Unsung Heroes Continued…..Marilyn Gambrell and No More Victims, Inc.

Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

There is no better candidate(s) to include in Ladyjustice’s own “Hall of Fame – Unsung Heroes”… than the founder of Houston based “No More Victims” and her many students… Their manta – These children ARE NOT going to prison, unlike their relatives…

Marilyn Gambrell rejoices in “her kids.”  She loves and nurtures them. She guides and challenges them. She sets the rules and allows the group to be the deciding body when others apply for her program…. in spite of their backgrounds, their very real and seemingly insurmountable problems. It’s all good when Marilyn intervenes… No apologies here…  And after awhile, under her influence and the influence of peers…insecurities turn into confidence… and hope… and change…POWERFUL CHANGE!!!

Marilyn may seem like the Pied Piper with her many charges following her lead…Ladyjustice likens her to a quilt maker too…  piecing wonderful budding children together from all manner of circumstances, with incarceration and pain as the common denominator.  .’Not to mention piecing money and resources together…

Look at a brief paraphrased description of a Modern Quilter…and you’ll see what I mean …[http://themodernquiltguild.com/about-2/]

“This modern quilter and her followers, change, grow and adapt as they find their own voice.  They encourage each other, develop their personality and personal styles. As the program has grown, Marilyn has a set of principles that define and guide their mission.

Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, Marilyn Gambrell, No More Victims



And…. they always need donations which can be sent directly to:


September podcast: CLICK HERE

To listen to the January podcast: CLICK HERE

  • Recap of progress with “No More Victims” since September 2012;
  • Devon Wade –“Shining Star” graduate, Truman Scholar from LSU and current Ph.D. student at Columbia University;
  • Devon on false promises, expectations and  the stigma  of incarcerated parents;
  • Personal benefit of “No More Victims”;
  • Special research regarding incarcerated children- the incarcerated collateral impact;
  • Where’s the focus and energy on the incarcerated children; Impact on the community?
  • Delisa’s story -Daddy died in jail, alcoholism and self destruction;
  • An18 year old’s story- I had a feeling that I needed to be a part of it….. She’s the President of her No More Victim’s group at her high school;
  • Crystal- Her newly incarcerated father… and Marilyn’s influence;
  • Alexandria – A new member and a bullying story-
  • Steven – a story of familial male on male child molestation;
  • “The only place I feel safe is No More Victims;”
  • Shanell-  Feeling comfortable, discussion of NMV’s  community activities;
  • Jacob – The very sad case of physical abuse, frequent cutting, and attempted suicide… and the road back with    “No More Victims”…
  • Crystal a 2nd time –  Working on her anger with “Mamma G”;
  • Marilyn on being courageous, the integrity and responsibilities of joining “No More Victims”                          : ***Now in Five High Schools in Houston;  Changing  the culture across the nation;
  • Goals for 2013… It starts with healing – stop hurting themselves and others
  • Middle and elementary schools;
  • Ladyjustice stressing the importance of the power of telling the personal stories versus thinking of these issues as numbers…
  • Marilyn – a roadmap for change…
  • Delilah – Asking about the inclusive nature –working with children who don’t have incarcerated parents…
  • Marilyn on providing safe places… and intervening quickly;
  • Staffing…or lack thereof…and  No More Victim marriages;
  • Marilyn’s description of a typical day;
  • Voting children in from other states…and helping from afar;

The power of peer to peer assistance;

  • Delilah asking about their funding sources:  Pay Pal  suggested items… http://nomorevictimsincglobal.org/aboutpage.html;
  • Devon on leadership and mentoring;
  • Devon’s perspective on poverty, racial disparity, and his opinion on arming teachers…How incidents of mass murder affect others….
  • Thank you’s… until next week!





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