“My Stomach Hurts”…and Other Misnomers in the Wake of Sexual Assault

Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore

Anna Doroghazi of Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services is a public policy and communication professional… However, she well  knows that the stats in her report do not tell the real story alone…The personal heart wrenching stories of those courageous individuals who, not only suffer the injustices of maltreatment by virtue of their minority status…but also have experienced  a personal invasion of the worst kind…that of sexual assault.

Anna returned to “Shattered Lives” to provide valuable information on a specific case and enlighten us to the true plight of many marginalized populations who fall prey to sexual assault – the disabled, the LGBT community, Native Americans and immigrants; in addition to women and men experiencing intimate partner violence- the Violence Against Women Act.

Listen to the Podcast:  CLICK HERE:

  • An overview of CONNSACS;
  • An Update on the State vs. Richard Fourtin Case

The lynchpin…How the state defines the term “physically helpless;

  • Fear and defending oneself during sexual assault;
  • Delilah asks, What if the victim was not physically disabled?
  • Making a case for a special circumstance…
  • New Legislation: Goal to amend  the definition of “physical helplessness;”
  • Retroactive changes???
  • One of the most important pieces of Federal Legislation for those experiencing DV and Sexual Assault-The Violence Against Women Act- An Overview…;
  • Senate Bill 47 – A Resurrected Bill…
  • To help advocate for this issues visit this website daily –  www.4vawa.org/
  • Delilah speaks on Susan Murphy-Milano’s past involvement with VAWA and her probable message today;
  • Protections against marginalized communities with the new VAWA…. THE SHOCKING STATS;
  • Jurisdictional issues with Native Americans… and why we see so much sexual violence;
  •  Prosecutions, resources, geographic isolation;
  • “A misdemeanor murder” on the reservation…. Flagrant oppression;
  • Prosecution rules and helpful solutions…;
  • Why is the incidence of sexual violence so high?
  • General disability stats and adults with developmental disabilities;
  • Chat room  comment – Disabled upon disabled crimes…it starts with information;  The myths about sexuality and the disabled;
  • VOCABULARY – an illuminating and tragic story;”                        “My Stomach Hurts;”
  • The degree of assistance…and respect;
  • The LGBT Community, violence and fear of “coming out;”
  • Feeling unsafe when they seek help … an open invitation for offenders…
  • Human Trafficking in Connecticut – CONNSACS and the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women;
  • The risks of immigrants who are sexually abused;
  • Government’s response -U-Visas giving temporary legal status to victims;  (See attached for further information)
  • http://www.usimmigrationsupport.org/visa-u.html;
  • Connecticut’s sexual assault legislative goals for 2013;
  • Contact Info: www.connsacs.org/;



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