Diane Fanning….Twenty Books Later….


Murder is always a mistake… One should never do anything one cannot talk about after dinner” Oscar Wilde

Did the real “Mommy’s Little Girl” Diane Lynn Butcher, born in Baltimore Maryland, even begin to realize what her adult life would turn out to be?  Is the roadmap ever clear at such a tender age? Diane had an epiphany of sorts as a young girl… as she was nearly abducted by a predator…but for the Grace of God and an astute passerby…  Diane turned a curiosity into a passion and an art form… And now…years down the road and 20 books later…she indeed has much to be proud of…   Join the conversation on “Shattered Lives” with Ladyjustice to take the journey to this point in time, highlighting her achievements and a couple of fascinating books…

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  • Congratulations on your 20th book…
  • Diane’s inspiration for writing- Edgar Allen Poe and a brush with the dark side…
  • Krystal Surles story…
  • Julie Rea  story and Tommy Lynn Sells – a serial killer;
  • Wrongful Conviction- the problems –Harming the innocent and allowing a perpetrator to “continue their craft” confidently;
  • Wrong Turn”  and Lt. Lucinda Pierce – a description of the plot;
  • A prosecutor’s mission… and reality;
  • Overturned convictions…
  • Details of “Wrong Turn” Characters;
  • Working on the 7th in the series of the adventures of Lucinda Pierce and addressing important social issues…
  • What distinguishes a good from a great detective;
  • A model Dallas County prosecutor;
  • Delilah asks – How do you decide what cases to write about?
  • Julie Schenecker and “Sleep My Darlings”- shooting two teenaged children…a seemingly model citizen…
  • Two Important things that people can learn  from a true crime book;
  • Becoming involved in an intimate partner violence situation… or not;
  • Intervention versus extrication from the situation (i.e. Perpetrator secrets);
  • People will never know how many lives Krystal Surles saved…   Tommy Lynn Sells- “Only 70% done;“
  • Discussion of Michael Severance –  murder victim, and Wendy Davidson in “A Poisoned Passion;”
  • A veterinarian’s skill  and sheer brute strength;
  • An Air Force career, very likeable guy…  from Maine;
  • Why did Wendy despise Michael? … A mother’s “slow poisoning”
  • Be careful whom you hook up with- the “two sides of Wendy”
  • Diane’s most rewarding part of her work;
  • “Yankees vs. Rebels”
  • Contact info…  diane@dianefanning.com;
  • http://www.dianefanning.com;
  • Book signings in May & June;
  • Thank you for a great year’s worth of shows on ”Shattered Lives!”

 For more information about Diane Fanning and a complete list of all her books, visit her website: DianeFanning.Com

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