Information -. Donations:;/
  • Registration and general information;


Questions to be answered:

  • Are billboards always needed and the most effective method why or why not?
  • Awareness campaigns and a public presence
  • Why should new people attend?
  • How did Monica’s dream come about?
  • What is a True Founder versus a True Advocate?
  • What are the themes of this year’s conference?
  • What is the special memorial for Susan Murphy- Milano?
  • What are the extras, gifts and fundraising?
  • What’s involved in the expense planning process for a search?
  • What are the difference sin sonar used as it relates to a particular case?
  • What is the waiting period with law enforcement once a person goes mIssing?
  • What are the requirements to be a State Coordinator?


CUE candlelight vigil

For a full list of speakers and detailed information about the

National Conference:  click here

NOTICE: (This conference is a pre – registration conference ONLY) please contact the center for details, thank you.

Download and print registration form below

Submit Registration: Mailing Address (CUE) PO Box 12714 Wilmington, NC 28405
Ph: (910) 343-1131 or (910) 232-1687 Fax: (910) 399-6137
Location: Courtyard Marriott Hotel

2013 Conference Registration. Click Here to Download and Print (1843)

Note: Do not contact the hotel to register, the CUE Center for Missing Persons is responsible for submission of the rooming list and providing airport travel arrangements of all conference attendees. 


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